A sneak peek at my current WIP, The Hunter’s Mate

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Remember this is a work in progress and not yet edited.

Reyna’s heart slammed against her breast as she hurried through the underbrush and dove into another of her little hidden caves to escape the big warrior hot on her heels. She tried to ignore the way her body had responded to his possessive words.
She was no man’s mate!
She had no need of a man or anyone, Reyna had done just fine on her own and would continue to do so. As she waited for him to pass by her little cave she rested her head on her arms and willed her heartbeat to slow down. Her stomach growled again and she wished she hadn’t dropped the rabbit.
Reyna was lying in the small enclosure thinking about the Rabbit when a large hand closed around her ankle and began pulling her backwards out of the cave.
“No!” she kicked at the hand around her ankle with her other foot as she was pulled unceremoniously from her hiding place until she was dangling upside down at least a foot from the ground.
“Put me down you asshole!” Reyna twisted her body to and fro and continued to kick out with her other foot in an effort to free herself.
“I think not,” the big warrior told her and then he swung her up as he released her leg. Reyna screamed as she found herself air born only the be caught and cradled in his strong arms as gravity pulled her down.
She gaped up into his handsome face for the space of a heartbeat then pulled her hand back and slugged him as hard as she could.
He gave a muttered curse but did not put her down and instead he marched determinedly towards a fallen log where he sat down and slung her face down over his lap. “You will cease to fight me mate.”
His command was accompanied by several hard slaps to the seat of her upturned bottom. The stinging heat left in the wake of his gigantic palm was almost enough to bring tears to her eyes but she managed to blink them back as outrage filled her. “Don’t you dare spank me!”
“I will dare a lot more than this mate should you continue to risk your safety by fighting me.” He told her as he continued to deliver swat after swat to the seat of her jeans.


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