Spanked by the boss on free story Friday!

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It’s free story Friday! Happy reading! ~Mo

Sadie and the Boss

Sadie walked along the dark street with her shoulders huddled wishing for all she was worth she’d followed her mother’s advice. Always keep cab fare in your purse when going on a date.


Now she was walking home at ten o’clock at night, hoping she made it home without incident. At the very least she should have met the man at the restaurant rather than letting him pick her up.


He’d seemed so nice when she met him in the over forty chatroom, they’d talked for a month before she’d agreed to meet him for dinner. Sadie had thought Matt was a nice man with similar interests.


It turned out Matt’s main interest had been feeling her up while tossing back shots of tequila.


He was so drunk by the time they finished dinner Sadie had known she could never get in a car with him; besides the fact that he clearly expected her to pay for her dinner by sleeping with him.


The scene outside the restaurant had been horrendous. “What do you mean you aren’t coming home with me?”


“I’m sorry Matt, you’re too drunk to drive,” she’d said softly.


“I’m fine little Miss Sobriety and I shelled out $50 on dinner so I expect to be compensated,” he’d said with a leer.


Sadie had snorted in disgust, “I believe most of that $50 was spent on cheap tequila because my soup and salad were the cheapest things on the menu.”


He’d ranted and raved about her come-ons and promises just to get a free dinner until she’d simply turned and began to walk in the direction of her apartment at least two miles away.


She hadn’t gotten far before he pulled up next to her to hurl obsenties out his window then took off with a squeal of tires; a spray of gravel barely missing her.


Shaking her head at her own foolishness Sadie was lost in her thoughts when a car pulled up next to her, “Sadie?”


She blinked and looked over to see Luke Rawlins leaning over the passenger seat of his car. He was one of the Lawyers in the firm she worked for as a receptionist.


“Mr. Rawlins,” she said in surprise as she stopped next to his car, more than a little mortified to be discovered in such an embarrassing predicament.


He opened the car door, “Get in.”


“I don’t want to put you to any trouble…” she began only to be interrupted.


“Sadie get in the car,” he said command implicit in his tone and a dark brow raised in expectation.


Not wanting to argue, especially with one of her bosses Sadie climbed into the car with a sigh. “Thank you.”


“What in the hell are you doing walking along the side of the road at this time of night?” he asked, not moving to put the car back in gear.


“It was a bad date, I don’t really want to talk about it,” Sadie said primly, staring down at her lap.


A firm finger caught her under the chin and turned her face up to his, “I don’t really care if you want to talk about it or not young lady. I need to understand how you came to be walking down the road at this time of night.” Mr. Rawlins said in a tone that brooked no room for argument.


Sadie felt her face flush, “I met him online and he seemed so nice but then he started drinking tequila almost immediately after we got to the restaurant and then he kept trying to feel me up…so I refused to get in the car with him after we finished dinner.”


He stared down at her in a disapproving silence for the space of a few heartbeats after her rushed confession. Sadie couldn’t help fidgeting in her seat as she studied her stern features, something about the way he was looking down at her made her distinctly nervous.


It didn’t help that Luke Rawlins was single and one of the most attractive men she’d ever met. Not that it mattered, he was her boss and would never look at her that way but being the focus of such intense attention from him was surreal to say the least.


“You mean to tell me that you met a total stranger for dinner?” he asked incredulously.


“Not exactly,” Sadie hedged, suddenly not feeling it would be wise to share she’d actually given said total stranger her address and let him pick her up.


“Then what exactly?” he asked, in a tone that made it clear he expected an answer to the question.


“He picked me up at my apartment,” she said in almost a whisper.


“He knows where you live?” Mr. Rawlins roared.


“Mr. Rawlins it’s okay, I talked with him for a while before I met him and even though he was a terrible bore I’m sure I won’t see him again,” Sadie said in an effort to reassure him.


“I think you might as well call me Luke, Sadie. After this evening there will be no place for formality between us,” Luke said quietly as he seemed to come to a decision. “Fasten your seat belt please.”


Sadie fastened her seatbelt then looked over at him with a small frown, “I’m not sure how giving me a ride home takes away the need for formality, Mr. Rawlins.”


“Luke, it isn’t the ride home Sadie. It’s the fact that I plan to spend the night on your couch to make sure you’re safe after I put you to bed with a very sore bottom.” He said matter of factly.


Her bottom tingled in response to his words but he couldn’t possibly mean it the way it sounded…could he? “Why would I have a sore bottom?”


Luke shot her sideways look, “I think you know very well what I meant but I’ll be clear. Sadie when we get to your apartment I plan to take you over my knees, pull down your panties and spank your bare bottom for taking such a foolish risk.”


“I…oh…I,” the words seemed to catch in her throat and only managed to squeak out a few words.


“Exactly,” Luke said succinctly.


Her face flushed, as she pictured being over his strong thighs a little pulse coming to life between her own.  Sadie squirmed in her seat as her bottom reflexively clenched.


Luke parked in front of her building then walked around to her side of the car opening her door and holding a hand out. She took a deep breath and placed her hand in his without a word and walked with him to her apartment hand in hand.


At the door she looked up at him hesitiantly, unsure how to proceed. Was there a protocol involved in having your bottom spanked?


He arched a brow and held out his hand, “Key.”


Sadie opened her purse and quickly pulled out her keys placing them in his outstretched hand. It was a very large hand and she found herself staring at it…picturing how it would feel slapping down on her bare backside and she shivered.


Luke closed and locked the door after them and Sadie stood hovering around the door while he sat down in the center of her sofa and looked at her pointedly.


“Come here Sadie,” he commanded succinctly.


“I…um….maybe we should discuss this…” she hedged suddenly anxious about the idea which had a few minutes ago been so intriguing.


“Sadie,” the way he said her name in that dark voice propelled her feet forward of almost their own volition. Luke placed his hands on her hips and pulled her to stand between his legs. “Why are we here?”


Sadie frowned, “Because I live here?”


Luke smiled, “Let me rephrase, why am I about to put your over my knee and spank your bare bottom?”


She swallowed hard as she stared down into his intense gaze, “Because I met a man from the internet?”


“I suppose that will do to start,” he said as he caught her by the arm and pulled her face down over his hard thighs. Not knowing what else to do, Sadie buried her face in her hands as his lifted her skirt to reveal her big white granny panties.


She wanted to die when she heard his low chuckle.


“I’m glad to know you weren’t planning on letting him into your apartment this evening,” Lucas said as he slowly peeled the panties from her hips and brought them to rest half-way down her thighs.


Trying to ignore the fact that Luke Rawlins was staring down at her bare bottom…her extremely large bare bottom…Sadie lifted her face from her hands long enough to ask, “How do you know I wasn’t going to have him in?”


“These aren’t the panties a woman wears to go out with a man she plans to sleep with Sadie,” he drawled with confidence. “They definitely won’t be the panties I find under your skirts when I come to pick you up for dinner.”


The dark promise underlying his last words made her shiver. “I…ohh…”


“Yes, I…ohhh…and so much more,” Luke said as his lifted the big warm hand that had been lightly caressing her bare flesh making her feel a little bereft for a moment.  The momentary sadness ended when it came crashing back down on her poor defenseless bottom.


“Ohh…Luke! That hurt!” Sadie protested.


“I intended for it to hurt young lady…we’re just getting started,” Luke informed her as his hand fell again and again in a quick succession of swats that left her gasping as she writhed over his knees.


“Ohhooo…please!” she whimpered, as his hand continued to fall in rhythm to music only he could hear. Soon she couldn’t stop herself from trying to twist her hips in an effort to escape his punishing palm.


Then he tilted her further over his knee, and paid special attention to the area where her bottom met her thighs. In no time at all she fell limply over his thighs crying quietly into her hands.


Sadie didn’t even notice at first the spanking had stopped, her bottom was stinging so badly.


“Will we need to have this discussion again?” he asked her as his big hand rubbed over her sore bottom.


“No sir,” she assured him hurriedly.


“I think you would prefer not to put these back on,” Luke said as he pulled her panties down her legs and off.


“I…ummm…er…” she stammered as he lifted her to sit on his lap.


Luke grinned down at her, “I…ummmm…er?”


Sadie blushed and squirmed shocked at the way the fabric of his pants felt rubbing across the hot flesh of her bottom and the sudden rush of moisture between her thighs.


He caught her face by the chin and leaned down to press a kiss to her lips, with a sigh she leaned into him and opened to accept the bold thrust of his tongue.  Luke kissed her thoroughly before pulling back and rubbing his thumb across her swollen lower lip.


“Think on that Sadie girl,” he said softly before he stood with her in his arms and carried her into her bedroom setting her on the bed. “Where is your night gown?”


Sadie swallowed hard and pointed to the top drawer of her bureau. Luke opened the drawer and pulled out a comfortable pink cotton gown. “Do you need help?” he asked as he handed it to her.


She shook her head watching him with wide wary eyes.


“Don’t worry baby girl, I don’t bite on the first date.” Luke said with a grin. “You get your gown on and go to the bathroom and I’ll be back to tuck you in.”


Bemusedly, Sadie got ready for bed, thinking that it was interesting that there was no ready protest on her lips. She wanted him here, even though her poor bottom was throbbing and she was sure she would feel that spanking every time she sat tomorrow, Sadie was at peace.


True to his word the minute she was out of the restroom, Luke was back and tucking her into bed with a soft kiss to her forehead. “Sleep well, I’ll be out here making sure you’re safe from your ill advised date.”


“I’m sorry,” she said softly.


“All’s forgiven, I just want to make sure he doesn’t come back. Tomorrow I’m going to move you to a different department. You can work for Billing’s as a personal assistant, I’m pretty sure his is out on maternity leave. When she comes back, we’ll figure something else out.” Luke told her.


Sadie sat back up in bed, “Why do I have to move jobs?”


“Because I can’t have my girl reporting directly to me,” he said matter of factly.


“Your girl?” she asked, as her heart leapt in her chest.


“Absolutely!” Luke said firmly. “No more computer dates for you young lady!”


“Yes sir,” Sadie said with a smile before snuggling happily back under her covers.


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