A spanking and forced orgasms for this week’s free story

Sorry I’m late with this week’s story, I hope you enjoy! Happy reading! ~Mo


Woman Reborn

From the moment he’d whispered into her ear, “I’m going to breathe life into your darkest fantasies.” She’d been his.

Now she found herself thoroughly spanked, legs bound by a spreader bar and secured above her head so she was wide open to anything he wanted to do; which seemed to be making her cum over and over without respite or mercy. She’d already cum three times and now he was blindfolding her to make her even more aware of every sensation.

She gasped when she felt the broad head of a cock entering her, “Let’s see how you like my fuck machine.” She heard a whirring sound and then the cock was slowly thrusting inside, stretching her inner muscles as it filled her to the brim and retreated only to return with a little more force.

“Ooh sir,” she moaned and that’s when he pressed the Hitachi to her already swollen clit. It felt like too much, “Nooo…I can’t!”

“Not your safe word little girl,” he said with a chuckle and then he turned up the speed on his little magic machine and the dildo was fucking her hard. She came almost immediately with a soft cry of surrender but the Hitachi riding her clit didn’t let up it drove her straight from that orgasm and into another.

She breathed a sigh of relief when the Hitachi was removed but it was replaced with his mouth sucking her swollen little bud hard as the machine sped up even more sending her into orbit again. The pleasure was getting so intense it was almost painful but still he persisted. When she came yet again with a sobbing little cry he turned off the sex machine and pulled the dildo from her tight grasping sheath.

She concentrated on breathing, taking in huge gulps of air then whimpered when she felt the slick bulbous head of a butt plug at her backdoor. “Nooo!”

“Again, not your safe word precious.” He said as he pressed it even more firmly until it popped inside stretching her tender ass muscles around it as she groaned in a mixture of pain and forbidden pleasure at its intrusion. “How do you feel?”

“So full,” she said softly then moaned as he began to lightly slap her ass reawakening the sting from her spanking earlier and each swat jolting the plug in her ass and sending a zing of pleasure to her incredibly sensitive clit.

She yelped when the next swat landed on her clit itself the sting quickly morphing into delight.  He spanked her pussy hard and fast making her cry out as the pain and pleasure combined driving her closer and closer to an orgasm beyond anything she’d previously experience. “I’m scared!” she cried as her body continued to spiral towards the unknown.

“It’s okay, take the leap babygirl and fly. I will not let you fall.” He told her, his voice calming her fears even as he drove her higher. Just when she was about to explode he stopped and perversely she was disappointed.

“Are you ready for my cock?” he asked.

“Yes please,” she said without hesitation.

“You have to promise to let go,” he told her firmly.

“Yes sir, I promise.” She whispered fervently.

Then he was there stretching her wide over his thick girth as he pressed deep inside, she shivered, her legs begging to shudder as the feel of him inside her and the plug planted in her ass made her feel impossibly full. With a hard thrust he was inside to the hilt and his balls slapped the plug sending a jolt of pleasure through her ass.

He held himself there tight inside her for a moment and then slapped his hand down on her clit; “Ooooooh!” the husky moan was so deep she barely recognized her voice. He began to rotate his hips as his hand slapped her clit rhythmically bringing that unknown abyss back to her.

Keening wails of pleasure rent the air, she barely recognized as her own as he drove her closer and closer to the pinnacle. Then the head of his cock found some spot high inside her and he ground against it as his hand slapped down one final time on her clit and she shattered into a million pieces as she soared into the heavens.

The orgasm seemed to go on and on as he began to pound in and out of her now taking his own pleasure as her body clamped down on his like a vise. She felt the hot spurt of his seed splashing her sensitive inner walls while her body shuddered beneath him.

Time seemed to stand still as she rode the high of her orgasm; she seemed to just float in the stratosphere every nerve in her body alive and firing. If he’d told her flames shot out of her fingertips and toes she wouldn’t have been surprised. She felt as if she’d disintegrated and then been remade into something new.

Into a sexual creature that truly felt ever movement she made, she would never be able to take her body for granted again. She would be aware of the slightest breeze against her skin…the sensual lap of water in the bath all of it would remind her of what had been born today.

A woman…complete…replete…and ready for more.


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