Bound for Pleasure on today’s free story

Hello everyone! I hope this post finds you well. I am in a much better place this week and striving to keep up the positive energy. I hope you enjoy today’s offering. Happy reading! ~Mo

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Bound for Pleasure

I lay spread out across the bed awaiting your pleasure. My arms and legs bound to the four posts at each corner of the bed my eyes covered by a blindfold.
Every nerve ending in my body is alive and tingling in anticipation of your first touch. Will it be soft…a whisper of a caress to tease my senses? Or will it be firm…mastering my wayward mind from the first moment?
Moisture trickles down the inside of my thighs as my arousal grows. The cool air of the fan playing across my sensitive skin almost playfully. At a sound in the doorway I shiver the need inside me growing.
I need your touch almost more than I need the air I breathe. Your touch…your demand…your gentle mastery. The wait sweet torture as I imagine all the things you could do to my vulnerable body.
When your warm mouth suddenly encloses my nipple I arch my back in response with a soft moan. You nip sharply on the tip of my breast then lave away the hurt with your tongue before drawing me deeply into your mouth with a powerful suction that leaves me gasping.
With an audible pop you release my nipple from its velvet prison and capture it between the teeth of a clamp. You tighten it down on my tender bud slowly until it makes me whimper then you turn your attentions to its twin. Soon both my nipples are wearing your clamps a weighted chain attaching them together tugging at me with your every movement.
Its a delicious twinge of pain wrapped in pleasure that has more moisture gathering between my legs.
You move to my feet and I feel you changing the binding holding them before they are hoisted above my head with my legs spread even wider apart…leaving every part of me open to your gaze.
I feel your eyes on me…my clit jumps in response. In the next moment your mouth is over my clit…nipping lightly at my most sensitive area then sucking on me until everything in me tightens as the pleasure builds. When you release me from your mouth I almost cry out in frustration but then something pinches down sharply on my swollen clit and I realize its another clamp.
The initial pain fades quickly into intense pleasure. A frown puckers my brow as I try to understand what the weighted thing is tugging at my clit and hanging down over my needy channel.
I understand when another chain is threaded into it and connected to my nipple clamps then attached to the bar holding my legs up. You press the head of your cock against my wet opening rubbing lightly against me but not coming inside.
Sweat beads between my breasts as you continue to tease me, every movement of your body causing the chains to tug sweetly on my clamps and ramping up my need.
“Please!” I cry out as the need becomes almost unbearable.
You pull back to slap your cock down against my wet mound over and over again; every swat making me gasp.
“What do you want little sub?” you ask and I can hear the smile in your voice.
“You sir…your cock…please fill me…” my body clenches down on emptiness that suddenly feels so vast I want to cry.
Then you slam inside me to the hilt with one hard thrust as you release the clamps on my nipples. I cry out and buck against you to the best of my ability in my restraints as the pain and pleasure meld together.
You suck my left nipple into your mouth laving away the hurt as you hammer in and out of me. The clamp on my clit still pulls with every thrust driving my need higher and higher.
I give a keening wail of pleasure and pain as I hang suspended between both worlds. You continue to take me hard as you turn your attention to my right nipple. Then I feel your hand at the apex of my thighs and my world seems to stop for a moment as you release the clamp on my clit.
Hot sensation races through my body as the blood rushes into my tiny nub…pain bleeding into a pleasure so intense it overwhelms me. Your hands grab on to my shoulders as you begin to fuck me even harder.
“Come now!” You command.
The orgasm rushes over me with the power of a tsunami; my entire body locking down in a blinding spasm of pleasure that seems never ending. Your cock continues to drive in and out of me wringing every bit of the orgasm from me until I collapse against my bonds with tears streaming down my cheeks.
You slam into me one last time with a hoarse cry of satisfaction. Your seed splashes against my sensitive inner walls sending another small spasm of pleasure through me.
You untie my blindfold and kiss away my tears as rest against my replete body.
“Good girl,” you whisper in my ear as you pull away from me and free me from my bonds.
Once I’m free you gather me close to you as we lie back on the bed heartbeat to heartbeat. I shiver as my sore nipples rub against your chest hair; relishing the sensation.
Snuggling closer I close my eyes, wrapped in the cocoon of your arms I drift to sleep.

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