Her need is answered on free Friday

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I hope you have a wonderful Friday and a Happy 4th!! Happy reading! ~Mo
She ached…she needed to be filled by him so badly.  She was on the floor with her chest pressed to the floor her bottom arched high, looking over her shoulder at him beseechingly, “Please…I need you…”

A sharp slap landed on her upturned bottom making her gasp as it seemed to jolt her all the way to her needy core. Another slap landed and soon the only sounds in the room where the sounds of flesh clapping off flesh and her breathy moans.

By the time he stopped her bottom was filled with enough heat and her clit was throbbing in urgent demand.

His hands gripped the sore globes of her ass and spread her wide then he slammed inside her without warning, giving her tender inner muscles no time to adjust to his masterful invasion.

The pleasure pain of their joining sent her catapulting into an orgasm. He gave her no quarter driving in and out of in a pounding rhythm driving her from one pinnacle to another with no respite as he rode her hard.

Her body was consumed…overwhelmed with pleasure so intense it was almost painful. “I can’t…” she cried as he drove towards yet another peak.

“You can…you will,” he commanded and she shattered around him once more, her body clamping down on him like a vice and squeezing as if to milk his seed from him by force.

This time he followed her into the vortex with a rough shout.

She shuddered as she felt the hot splash of his seed on her sensitive inner walls. He collapsed on top of her, his big body wrapping around hers and sheltering her.

She smiled as she relaxed into him, loosing herself in the peace of his embrace.

Now I have an excerpt from Under Leo’s Hands coming soon from me and Jack Crosby, be sure to watch the video trailer!!!
Excerpt from His Hands, by Mona Hyatt:
His tongue rimmed her aching core, lapping lightly just at the opening and driving her insane.
“Pleaaseeee…” she cried, her hips undulating desperately seeking relief.
“Who controls your orgasms?” he asked firmly as he delivered a hard swat to her spread nether lips, his fingers just catching the edge of her clit.
Her back bowed and she yelped as esquisite pain bloomed into pleasure and shot her right over the edge of the cliff.
That was almost as hot as my scene yesterday with Gregor, I thought with a grin; trying to ignore the little pulse in my clit that had sprung to life with just the memory.
I wondered idly if anyone was on-line to play with, obviously I needed to write but I did it so much better fresh off an orgasm.
With a sigh I pulled up facebook and grinned when I saw the little green light indicating Tom was online. Tom wasn’t as heavy into D/s but he was usually good for a spanking and then an orgasm with or without assistance.
Mona216: “Hola”
Tom: “Well if it isn’t my favorite naughty girl.”
Mona216: “Hahaha”
Tom: “Shouldn’t you be writing young lady?”
My bottom began to tingle deliciously with those words.
Mona216: “I suppose…but I wasn’t really in the mood…”
Tom: “Naughty and lazy today are we?”
Mona216: “Hmmpf”
Tom: “Is that an appropriate way to speak to me young lady?”
Mona216: “You’re being such a fuddy duddy.”
Tom: “That’s more than enough! Go get your big wooden hairbrush, the one with the long thick handle.”
My girl parts wanted to do a happy dance, it wasn’t real dominance. The man was far to easy to manipulate but when needs must. I grinned and hurried to my bedroom to fetch the requested brush. One night I’d taken pictures of all my brushes so I knew exactly which one he was talking about.
I hurried back to the computer, eager to see what his next instructions were.
Mona216: “I have my brush sir.”
Tom: “Now that’s more like it. Good girl. I want you to pull your pants and panties down to your knees and bend over the desk, keep one hand on the keyboard.”
The perks of being a self-employed writer, I thought as I pulled my pajama bottoms to my knees baring my bottom to the room as I bent over the desk as instructed. I kept one hand on the keyboard and the other wrapped around the brush handle.
Mona216: “Ready sir.”
Tom: “I want ten hard swats in the exact same spot on your right sit spot.”
Mona216: “Yes sir.” I told him just before I brought the brush down on my right sit spot with a loud splat that made me hiss. I didn’t hesistate and laid nine more down in the exact same spot leaving the whole area stinging painfully.
Tom: “Again.”
Mona216: “In the same spot?”
Tom: “Yes and make it twenty for asking a question you knew the answer to.”
Mona216: “Yes sir.”
I grimaced and delivered twenty more swats as hard as I could to the exact same spot making myself actually yip a little by the time I finished the last swat. My right ass cheek was on fire.
Tom: “Give the left side the same thirty.”
I did as instructed and then reported back to my on-line disciplinarian. I was hoping the spanking part was done but my hopes were in vain. By the time my spanking was over Tom had instructed me to give about one hundred additional swats to each side leaving my bottom feeling like I’d sat on a hot stove and perilously close to real tears.
I knew I’d feel this directed self spanking every time I sat for the next three days.
Tom: “Are you ready to be a good girl again?”
Mona216: “Yes sir…please I promise I’ll be good.”
Tom: “Sit that hot little ass down on your chair and spread your legs.”
Watch the book trailer for Under Leo’s Hands (Working title) coming soon to an Amazon near you!
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