A Little Heart


A Little Heart

I stood staring out the window with tears blurring my vision. You hadn’t yelled or even punished me but I was filled with an empty ache that would not ease.

It was worse, you hadn’t even noticed my behavior…I wasn’t even sure you knew I was in the room. All evening I’d gotten increasingly panicked by your indifference and my behavior had gotten worse and worse.

You ate your dinner barely looking up from the papers in your hand, before dashing back into your office and getting on the phone. I understood business and work were important but does that have to make me nothing?

Not even a blip on your radar?

I sighed and angrily wiped the tears from my cheeks, I’m an adult I shouldn’t need another person to validate my existence. I told myself this firmly, wishing I could believe it. No one should let another define them and yet there was no escaping the fact that part of me was defined by your dominance and my submission.

What is a submissive without her dominant? It was like being cast adrift, a small ship being buffeted by massive waves without an anchor to keep it safe from harm.

I closed my eyes, yes I was an adult but I needed your guidance…your dominance…it tethered me to the here and now…helped keep me focused. Without you I felt like I might drift away into nothingness.

Against my will the ache inside me intensified, I was afraid and I felt alone in my misery. You often accused me of being dramatic but I couldn’t stop these thoughts from racing through my mind.

When your big warm hands closed over my shoulders I started with a gasp, embarrassed to be found here standing in a dark room with tears dripping from my cheeks.

“You think I didn’t see how naughty you were behaving earlier? That I didn’t feel your need?” you asked as you pulled me back against you, my body melting into your heat.

I sank into you embrace letting your strength sink into my bones as it eased the knot in my belly.

You kissed my cheek as you wrapped around me, giving me back my anchor and chasing away the negative thoughts swirling through my mind in one fell swoop. “I love you baby and I will never abandon you but I had to take care of some critical issues at work. I didn’t have time to deal with my little brat earlier.”

“I know and I’m sorry I got dramatic and needy,” I whispered ashamed now of my lack of faith.

“I want you to need me but I also need you to believe in my love for you little girl,” You told me firmly. “It hurts that you think I could forget about you so easily.”

I twisted out of your arms and turned to face you, “I’m sorry.” I told you before burrowing into your chest like I could climb inside you.

You firmly set me away from you and put a finger beneath my chin forcing me to meet your gaze. “Your behavior earlier when you knew I was trying to work was unacceptable and I am also very disappointed in the way you allowed yourself to think I would ever desert you.”

My chin quivered, “I know you never would…I know that but I just…”

“You need me to punish you…to remind you who you belong to…don’t you little girl?” you asked me.

“Yes sir,” I said in a breathless sigh as a gush of wet heat filled my panties.

Without another word you guided me to bend over the arm of the couch, pushing my skirt up over my hips to rest in the small of my back and then catching the seat of my panties in your hand. When you ripped them from my body I gasped in shock and arousal.

“Legs apart,” you commanded me. I quickly moved my legs shoulder width a part and arched my back to stick my bottom out for you.

“Good girl,” you told me as you palmed the fleshy globes of my ass, squeezing them slightly before releasing me and stepping back. I shivered when I heard the sound of your belt clearing your belt loops.

My breath caught in anticipation as I waited for the first line of fire to catch my vulnerable bottom. You tapped my bottom three times with your looped belt drawing out the moment before pulling it away and snapping it across the under curve of both cheeks with a hard stroke.

“Ohhhh…” I moaned and buried my face in a couch cushion as another line of fire fell directly on top of the first. It was all I could do not to pull my bottom away, but I kept my back arched and my bottom pushed out.

You were not wasting anytime making it clear this was a punishment you felt I needed.  Six strokes in a row fell in the exact same place bringing tears to my eyes before you lined the next six up directly below the first set. By the time you painted my upper thighs with the another six then delivered and additional six to my already tender sit spot I was sobbing freely, but I was also strangely proud that I’d held position and taken everything I’d earned.

Your hand rubbed the small of my back, “You’re such a good girl, you took your punishment so well babygirl. I’m proud of you.”

My heart swelled with joy at your praise, my bottom was on fire and aching but my core was throbbing for another reason. I looked over my shoulder at you my face still wet with tears and gave you a pleading look, “Please…I need you…”

“Does my baby need my cock?” you asked as you obligingly unzipped your pants.

“Yes sir…please…remind me who I belong to…chase away all the dark thoughts,” I said on a low moan as you suddenly shoved deep inside me with one hard thrust.

You took me at my word, taking my body hard and without mercy. You pounded into me relentlessly, the head of your cock slamming into my cervix with every inward thrust as your thighs slapped against my hot sore ass keeping the fire alive.

I moaned loudly, as my body was thrown into a maelstrom of pleasure and pain that I could barely process as you drove my need higher and higher.  I could do nothing but cling to the couch as you took me by storm.

You forced my legs further apart to allow you deeper penetration which also caused my swollen clit to rub against the couch as you pistoned in and out of my clinging sheath.

I came with a scream of your name as my body tightened down on your still driving cock, pulsing around you but you never stopped moving driving me towards an unknown pinnacle that I’d never before experienced.

I gave a long keening cry as pleasure built upon pleasure in an orgasm that seemed almost never ending. Until finally you ground high inside me sending me over a final peak that complety stole my breath and caused sparks to fire behind my closed eyelids.

You gave a growl of pleasure and I felt your hot seed hit my pulsing inner walls as peace washed over me.

I was safe…completely owned…completely yours…and you were mine.


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