Need something hot to read this Christmas?


I thought I’d share a spicy little snipper from our Christmas anthology, Heating Up the Holidays. This is a scene from Marigoldand the Sheriff.

Lucas had been shocked to silence at the sight of his lady love’s bright red bottom humping up and down over her hand as she worked herself toward release.
A mix of outrage and arousal filled him as he walked into the room. He grabbed a chair and used it to block the door closed.
Mari was still sitting on her knees staring at him wide-eyed as he stalked to the bed and caught her up against him. Her little feet kicked in the air as he carried her to the wall and pressed her back to it. “Lift your gown back to your waist,” he commanded in a rough voice.
“I… ummm… it wouldn’t be seemly,” she said in a whisper.
Lucas leaned in, growling against her ear, “We lost seemly behavior the minute I walked in and caught you touching what belongs to me, little girl.”
Her big purple eyes stared into his and a shudder ran through her body; with a soft sigh of surrender, she lifted her gown while he kept firm hands on her waist.
“Good girl,” Lucas told her as he caught her under her left thigh then her right and lifted her legs until her knees were against her chest and spread her wide. “It was very naughty for you to play with yourself, darlin’, and I’m going to have to punish you.”
Mari’s mouth opened in an ‘O’ of surprise when he fitted himself between her spread thighs as she instinctively wrapped her legs around his hips; the hardness in his jeans pressed against the little nub she’d been rubbing and the pleasure was intense and immediate. “This sweet little puss of yours belongs to me, baby, and only I get to touch it and make it purr,” he told her as he began to move his hips in a slow rotation against her wet core.
The friction of the rough denim against her already sensitive mound made her climax almost immediately. “Lucas!” she cried out as his mouth covered her in a devouring kiss.
He continued to move his hips against her, driving her toward another peak, loving the way her purple eyes darkened in surprised pleasure. “If I ever catch you stealing another orgasm from me again, I’ll spank your pretty little puss till you howl. Am I understood?”
“Ooohooo… I… oooohhooo,” Mari panted as she neared another orgasm.
Lucas slammed his hips against her hard and was gratified to feel her spasm against him as she came. “Am I understood?”

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