He masters her body for this week’s free story




I wait on my knees in the center of the room, naked except for the leather collar adorning my neck.

I hear you come in the front door and open my thighs wider and arch my back ensuring I am open so you can see everything that belongs to you.

I shiver as I hear you moving around in the living room, wetness begins to leak from my core as anticipation grows within me. I keep my head down with my hands resting palm up on my thighs as I hear you enter the room.

Your hand rests lightly on the top of my head and the breath catches in my throat, I am so happy you’re here. Your hand strokes my hair then comes down to cup my chin and tilt my face up to meet your eyes.

“What a good girl you are,” you tell me smiling down at me then stepping back and stripping out of your suit and tie my mouth waters as every inch of your form is revealed to me. When you come back to stand in front of me your cock is straining against your belly, hard and ready.  “I want your mouth.”

My mouth obediently opens ready to take your cock, but first your hand cups my cheek and your thumb slides between my lips. I look up at your sucking and tonguing your thumb as I want to suck your cock.

You pull your thumb from my mouth with an audible pop that makes you laugh as you feed the head of your thick cock between my waiting lips.

I moan as I suck just the tip, sinking my tongue into the little slit already leaking drops of precum, the taste of you rolls over my taste buds like the sweetest ambrosia. I open my mouth wider to take more sucking hard on the head of your cock as I swirl my tongue around the sensitive underside.

Your hands come to fist in my hair and you begin thrusting deeper, taking my throat. I gag and tear up a little as you work ever deeper, but I am so hungry for you I don’t care. I want everything you have to give me.

I suck and lick the best I can between gagging, sometimes struggling to breathe as you begin to take up a harder rhythm.

You pull out without cumming  and lift me to my feet spinning me to face the bed and bending me over it, I barely have time to adjust to the position before you slam inside me hard.

My back bows and I gasp as you fill me to the hilt, the head of your cock ramming into my cervix. One of your hands comes to fist in my hair and the other grips the side of my collar holding me in place as you pound relentlessly in and out of my wet heat.

All I can do is emit mewling little gasps as you take my body by storm, giving me no quarter.

My inner walls clamp down around you as I begin to cum hard, but you grant me no mercy continuing to hammer in and out of me without pause. You drive me straight from my orgasm towards another building my need higher and higher.

Until everything tightens within me and I come undone with a scream and a gush of fluid as I squirt all over your cock.

“Good girl,” you tell me pulling free then forcing me back to my knees and thrusting into my mouth again.

Now I taste us both, my wetness covers your cock as I lick your shaft then suck you deep. It takes only a moment before you fill my mouth with ribbons of hot cum and I swallow every drop greedily.

I continue to suck hard, determined to milk every drop from your pulsing shaft, then I lick you clean before sitting back on my heels.

You lift me to my feet once more then lay me back on the bed, fitting your shoulders between my thighs and spreading them wide.

“I don’t know if I can,” I say breathlessly as your tongue licks across my overly sensitive clit.

“You can and will,” your passion roughed voice commands before your lips lock down on my clit and you begin to suck hard.

I whimper and buck my hips as an almost painful pleasure washes over me, you hold me down with one hand flat on my belly as your other hand finds my wet center two fingers sliding into me as a third snakes into my ass.

I begin to shake and shiver as the orgasm builds, pleasure so intense I feel almost light headed. “Please…please…I can’t!” I wail as the intensity builds to a frightening level.

“You can,” your growl around my clit catching it between your teeth and worrying it with your tongue as the fingers in my pussy rub against the one in my ass; both hitting some magical spot high inside me and hammering it from both sides.

I shatter into a million pieces, chanting your name like a prayer as I come apart in your arms. Then you’re cuddling me close, whispering what a good girl I am as you put me back together again.

I’m wrapped protectively in your embrace as if you’ll never let me go.  I sigh as I sink into your warmth, safe and anchored tightly to you. My dearest Dom…my lover…my friend…my everything.


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