A steamy excerpt for WIP it up Wednesday!

It’s WIP it up Wednesday! I’m sharing a spicy excerpt from the erotic thriller I’m writing with Jack Crosby.

There’s a serial killer stalking FB BDSM groups and he’s got his eye on erotic author, Mona Hyatt. Can FBI agent Leo Jackson save her?

Do you know who you’re talking to?



“How would you know what I need?” I asked, starting to get a little irritated that my attempt to seduce him had failed so utterly.
“I know because every word you have ever written, from your books to your chat logs cries out to me and begs me to give it to you. You need my discipline and my control…my dominance like you need your next breath. You don’t want to conquer, you want to be conquered and taken beyond anything you can imagine. Finish your coffee.” He commanded and I found myself complying.
We left the coffee shop and started back torwards my apartment, I gasped when he grabbed me firmly as we came to the alley and pulled me back into its murky depths. Before I could even ask what he was doing my back was against the alley wall and his mouth was devouring mine.
He didn’t politely ask, he took and I opened to him like a flower to the sun and gave him everything. His tongue drove deeply into my mouth as hard hands caught my under my thighs and lifted so I wrapped my legs around his waist as he staked his claim.
My skirt was soon rucked up around my waist and my panties ripped free from my body as he ground against me in time with his tongue thrusting in and out of my mouth. The rough feel of the bricks against my lower back only drove my excitement higher and when his hands came up between us to cup my breasts and tweaked my nipples hard I nearly came.
Suddenly I was back on my own feet with my skirt smoothed down my legs, “Leo?” I asked, shaking with the need to come and confused by his withdrawl.
“Like I told you inside the coffee shop Mona, you are not in control. I control your pleasure and naughty little girls do not get to come. I’ve been far to lenient with you.” He said firmly.
I was shocked, standing here once again in the alley I’d so recently pleasured myself in with no panties and wetness dripping down my inner thighs. I shuddered in response to his words.
“Go ahead and ask Mona, I know you want to.” Leo said with a little grin.
“Wh…what do naughty girls get?” I asked almost breathlessly.
He leaned in until his lips were pressed against my ear, “Naughty girls lose their rights to painties and they get their bottoms spanked until they promise to be good then do you know what happens?”
“What?” I asked on a gasp as his teeth closed over my ear lobe in a sharp nip.
“Then you’re going to thank me for your spanking and suck my cock like a good little girl before I put you to bed with a body throbbing for my possession.”
“But Leo I need to come!” I protested.
He turned to lead me back out of the alley with a well placed swat, “Then you better earn it. Good girls get to come.”



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3 thoughts on “A steamy excerpt for WIP it up Wednesday!”

  1. Oh, Morganna! You need to add a warning sign the next time you join #WipItUpWednesday! That snippet was HOTTTT!!!!


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