A little hanky spanky on free Friday!

Happy Friday!! I hope everyone has a fantabulous weekend! Happy reading! ~Mo


The Sweetest Pain
I moaned loudly as your hand slapped down on my upturned posterior. The way I was positioned straddling your thighs backwards with my torso hanging down between your legs and the blood rushing to my head seemed to intensify every sensation.

Your hands fell alternately on my wide spread bottom cheeks stopping periodically to squeeze them as if to hold in the heat.  I loved the feel of your jean clad legs rubbing against my sides every time you moved; the friction of it increasing the stimulation of each and every swat or squeeze.

Again and again your hands fell, raising the heat in my ass and also increasing my need. Each swat sending a jolt through my needy clit. Then once again you were kneading my ass pulling my tender cheeks apart then pressing them tightly together, stretching my aching sheath with every motion.

“Please,” I panted.

You chuckled, and I shivered as I felt one of your long fingers glide between my spread bottom cheeks, ghosting over the rosebud of my ass and then sliding into the slick heat waiting for you below.

“Oooh,” I cried as your finger circled my empty channel teasingly, not able to keep myself from bucking my hips back slightly in an effort to catch the maddening finger deep inside me.

You laughed as you pulled your finger completely away and slapped your hand down once more on my already aching bottom. “Naughty girl, I decide when and if that greedy little slit gets filled. Not you.”

“I’m sorreee!” I cried as your hand slapped down over and over again on the tender skin where my bottom and thighs met, my position pulling it taunt for your attention.

A soft sniffle escaped me as you continued to belabor my sit spots and just when I thought I could take no more you suddenly speared my hungry sheath with two fingers.

My back bowed as I cried out in shocked pleasure, your other hand continued to spank me as your fingers pumped in and out of me in a relentless rhythm. “I want you to cum for me just like this, with my fingers deep inside you while I’m spanking your naughty bottom.”

“Yes sir,” I groaned as your fingers rubbed against that magical place deep inside me as your hand fell harder and harder each swat seeming to reverberate straight through my swollen clit.

“Cum now!” you commanded and I exploded around your fingers crying out my ecstasy  helplessly as you continued to work your fingers in and out to wring every ounce of pleasure from me.

The orgasm hadn’t even faded before my world spun as you lifted me and turned me in your arms to impale me on your waiting cock.

I wasn’t even sure when you’d had the chance to free it from your jeans but you were filling me without mercy hard hands gripping the sore cheeks of my ass and pulling me down to take you to the hilt.

The feel of your bunched jeans tickling the lips of my sex with every inward thrust; the hands gripping my ass pulling the cheeks apart every time you slammed inside me and squeezing them together when you lifted me up causing me to squeeze your cock even tighter increasing the pleasure for both of us.

There was no doubt who was in control even though I was on top, you moved me how you needed me until we were both shouting out in hoarse cries of rapture as I felt the spurt of your hot seed on my spasming inner walls.

I collapsed against you with one last sobbing cry of pleasure as our lips met, our tongues tangling and rubbing against each other as we came down from the intensity of our joining.

You released my mouth and smiled into my eyes, “There’s my good girl.”

I sighed in contentment as I relaxed against you, loving the feel of you still inside me as I basked in the glow of our love.


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