Sweetly Sinful a new release from MaddieTaylor, MeredithO’Reilly and MorgannaWilliams

I thought I’d post a few excerpts from my new release Sweetly Sinful. Brought to you by Maddie Taylor, Meredith O’Reilly and Morganna Williams.


Once again, Zaryn frowned, his smooth brows knitting together in obvious displeasure. “This habit you have of calling me names you don’t mean must stop. If not, I will have to discipline you.”
She tried to ignore both the rush of wet heat his words caused and his threat. Instead, she asked, “What is bilya?”
“It means mate of my heart.” He smiled. “You like the idea of me giving you discipline.”
“I do not!” Kate replied emphatically, struggling anew to free herself. How embarrassing. Not only did the guy know how to make her clit jump on command, he was figuring out her most private fantasies.
“Lying is also unacceptable.” Zaryn’s purple brows furrowed once more. “I didn’t want to begin with discipline, but it seems it is necessary to do so before we can continue.”
“What?” she cried in alarm when he caught her about the waist to pull her off him. Perversely, she clung to him, though she’d just been fighting to get down. Kate wasn’t sure she wanted to know what happened once he no longer held her.
Easily disentangling her arms and legs from his body, Zaryn sat on the hood of her car and placed her facedown over his right knee.
“Hey!” Kate found herself dangling precariously over the front bumper of her car. Then she felt the tug as he pulled her jeans and panties down. “Wait!” She alternated between trying to keep up her rapidly descending pants and putting her hands out, holding onto the grill, and the headlight—anything, to keep from falling.
Despite her struggles, in very little time Kate found herself bare-assed with a large purple palm restingacross the breadth of her upturned cheeks. “Now, bilya, why are you about to be spanked?”
She looked over her shoulder with an unrepentant glare. “Because you’re an asshole?”
He returned it full force but went a step further, lifting his hand and bringing it down with a snap.
Stinging heat immediately bloomed in its wake. “Ouch! Fine. I called you names.”
“That will do to begin with.” Zaryn’s hand rose and fell in a rapid rhythm, leaving her gasping and heat building.
The stinging pain grew, making her kick her feet and yelp. The heat radiated to other areas, until her clit throbbed in time to his swats, and she felt proof of her arousal leaking down her thighs.-Fifty Shades of Purple from Sweetly Sinful


She shivered as she approached him, her inner thighs rubbing against her swollen, needy sex with each step. Once she reached his side, Hector wasted no time pulling her down over his knee, and she felt Duncan kneel behind her and spread her bottom cheeks wide.
“No!” Alyiah cried in protest as the ice phallus pressed against her tender hole.
“Yes,” Hector said firmly. “Naughty little mates get their bottoms punished inside out and their sweet little cunnies spanked.”
She moaned as the chilly plug slid in and out of her tight little hole until, with one final thrust, it was seated deeply inside her and Hector’s hard hand began to fall on her upturned ass.
Each swat left a fire in its wake and jolted the intruder in her ass, mingling pleasure and pain until she couldn’t tell them apart. Soon, she was arching her bottom to meet each swat and mewling with entreaty, though she didn’t know whether she was begging Hector to stop or asking for more.-Possessed by the Dragons from Sweetly Sinful

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