It’s a spanking, a little anal and a big release on free Friday!


It’s Friday again! Yay! It’s been a long week. Under Leo’s Hands has had it’s second round of edits and is back in the hand of my publisher.  Hopefully we’re only a couple of weeks from the release! I hope you enjoy today’s offering.  Happy reading! ~No


She shivered as she waited naked bent over the edge of the edge of the bed. The cool air blowing across her skin raised gooseflesh on her bottom. She felt so vulnerable with her legs spread wide so every part of her was visible to him.


A slow hot flush came up from her neck to fill her face as she thought about him studying her naked form, the tell-tale fluid leaking down her thighs revealing her excitement.


They’d discussed the scene a few days ago and though the thought of what was coming was exciting she also had little knot of trepidation in her belly. She took a deep breath and reminded herself she needed this…needed it badly.


The he was there, his pant legs brushing against the back of her thighs, his warm palm coming down to rest on the small of her back. “Are you ready?”


“Yes sir,” she said on a breathless whisper.


“Five with the cane right?” he asked.


“Yes sir,” she couldn’t help the soft whimper that escaped her. They were just doing a few with the cane to help her overcome her fears. Then they would move on to her actually punishment, some of which she would thoroughly enjoy.


She heard a swish and then a line of fire rose across the lower part of her bottom cheeks. An involuntary jerk went through her as another stroke fell just below the first. The third stroke was a little harder than the first two but nothing she couldn’t handle. The fourth was firmer and the last made her gasp and she just almost reached back to grab her stinging bottom…almost…but she knew better.


“On your back and spread your thighs wide for me,” he instructed.


Getting into position she did as she was told knowing her face was flaming red because of the way she was exposing her wet lips to his interested gaze. He held up the small wooden spoon with an evil smile.


Then the spoon was falling on the wet lips of her vulnerable pussy making her yelp as he methodically filled the entire surface with stinging heat. She couldn’t help crying out a little as her poor lips grew hotter under his attentions.


“Spread your pussy lips for me,” he told her and she groaned in mortification.


Catching a sore lip in each hand she stretched herself open, exposing the swollen bud of her clit. She jerked involuntarily as the spoon bit into her sensitive nub. “Oooh,” she yelped as the spoon fell five times in quick succession leaving her gasping as her clit began to throb.


The pain morphed into an almost desperate need as he clit swelled up in response to his thorough pussy spanking.


He stepped back and unfastened his pants freeing his burgeoning erection. She moved from the bed to her knees in front of him conscious of the stinging throb in her lady bits and the slick moisture coating her thighs. Her bottom also stung a little from the licks with the cane.


With a soft sigh of submission she leaned forward and caught the head of his cock between her lips, licking and sucking the broad head…enjoying the feel of him in her mouth…the taste of pre-cum on her tongue.


He didn’t allow her much time to enjoy teasing the head of his cock before his fisted her hair and drove into her throat.  Tears formed in her eyes as he began to forcefully drive in and out of her as she did her best to suck and lick even while she gagged at the invasion.


She choked a little when he drove deep and held himself still deep inside her throat, his groin pressed tightly against her nose. Then he withdrew and drove back inside reminding her to suck.


She felt him swell against her tongue as he began to take her mouth faster and then he stiffened and she greedily swallowed every drop of his seed as he came. Gently sucking him empty and then licking him clean before sitting back on her heels to look up at him.


“Good girl, you took that well.” He told her.


She smiled, warmth filling her at his praise.


“Back over the end of the bed,” he said.


She immediately got back into position settling in with another soft sigh as his broad palm found the small of her back again…the connection grounding her as he raised the small wooden paddle in his hand high.


“Owww!” she yelped as the first crack rent the air and he began to settle into a familiar rhythm as he painted her ass several shades of red.  Again and again his paddle fell until a soft sob escaped her and she gave into the tears she’d been holding at bay.


He immediately dropped the paddle, giving her back a gentle rub as she calmed.  He ass was on fire; her pussy still burned and throbbed when he gave a soft command.


She immediately climbed up on the bed pressed her chest to the mattress with her legs spread wide. Then he was behind her, his fingers stroking into her wet heat making her moan wantonly and press back against him. The feel of his fingers brought a combination of pleasure and pain to her over sensitive flesh, but then he pulled away and she knew he was coating his cock in her juices.

When the broad head of his cock rest against her tight ass hole she pressed back and took a deep breath. He drove deep on the first thrust as her muscles strained and stretched to accommodate his length and girth.


The painful stretch hurt at first but quickly morphed into pleasure once he was fully seated inside her. Then he began to move and she found herself bucking back to meet every pounding thrust, revealing this ultimate possession.


He took her without mercy his hands catching her hair and pulling her head back as he rode her hard. The pleasure grew with every thrust…as he got more and more vigorous his balls began to slap against her over sensitive clit driving her pleasure higher until with a scream of pleasure she clamped down tight on his cock and milked his own orgasm from him.


He cleaned her gently as she floated on a cloud of release…all the tensions and stress she’d been carrying a thing of the past…leaving her to fly free.


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