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Hello everyone, I’m terribly sorry for the sparse blog posts of late. I have found that I cannot keep up with a full time job, family, writing books and posting a story a week.  I’m just too tired to keep up that pace. I hope everyone understands. I plan to continue posting at least two stories a month, more guest authors with book releases and some interviews to keep the blog lively with two posts per week. Thanks so much for reading! ~Mo

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Complete Surrender

She sat quietly on the edge of the anchored raft feeling the gentle undulation of the waters beneath her. The lake was peaceful and relaxing chasing away all the tumultuous emotion of the last few days.
Pulling her knees to her chest she rested her head on them as she thought about his ultimatum the night before, “I want to own you completely, you have to surrender and give me everything let go of your fears and submit fully…surrender.”
Just remembering the words made her shiver with a combination of trepidation and desire. They’d played with Dominance and Submission, light games of bondage and discipline and each game…each dominant act pulled her further into that world; but could she submit herself to him so completely? Permanently?
What if she lost herself and became nothing more than a toy for his amusement?
She heard a nearby splash and looked up to see him swimming towards the platform with smooth even strokes. She knew he’d made the splash on purpose to warn her he was coming. He’d given her the rest of the night and all morning to come to terms with what he wanted.
With a heavy sigh she laid her head back down on her knee, feeling the raft shift and sway when he pulled himself up to sit next to her.
He didn’t say anything, he just quietly listening to the gentle waves, the ducks swimming near by and the occasional cry of a gull.
Taking a deep breath she voiced her concerns. “What if I submit to you completely and lose myself in the process. I don’t want to become nothing more than a toy…an inanimate object to be pulled from a shelf when you want to play.”
A gentle finger beneath her chin lifted her face to his, “Have I ever treated you that way?”
A lump formed in her throat, “No…” In reality when she submitted she felt loved and treasured…protected and cherished.
“Trust me,” he told her passionately. “I would never do anything to diminish your worth as a person. I value everything about you. Surrendering to me completely won’t change that…I would never let you disappear, I love you. You make me a better man…a better Dom.”
His words relaxed a knot she’d been holding deep inside herself, she knew everything he said was true and in her submission she would find a freedom she’d never known. She’d had a taste of it in their light games and she wanted more.
She whispered softly as she rose to her knees at his side with her palms up on her thighs. “I give you the gift of my heart, my submission…my everything.”
He came up next to her cupping her face in her hands as he leaned down to kiss her sweetly. “I promise to never let your regret your decision.”
She smiled up at him as he stood back and helped her to stand. “Lose the suit.”
Her eyes widened, her breasts grew heavy with the deeply spoken command as she looked nervously around the lake. He reached a hand out and sharply tweaked her left nipple making her gasp. “I own the only house on this part of the lake. It’s very private. Obey me or face the consequences young lady.”
She felt the slick dampness pooling between her thighs as she caught the straps of her swimsuit in each hand and pulled it down her body, she’d been sitting on the platform so long she was almost dry. Once she was naked she handed him her suit.
“Good girl.” He told her as he studied her nude form. He smiled as he watched her fidget beneath his gaze the sun warming her naked skin. “You’re beautiful.”
A flush of pleasure filled her face as he watched her with desire. “Thank you.”
“Get into the water,” he instructed her.
She jumped into the water letting the cool liquid completely envelope her before coming back to the surface.
He knifed into the water right next to her shaking the water out of his hair as he rose from beneath its depths. He herded her back towards the platform and up against a solid area she hadn’t noticed before that went down under the water it extended almost four feet below the water. As he backed her up against the board she noticed four straps about a foot above her head.
“What are you doing?” she asked a little nervously.
“This is your first lesson in submission as my sub little girl. Do you trust me?” he asked her.
She smiled as the nervousness fled her body, “Completely.”
He took her left hand and attached it above her head to one of the straps. Her right fit into the other side so she hung in the water with her arms about shoulder width apart. When he caught one of her ankles she gasped.
In no time at all her ankles were attached to straps on the outside of her hands so she was bobbing in the water with it barely lapping over her spread labia and her breasts arched up like a sacrificial offering.
The feel of the lake water undulating over her swollen labia and clit was both arousing and mortifying. She was naked outside and bound securely for anything he chose to do to her.
It was frightening…exhilarating…liberating.
“Now I’m going to play with you.” he told her with an evil little smile. “No coming.”
“But I’m already so excited,” she protested softly.
“You are not allowed to come. If you come I will punish this soft little ass.” he told her as he palmed the up thrust globes of her ass. The position he had her in allowing access to every part of her.
She shuddered both in response to his words and his caress.
His fingers slid over her ass into the open crack, her hips tried to buck as his fingers ghosted lightly over her tight little ass hole. They took turned circling the little rosebud one dipping slightly inside.
“Oohh…you’ve never taken me there,” she murmured.
“I will,” he promised darkly as he brought his fingers away from her bottom to slide between the folds of her labia. Two fingers drove inside her as the lake water lapped at her clit.
She moaned loudly as his fingers began to drive forcefully in and out of her tightly gripping sheath. Biting her lip in an effort to control her rising passion, she watched as he bent his head towards her.
He began to suck on her clit as his fingers worked in and out of her until she stiffened beneath his ministrations and shuddered as she came with a soft little scream.
“Tsk..tsk…my naughty little submissive.” he told her as he pulled a lever next to her head. With a startled scream her legs were suddenly hoisted out of the water until her bottom broke the surface and he was kneeling on a platform that appeared for him just beneath the water’s surface.
“What did I tell you little girl?” he asked her sternly.
“That I wasn’t allowed to come,” she whimpered.
“Exactly, now I am going to punish your naughty little bottom.” He began to spank her hard immediately, her wet bottom making each swat sting like wild fire. He spanked her over and over until tears were dripping down her cheeks.
He released the lever then lowered her legs part way so she was spread wide just at the water level were he still knelt on the platform.
“Perfect.” He told her as he moved into position between her thighs gripping her sore bottom cheeks in each hand.
The head of his cock teased against her hungry sheath making her head thrash in need. She accepted that the orgasm combined with the pain of his punishment only made her want him…need him more.
“Do you want my cock?” he asked.
“Yes please,” she whimpered.
“Good girl,” he told her once more as he drove in to the hilt with one hard thrust. She groaned as his thick cock stretched her tender tissues open without giving her time to adjust.
He began to piston in and out of her in a relentless rhythm until all she could do was keen out wailing little cries of need.
The sensation of the water gliding across her exposed skin in a constant caress, his big hands squeezing the tender flesh of her well spanked bottom and his big cock hammering in and out of her was almost too much even as it was not enough.
“Come for me now!” he commanded.
With a soft cry of surrender she let go, giving him her complete submission…her trust…her love…her everything.

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