A naughty secretary and a dominant boss on free Friday


Mr. Black

Chloe pursed her lips as she studied the personal add on her Kinkitup ap:

Looking for the kinky girl of my dreams

About me:
Avid self sucker looking for a woman who loves kinky, dirty, sexy fun. I love to show online but woud also love to meet sometime

She blinked at the screen, avid self sucker? Did that mean what she thought it meant? Chloe didn’t believe in kink shaming but…ewwwwww…that definitely did not trip her trigger.

Two men sent her dick pics and a third asked if she would spank him. In her profile she’d clearly said she was a submissive. The results were depressing to say the least; so far she hadn’t come across one real dominant. Especially one that actually wanted to meet.

“Chloe can you come here for a moment?” she looked up from her computer screen to see her boss standing in the doorway.

Trenton Black was drop dead gorgeous and at the moment his blue eyes were looking at her very sternly. Her stomach dropped and she quickly locked her phone. “Yes sir.”

She stood and followed him to his office, when she stepped inside her closed the door behind them and then turned the lock.

Chloe looked up at him with wide eyes. “I…ummm…Mr. Black…why did you?”

“I have a few things to discuss with you young lady,” Trent said as he took his jacket off and hung it neatly on the coat rack behind the door and then turned to her as he rolled up his shirtsleeves.

She knew this couldn’t possibly mean what it looked like but a pool of moisture still formed in her panties as her tummy hit her knees and her mouth went dry. “What?”

“Think about it Chloe. What have you been doing in your office this afternoon?” he asked as he walked towards her. She couldn’t stop herself from backing away as he advanced.

“Working?” she asked hopefully.

He quirked a brow, “Try again little girl.” Trent said as he slowly stalked her across the room.

Their game of advance and retreat taking them on a meandering path across his office until her herded her to the low couch next to the window; Chloe gave a startled yelp as the couch hit the back of her knees and she fell into its plush cushion.

“Perfect,” he said with satisfaction as he sat down next to her then caught her arm and neatly turned her over his lap.

“Sir!” Chloe squeaked.

“Chloe,” he said in an amused tone as he flipped her skirt over her back and jerked her lacey panties to her knees.

“What are you doing?” she asked in alarm.

“You’re a smart girl Chloe so I think that would be self evident. What do you think I’m doing?”

“I think…I think you’re about to spank me,” Chloe said the words in a rush.

“I think you’re right,” Trent said as his big palm slapped down on her upturned ass.

“Oooh!” she exclaimed at the sting it left in its wake.

For a moment he didn’t say anything just letting his hard right hand do his talking for him as he brought it down in a hard and fast rhythm on her wriggling bottom.

“Please! Owwwww! I’ll be good!” Chloe cried.

“Are you ready to tell me what you did today?” he asked, resting his hand on her now bright pink bottom as he waited for her answer.

Chloe felt her face heat as she looked over her shoulder at her boss, “I was surfing a bdsm personals site.”

“Thank you for your honesty Chloe, this spanking would have been much worse if you had tried to lie.” He told her.

She sighed in relief that it was over, “I’m sorry…I know…owwwww…wait you said you were done!”

“I said no such thing young lady. I said your spanking would have been much worse my dear but I’m afraid your spanking has barely begun.” He told her as his hand continued to fall a relentless rhythm that left her bucking in an effort to escape his punishing palm.

“ooohooo!” she wailed as the heat continued to build in her poor beleaguered backside to exponential proportions.
“Number one, work is not the appropriate time to explore sexual fantasies young lady,” Trent said as ten swats even harder than any of the ones before landed on her left sit spot.

“No sir! I won’t do it again!” Chloe yelled. “Not there again!”

“Number two, you will not compromise your safety by perusing on-line bdsm groups again.” Ten matching swats to the right side. “Am I clear?” he asked as his hand began to fall in the same spot as before on the left side as if he planned to permanently tattoo his palm there.

“Yes Sir!” she cried, as a great wrenching sob rose from her chest.

A matching set landed on the right side again and then he was lifting her to stand in front of him. She gave another shuddering sob as he looked at her. “Now I’m going to ask you an honest question and I want an honest answer.”

“Yes sir,” she said softly.

“Do you still want to explore BDSM?” Trent asked.

Chloe’s heart leapt as she looked into his serious blue eyes, “Yes sir.”

“I would like to lead you in those explorations.” He told her. “Would you like to be my submissive Chloe?”

Her heart was beating a fast tattoo in her chest and the evidence of how eager she was to follow his lead was leaking down her inner thighs. “Yes please.”

“Take off your clothes,” he said firmly.

She only hesitated for a moment before she began to strip until she stood naked before him.

“Good girl, I want you to bend over the edge of my desk. I’m going to finish your spanking with my belt and then I’m going to take your ass. This is punishment but I’m not going to lie to you Chloe, it’s also because I will enjoy disciplining you this way. Think very carefully before you bend over the desk Chloe. Your belting will be hard and I will take you without mercy. It’s who I am.” Trent told her.

A shudder went through her that had nothing to do with pain and everything to do with need. She wanted this…more than he could imagine…it was like he’d snatched the fantasies directly from her mind.  She bravely met his gaze and nodded at him before moving to the desk and bending over it.

“Your safe word is red. Use is at anytime and everything stops.” He said as she heard the sound of his belt clearing his pants.  Suddenly she was very nervous and she gave a soft sound of distress.

Trent’s big hand came to rest in the small of her back and she was flooded with a feeling of safety, she heard the whistle of the belt cutting the air just before a line of fire rose on the under curve of her ass.

A hiss of pain escaped her as his belt lifted away and came back again to leave another line of fire. His warm hand stayed in place, grounding her as he continued to whip her bottom thoroughly.

Five strips lined her bottom from the middle of her crack to the tops of her thighs and then he worked his way back up. Chloe gave herself up to her punishment and the pain, collapsing over the desk as she sobbed. She didn’t even realize at first the spanking was over.

Trent was crooning softly to her as he rubbed the small of her back, her bottom throbbed but somehow she felt cleansed and relieved of all the stress that had been weighing her down.

She looked over her shoulder at Trent and gave him a watery smile, “Thank you sir.”

He smiled back and then his hand was gliding over the scalded flesh of her backside and dipping into the wetness waiting between her thighs. Chloe moaned as his fingers slid into her snug heat and widened her stance.  His fingers worked in and out of her for a moment before pulling free and coming up to rub her natural lubricant into the rim of her asshole.

Surprisingly, the pressure of his fingers dipping into her most private place felt good and Chloe found herself pressing back with a soft cry as one finger sank inside to the second knuckle.

“Good girl,” he praised her as he worked the finger in her ass for a minute before adding a second and scissoring them inside her as he stretched her open. “Naughty little subs take it in the ass don’t they Chloe?”

“Yes sir,” she panted as his fingers worked her open.

“Tell me what happens to naughty little subs,” Trent instructed and she heard the sound of a zipper opening.

“They take it up the ass,” Chloe cried.

He removed his fingers and the broad head of his cock teased her tender opening. “Take what up the ass?”
“Their master’s cock!” she cried, suddenly wanting him inside her almost desperately. “Please sir.”

The hot tenderness in her ass, and the burning stretch of his fingers combined with the throb of her clit made her almost desperate with need.

“Ask me for it nicely Chloe,” he told her.

“Please fuck my naughty ass sir…please!” Chloe begged.

“Good girl,” Trent told her as he pressed inside, his thick cock stretching her wide as he forged a way for himself to the hilt and stilled with his balls resting against her hot ass.

Chloe moaned loudly as he began to withdraw pulling her hips out from the desk and forcing her to arch her back more as he drove back in hard. True to his promise he took her without mercy…pounding into her hard and fast…pleasure and pain seemed to blend together until she was spreading her legs wider and pressing back to meet every hard thrust.

She relished his possession…his dominance…it was everything she’d longed for…everything she’d needed and she wanted more.

As he continued to take her in a relentless rhythm his balls began to slap against her swollen clit and suddenly she stiffened as the most intense orgasm of her life washed over her…her entire body shuddered with pleasure as her inner muscles clamped down tightly on him and brought him over the edge with her.

Trent gave a growl of pleasure and then she felt the hot splash of his seed bathing the tender inside of her ass.

For a moment he collapsed over her…pinning her to the desk deliciously with his weight. Chloe whimpered when he withdrew, keenly feeling the loss of him inside her but that momentary feeling of being bereft vanished when he lifted her tenderly in his arms. She snuggled into him as he carried her into the executive washroom and stood her in his private shower.

He held her close and tenderly washed her before quickly washing himself and then wrapping her in a big fluffy towel.  She sighed in pleasure when he carried her back into his office and sat down on the couch with her cuddled in his lap.

She felt treasured…cherished…loved.

Smiling up at Trent, Chloe ran a hand over the stubble on his cheeks. “I enjoyed that game Master.”

Trent laughed, “I did too but how about a little nap before we head home babygirl?”
Chloe laughed as her husband, lover and master lay down with her on the big couch in his office. “We have to be out of here by three. I don’t want to embarrass the cleaning crew. They come at 3:30 on Saturdays.”

“I know honey,” he told her.

Chloe sat up suddenly, “Did you see the ad for the avid self sucker? Does that mean what I think it does?”

Trent pulled her back down against him, “Let’s just say he’s a talented man.”

Chloe snorted then cuddled back in for a nap with her love.


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