Tamed by the Landscape Engineer brand spanking new!




Once again I apologize, first the chest cold and then a car accident so my poor blog has been sadly neglected. I do believe I’m back with story ideas firing! My next story will be a well intentioned Uber driver and an executive in a hurry.  😉

Happy reading! ~Mo


Milly was a very serious woman, she liked to comport herself like the great ladies of the past. She imagined herself very like a young Jackie “O” carrying herself in a graceful and dignified manner.


She stylized her clothing in a way that mirrored the classic styles of the late 50’s and early 60’s, clean lines knee length skirts and pill box hats sitting on her shoulder length hair with just the slightest upswing.

Today, she was wearing her favorite peach suit, it gave her confidence.  Something she needed when trying to deal with a man like Byron James. He was beautiful, tall and perfect but completely maddening.


He was her mother’s landscape engineer, a title which Milly found ridiculous as he was little more than a glorified lawn boy to her way of thinking.  Since her mother was out of town Milly was doing her best to direct Byron to ensure the new flower gardens were put in correctly.


She taped the toe of one high heeled shoe as she watched the man totally ignore her instructions regarding the placement of the hydrangeas. His behavior was unacceptable! “I told you to put the hydrangeas over there beneath the willow tree!”


Byron stood from where his worker was planting the flowering bushes and turned to face her, “Yes Miss Helms, I heard your suggestion.”


Milly sputtered indignantly, “You deliberately ignored my instructions?”


The man sighed, “Miss Helms I’m not even sure why you’re here. Your mother approved all of the plans for the new gardens including the placements of all the plants before she left for her cruise. So yes I ignored your suggestion.”


Though Milly prided herself on always being the epitome of control, something about this man pushed every button she testing the limits of said control. “It was NOT a suggestion! It was an instruction! I was directing you to a better place for the hydrangeas!”


A muscle ticked next to his eye, “Miss Helms when you have a degree in Botany and twenty years as a landscape artist under your belt we can possibly debate the proper placement of hydrangeas. Until then why don’t you go bother someone else like a good little girl.”


Then he turned her to face the house and swatted her bottom to encourage her cooperation.


Milly gasped in outrage and spun to face him again only to find he was already leaned back over and discussing fertilizer or some other gardening issue with his worker and she saw red and lost the last bit of sense she still possessed.

With a cry of rage she marched over to where Byron was bent over and planted her high heeled shoe on his butt and shoved with everything she was worth. Byron unprepared for the attack flew forward face first into the newly planted hydrangeas, landing with a satisfying splat.


Milly straightened to her full height, delighted by the satisfaction that filled her with such an aggressive act. I am woman hear me roar, she thought to herself as she watched Byron straighten and brush mud and pieces of hydrangea from his face and shirt.


She’d struck against male superiority for all women kind. She felt like an Amazon warrior…at least she did right until Byron got to his feet and fixed her with a glare that did not bode well for her.


Her eyes widened as he started towards her with purpose and though she knew she should stand her ground, Milly gave a squeak of alarm and ran.


“You better run you little brat!” he said from directly behind her.


She put on a burst of speed then her heel snapped; she’d been moving so fast she couldn’t stop her momentum. Milly flew sideways with a little scream of alarm and landed on her side right in the middle of her mother’s mulberry bush; sharp little leaves and branches scratching her as she tried to wrestle free.


Strong hands caught her around the waist and lifted her free of the vile little bush turning her then immediately tossing her across a broad shoulder. “Put me down this instant you creatin!” Milly yelled as she pounded her fists against Byron’s back.


The odious man walked into her mother’s home like he owned it, “With pleasure your Highness, he told her as he set her down next to the wide leather couch in the living room.”


Milly stood in her uneven heels and smoothed her skirt nervously down her legs; seeing the way Byron was watching her while he rolled up his shirtsleeves. “Shame on your for handling my person in such a familiar fashion.” She said trying to cow him with her haughty manor.


Byron snorted and caught her by the hand as he sat down on the couch, “I am about to get a whole lot more familiar with your person so get used to it.”


“I…hey!” As he gave a sharp jerk to her hand and she found herself tumbling face down across his strong thighs.  Milly glared up at him over her shoulder. “Just what do you think you’re doing?”


“Well little girl,” he said matter of factly as he began pulling her skirt up over her hips, completely ignoring her gasp of outrage. “I’m about to paddle your little ass and teach your to behave yourself.”

Milly bucked right and then left in an effort to escape from his iron clad hold. “You can’t!”


Byron finished working her skirt up over her rounded derriere and then caught the waistband of her panties and pulled them down. “Hide and watch little girl.”


She opened her mouth to yell some more but ended up giving a yelp when his big hand clapped off her left bottom cheek.


“Owww…wait…owwww….owwwiee…ohhhooo…stop! Please stop!” Milly cried but he ignored her pleas and his hand began to fall even harder and faster until her feet were kicking reflexively.


“Let’s discuss your behavior,” Byron said almost conversationally as his hand continued to fall. “First I have a question. Are you the person that hired me for this job?”


“Nooo!” she wailed.


“That’s right, you are not. Your mother was the person that hired me.” He continued to talk to her as if he wasn’t tattooing his hand print across her ass. “She and I discussed the plans for the new garden down to the placement of each and every flower. I did not need or want your input and neither did your mother or she would have had you over to join in the discussion. Did your mother invite you to give input?”


Milly sniffed miserably as the heat in her bottom continued to grow with each well measured swat. She tried to get away with giving a little shrug.


“Answer me young lady,” Byron commanded then delivered five extremely hard swats to the crease of her thigh where her bottom and ass met.


“Nooo! Nooo she didn’t!” Milly yelled.


He pulled her up off his lap and held her firmly in place to face him, “So did you have any right to interfere with my business?”


She gave a pitiful little sob before she answered, “No sir.”


“Did I deserve the little tantrum that culminated with you kicking me in the ass and shoving me into the hydrangeas?”


“No sir,” Milly told him softly. “I’m sorry I behaved so badly.”


Byron nodded, “Good girl. Now let’s finish your punishment and be done with this little episode.”


“Finish? Aren’t we done?” she asked hopefully.

“I need to finish the lesson,” he told her firmly and then tugged her over his lap facing the other way only this time he pinned her legs under one thigh and tilted her a little further over his lap. “I like to finish with my dominant hand to ensure I never need to teach the same lesson a second time.”


Milly’s eyes flew open in horror as his hand slapped down on her left sit spot with the hardest swat yet and to her dismay his palm continued to fall again and again in the exact same spot. “Nooo! Please not there again! Somewhere else…somewhere else!” Her yells became frantic as the painful sting in her bottom got worse and worse until with one last wail of protest she collapsed over his lap sobbing.


That’s when he moved to the other side and gave her right sit spot the exact same treatment. Her relief that he’d moved to a new place was extremely short lived, by the time it was over Milly was promising never to utter a cross word to anyone for the rest of her life.


He lifted her to sit on his knee and she yelped when her well spanked bottom came in contact with his jeans.


Byron held her and rubbed her back as she sobbed into his chest, giving her comfort and whispering into her ear how well she’d taken her punishment. When he tears finally stopped he titled her tearstained face up to his.


“Is this a lesson I will have to repeat?” he asked with a quirk of a brow.


“Never,” Milly said so feverently he laughed and kissed the tip of her nose.


“Good girl,” Byron said with a warm smile then he kissed her lips and she found herself opening to him like a flower.


She gave a sigh of disappointment when he broke their kiss then lifted her to stand in front of him once more. Milly blushed then gave a gasp when he pulled her panties up over her sore tush.  The realization that she’d been standing before this man with a bare red ass he was responsible for was almost more than she could bear.


She slapped him across the face, “How dare you take such liberties with my person.”


Milly stared at him for the space of two heartbeats before wisdom over took her false bravado and she stepped back.


Byron caught her by the hand before she could make an escape. “I don’t think so.”


Predictably Milly was bare assed over his knee again before she could work up further outrage.  His hand fell again and again without preamble while she yelped and kicked her feet.


She kicked her left foot so hard her pretty high heeled shoe flew off and would have nailed Byron in the head had he not caught it, “Thank you my dear.”


“OOOOOOWWWWWW!” Milly’s head flew back with a screech when the toe of that very shoe fell on her already well roasted posterior. With a flick of his experience wrist Byron snapped it down on her sit spot until she was pleading to be his good girl again.


“We’re almost there darling,” he assured her as he switched to the other side to apply his tried and true home remedy for naughtiness.


Milly could do little but cling to his leg in desperation as she sobbed her apologies. Finally he let her shoe fall to the floor but kept her firmly in place over his lap. “How about you tell me why you slapped me young lady?”


“I…well…ummm…you…ooohooo!” she gasped when he lightly patted her very tender bottom.


“I expect an honest answer,” Byron kept his hand still over the hot skin of her left butt cheek.


“You kissed me and I realized I was bare from the waist down and I liked it and…” Milly trailed off, not quite sure how to say the rest.


To her horror the man parted her legs and one long finger slid into her wet slit discovering all her secrets, “You were embarrassed to find the spanking turned you on so you slapped me rather than asking for what you wanted.”


“I…oh my,” she moaned loudly as his finger began to rub lightly over her swollen clit.


“Ask for what you need…what we both know you want,” Byron instructed her as his finger continued to stroke her but this time only played around the lips of her labia making her need for his touch even more desperate.


“Please…,” she panted.  “Please touch me, take me…fill me up.” Her need was so great she tossed pride out the window and spread her legs wide.


Instead of continuing to pet her needy slit, Byron stood her once more before him giving her a warning look. “Naughty girls get fucked hard.”


Milly licked her lips feeling like someone new…a freedom and daring she’d never known before filling her as she lifted her skirt and bent over the arm of the couch with her legs spread wide.  She looked at him over her shoulder and uttered one word, “Please.”


“Face forward; I control everything about this little girl.” Byron’s deepened voice sent chills over her skin as she turned her face forward to obey.

Time seemed to stand still as she waited, trying not to think about how wanton she must look with her red bottom arched high in the air and her legs spread wide to showcase the honey glistening on her folds and leaking down the inside of her thighs.


She shivered at the sound of his zipper dragging down and the crinkle of what had to be a condom wrapper.  A loud moan escaped her when he caught a sore ass cheek in each hand and opened her impossibly wide before fitting the head of his cock to her weeping entrance.


“Are you ready for me to make you mine?” the head of his cock teased her opening sliding around and around in her wetness but not dipping inside.


Milly’s hips bucked back trying to catch him but Byron held her firmly in place, “Please fuck me!”


“Who do you belong to?” she shuddered in pleasure as just the head of his cock eased inside her then pulled immediately back out.


“You I belong to you!” her passionate words ended on a high pitched wail as he drove inside to the hilt with his first thrust, the head of his cock coming to rest against her cervix.


“Just like coming home,” he said hoarsely as his feet forced her legs even further apart while his hands braced on her shoulders. Then he pulled out almost completely before slamming back inside beginning a pounding rhythm that stole her air with its intensity.


Pleasure like nothing she’d ever experienced before filled her as Byron pinned her in place and took what belonged to him. He pistoned in and out of her so hard and fast each slam of his hips against her backside reawakened the sting of the spanking until pleasure and pain seemed to blend together in an exquisite feeling of rapture.


She lost herself completely in his touch as he drove her higher and higher until they exploded together and orbited the sky. He rested against her for a moment in the aftermath his face pressed to the back of her neck where he nibbled gently as their heart rates slowed.


Milly gave a soft whimper when he pulled free of her the twinge of pain telling her she would feel him every time she moved for the rest of the day.


Byron lifted her from the couch and turned her to face him, kissing her now softly and gently. “My sweet precious girl.”


She felt safe and cared for as she snuggled into his arms. “Did you mean what you said? That I belong to you?”


His mouth smiled against hers as he stared into her eyes, “I did Milly mine. You need a firm hand and I happen to have just the hand for you.”


Milly kissed him again then leaned back in his arms knowing he wouldn’t let her fall, “Oh really?”


“Yes Ma’am, I’m just the man to keep you in line, besides I can’t turn you loose on the rest of the world.”


There shared laughter filled the house and floated out the window. The startled man re-planting the hydrangeas shook his head and just kept digging.