A sweet spanking story for free Friday

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TGIF! Happy reading! ~Mo

Staking his Claim

It was spring break with both she and Barrett were home from their respective schools. Suddenly her best friend was looking at her in a way that made her tummy flip.

Beth didn’t quite know what to think, she’d always been able to go to Barrett with everything from problems with her parents to crushes on boys. Other girls had asked her how she could be such good friends with a boy, how could he possibly understand anything…Beth had simply smiled and told them Barrett understood everything.

They’d been thick as thieves since the moment they met on the playground in first grade; supporting each other through skinned knees, divorce, loss of a parent and the heartbreak of first love.

She hadn’t seen him since the September after high school when they’d hugged goodbye before driving in opposite directions to school, him to LSU and her to Baylor. Though they’d talked every few weeks or so, Beth had missed him so bad sometimes she didn’t think she’d be able to take another breath but when their eyes met again after the long absence everything changed in the space of a heartbeat.

The boy she’d once been able to come to with all her problems had grown into a man when she wasn’t looking and the words that had always come so easily with him now died before they could be born.

She flushed and looked down at her ratty Chucks, slowly rubbing the toe of one shoe over the other.

“Bethy,” he stood so close his words actually stirred the hair next to her ear sending a shiver coursing down her spine.

“Barrett,” a breathy squeak was all she could manage. Beth was horrified he’d hear the rapid beating of her heart.

“I’ve missed you,” Barrett told her, his deeper voice rolling over her like a caress. She swallowed and dared to glance up and meet his gaze.

The knowing look in his eyes stole her breath, she felt completely out of her depth. “I…I think I’ll get a drink.” She said in a rush before making her escape determined to avoid him for the rest of the night, the party they’d agreed to meet up at was in full swing surely with so many people around to act as a buffer she would be successful.

Her plans seemed to be working out well until someone suggested a game of spin the bottle. The harmless little game they’d played in junior high, but instead of two minutes in the closet the spinner would make out with whomever the bottle landed on.

They called it a get reacquainted game for adults.

Determined to prove to herself tonight was just an aberration and tomorrow she and Barrett would be back to normal, Bethy stepped forward to spin the bottle.

“Bethy, don’t you dare spin that bottle.” Barrett’s stern voice spoke from across the table.

Her eyes met his and she lifted her chin with a hint of defiance as she leaned forward to spin the empty glass coke bottle. She gasped when a strong male hand reached out and halted it so it pointed straight at Barrett.

“That’s cheating!” Susie Ross exclaimed, frowning up at Barrett.

“All’s fair in love and war,” He said unrepentantly as he made his way around the table to where Beth stood with her mouth hanging open.

By the time he was in front of her she found her voice putting her hands on her hips to glare up at him, “You can’t do that Barrett Jeffers!”

“Really?” Barrett asked curiously. “I think I just did.”

“You!” was all she managed before she found herself upended over his right shoulder and staring down at his broad back.

“Yes me and only me,” he said firmly as he carried her out of the room to the amusement of their friends and straight out the front door.

“Barrett! Put me down!” Beth yelled giving the taunt backside in her line a vision a pinch, only to yelp when Barrett delivered a hard swat to her own bottom in retaliation.

“Behave Bethy,” he admonished as he proceeded to carry her down the street as if he didn’t have a care in the world.

She gaped at his very nice ass as she absorbed the fact that she had no idea how to handle this new Barrett…this man but he clearly knew how to handle her. Beth squirmed on his shoulder as she tried to ignore how wet her panties were…wet because of Barrett and his stern demeanor.

“Put me down Barrett,” she said a little more softly this time.

“I told you not to spin that bottle Bethy,” he told her and she could hear the amusement in his voice.

Beth felt a stirring of irritation, “You are not the boss of me.”

“I intend to be,” Barrett’s response stirred the colony of butterflies that had taken up residence in her belly at her first sight of him this evening into a frenzy of activity.

He carried her into the gazebo in his grandmother’s gardens; they’d played here as children enjoying the way the honeysuckle and gardenia bushes shielded it like a private fairyland made just for them.

Now when he sat her on her feet before him with the scent of honeysuckle and gardenia filling the night with their fragrance and surrounding them in a rich bower of privacy she was at a loss.

“Where is my best friend?” Beth asked with a slight hitch in her voice, suddenly unsure of where they were going.

“I’m still here Bethy, but I’m also the man that loves you…the man that has always loved you. I’ve just been waiting for you to see me.” He said holding her eyes with his serious gaze.

Her breath caught in her throat and she found herself lifting her hand to shakily touch his cheek, “I see you.”

Barrett smiled then leaned down to claim her lips with his own, at first his mouth was light on hers then he delved more deeply, his tongue sliding inside to duel with hers. By the time he let her up for air her legs were shaking and she was pretty sure her arousal had soaked through her jeans.

“Now that we have that settled, I’d like to discuss a few other important topics,” he told her as he led her over to one of the benches but instead of sitting down with her as she’d imagined Barrett sat then pulled her face down over his thighs.

“Barrett?” she asked in alarm.

“Bethy,” he responded just before his hard hand clapped off her upturned bottom.

“Owww!” she cried as his hand fell again and again filling her jean covered seat with a heat that continued to grow.

“I can’t believe you tried to play spin the bottle,” Barrett said, outrage filling his voice.

“I…oow….oooh…I didn’t know…” she cried.

“You knew,” he said as his hand continued to fall even harder and faster until she was kicking her feet and bucking her hips in an effort to escape.

“I’m sorreee Barrett! I’m sorreee!” Beth wailed.

“Have I made my point effectively?” he asked with a firm hand resting on her hot sore bottom.

“Yes,” she said with a little sniff.

“Good,” Barrett said as he lifted her to straddle his thighs and cupped her tear stained face. “Because there will be no one for you but me Bethy and no one for me but you.”

A slow smiled spread across her face as he leaned down to kiss her once more, “Yes Sir.”


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