Susannah Shannon is here with Her Gilded Dragon

After she is forced to flee her kingdom with the aid of a loyal general, Princess Hanne of
Vastra begins a long, arduous journey to the frozen lands far to the north, where she will be
married to Jonis the Gilded, the famed warrior who defends the great fortress of Pinnacle
Though Hanne is intimidated by his fearsome reputation, upon reaching her destination she
is put at ease by Jonis’ good humor and amazed by the pleasure his skilled, dominant
lovemaking brings her on their wedding night. But when she challenges his authority, the
beautiful young princess quickly learns the hard way that her new husband will not hesitate
to bare her bottom and spank her until she is tearful and repentant.
To Hanne’s surprise, the stern chastisement merely increases her desire for Jonis, and
soon their lust for one another has grown into a passionate love. But when the foes who
drove her from her own land threaten Hanne’s new home, will Jonis’ skill in battle prove
sufficient to protect the woman he loves or will the ancient power that burns in his blood be
his only hope to save her?
Publisher’s Note: Her Gilded Dragon includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such
material offends you, please don’t buy this book.
She was being shaken awake. She forced herself to open her eyes. “Come, my love,” said
Jonis. She sat up as he knelt and slipped boots onto her bare feet. She was only wearing a
shift, but she held her arms up so he could slip a woolen dress over her. He threw a fur over
his shoulder and taking her hand, led her through the keep. He half carried her up many
stairs. They threaded through rooms she hadn’t seen before and the air got distinctly colder.
They went through a series of doors, and even before he opened the last one, the air was so
cold that it burned when she inhaled. He led her out onto the battlements. The sky was on
fire. The dancing lights that she had first seen on the dog sled turned the sky colors that
melted into one another. “They are beautiful,” she gasped.
He chuckled. “Yes, but that’s not why I brought you out here.” He pointed to the north side of
the wall. Under the dancing sky the ground appeared to be moving. Her eyes adjusted, and
as far as she could see, a herd of the largest animals she had ever seen moved slowly in a
winding river of tusks and curly fur.
“I didn’t think they were real,” she whispered.
“Wooly mammoths?” he asked. “Of course they are real, but only on the northern side of the
wall. They can’t cross.”
Skulking on the edge of the herd, a menacing figure crouched. The mammoths sensed the
snow tiger and began to stampede. The tiger didn’t seem to be able to find a vulnerable
member of the herd. The moonlight glinted on its rapier-like front teeth.
This is an amazing book! Grab your copy now! Happy reading! ~Mo

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