Two Tigers meet on free Friday

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Hello everyone! May you have a wonderful and restful weekend. Happy reading! ~Mo


Taryn held her breath to prevent herself from growling at Logan, the Alpha of the local wolf pack to whom she’d sworn allegiance. As a Tigress without a pride or family, Logan had insisted she pledge fealty his pack when she’d moved into his territory.

She’d balked but he’d insisted, “It is not safe for a female shifter without a pride or pack to protect her. I will not have it.”

Her back had just almost bowed at the dominance in his voice, Logan was a strong Alpha male but she bowed to no male.

In the end she’d acquiesced because she’d been able to see the wisdom in his request. Logan had also seen her as a strong asset to his pack and allowed her to join his enforcers.

He shook his head once more as if she were an enigma, “I still find myself amazed at your ability to shift Taryn.” Logan told her.

She sighed; they’d been through this many times. “I’ve told you before Logan, all females have the ability to shift, most just don’t have the ability to embrace the beast that lies within. Their animals sleep, it will not be an easy task to awaken them but it can be done.”

Taryn was weary of this conversation and the fact that Logan clearly did not believe her, despite the proof before his eyes of Taryn herself. He preferred to think she was an aberration rather than believe all females could learn to shift.

Taryn had simply been raised by an old Indian shifter who’d taken her in after her parents were killed by hunters. She’d only been three and the old man; a coyote breed had taken her in and raised her as his own.

Ogden had treated her as he would any cub male or female and began teaching her to embrace her inner beast and learn to shift from the very beginning. Taryn hadn’t even realized most female breeds believed they couldn’t shift until the old man died when she was seventeen and she was on her own.

She’d traveled with a backpack and come in contact with other breeds for the first time. The things she’d learned had shocked her, the women were so subservient to their men it made her uncomfortable.

Taryn was never in one place long, especially when there were shifter communities, she refused to bow and scrape to the males so they didn’t want her to stay. All assumed she couldn’t shift and Taryn often didn’t tell them different. Knowledge was power.

Logan and his pack were different, she’d trusted them from the first smelling the integrity on them, which was why his next words shocked her to her core.
“I’ve invited a Tiger shifter into our community,” he told her as he studied her reaction carefully.

Her hackles raised and she hissed with an arch of her back as she stalked around the room, “Why?”

“Because you are a Tigress in need of mate,” Logan told her with no little exasperation. “The Tiger breed is all but extinct Taryn; you must renew your line. It is imperative to all of our people.”

“I need no mate!” she growled at the stubborn Alpha, her bright blue eyes snapping with anger.

“You do! You’re in heat even now and my men are at a loss; they would try but all fear being disemboweled.” He told her ruefully.

Hearing the wolf males feared her mollified her slightly, “As they should.”

A dark, rich chuckle as a large man entered the room, “Wolves cannot handle a Tigress.” The man said matter of factly.

Taryn spun to face the man with another hiss, baring her fangs. “No male can handle a Tigress!”

A feral smile crossed his face as stalked towards her, his green eyes glowing with purpose. “Not so my little cat, a Tiger can always tame his Tigress.”

A yowl of outrage escaped her as her cat stretched within her in a bid for freedom, fangs slid forward and her fingers itched as claws replaced her neatly manicured finger nails. “I’m not your little cat or your Tigress.” Taryn told him, her voice little more than a growl.

The man looked at Logan, “You were right she’s magnificent!”

Something about this big male made her nervous and her cat was wary so she was also pissed. She wasn’t accustomed to this unsure feeling so she refused to give in to it.
“Do not speak about me as if I were not here.” She said in outrage.

A low rumbling growl escaped the Tiger’s throat, rolling around her like an invisible caress that made her want to yowl in response. Instead she gave into the fear that was growing inside her, changing to her cat and leaping from the study window with another hiss of displeasure at the men.

Both men watched as the beautiful white tigress made her escape.

“Well?” Logan asked the Tiger. “Liam?”

Liam inhaled deeply breathing in the scent a combination of cat, woman, fear, anger and sweet feminine heat. A rumbling sound escaped him as he began to strip off his clothes.
Logan blinked when he realized he was hearing a purr.

“I will never be able to thank you enough my friend,” Liam said with a toothy grin. “She is mine. My Tigress…my mate,” he said the words almost reverently before his shifted and a huge Bengal Tiger stood in his place.

The Tiger gave him one soft chuff that almost sounded like laughter before he leapt out the window after his Tigress.


Taryn ran landed smoothly before turning her sleek body towards the forest and taking off at a run. In her animal form she could speed through the trees her feline body skirting around the trunks with grace as she ran.

She gave a low his when she heard the chuffing of the male entering the forest behind her, fighting her own instinct to yowl back in a combination of invitation and challenge. She growled softly instead leaping onto a low hanging branch and climbing high above the ground until she found a broad branch to lie across and hide.

Part of her wanted to greet the interloper of her territory in fierce battle but the wiser part of her recognized the male tiger would be larger and stronger than she and the risk was too great.

Not that Taryn believe the big male cat would hurt her, but he would mate her and once that happened she was trapped; bound to man and beast for the rest of her life.

He was below her, calling out to her with a yowl of impatience. She pulled her large frame as tight into the tree as possible wishing not for the first time that she had the more subdued tones of a Bengal rather than the bright white and black of her stripes. The white did not blend well against trees or leaves; why hadn’t she picked a snowy territory to settle?

Suddenly the Bengal shifted and instead it was a large naked man staring up at her with impatient green eyes. “Come down here little cat.”

Taryn narrowed her eyes and hissed.

“Are you afraid?” he asked in a taunting voice.

A growl was the only warning he got before she launched herself from the tree straight on top of the man.

He laughed, wrapping both arms around her body and twisting as he changed beneath her until it was the large male tiger she wrestled. Taryn hissed and clawed at the male trying to force her into submission.

He growled back his mouth closing warningly over her throat. Taryn froze, unsure if he would rip out her throat. She wanted to fight and claw his belly but the female cat; her beast was ready to flip to her belly and lift tail for the male cat, the yowl of female need that warbled out of her mouth was embarrassing.

While Taryn and her cat were one she often fought the instincts that urged her to submit to strong males. She couldn’t allow herself to be lorded over by the males in the shifter world; they were stifling in their efforts to protect females.

She neither needed nor wanted protection.

He shifted above her, “Shift little cat. Submit to your mate.”

Taryn shifted and immediately punched him as hard as she could. The big males head went back and he grunted but he stayed where he was straddling her nude body.

He laughed, his greens eyes sparkling with good humor, “Naughty little cat now I will have to punish you.”

“You wouldn’t dare!” she hissed.

In response he simply sat up bringing her with him as he sat with his back against the tree and tossed her across his naked thighs.

Taryn’s eyes widened in alarm as her hands were caught in one big hand in the small of her back and one heavy thigh came down over hers to pin her in place. “You can’t do this!” she wailed in outrage as his large palm came down hard on her upturned bottom showing her indeed he could.

“Naughty little mates end up with sore little bottoms,” he told her matter of factly as his hand landed again and again in barrage of swats that left her gasping.

“Bastard!” she screamed, his hand began to fall even harder.

“Tsk…tsk, it seems my little cat is looking for a sore backside inside out,” making her gasp as his fingers slid effortlessly between her bottom cheeks and she felt the tip of one broad finger pressing against the shy little rosebud of her ass.

“What are you doing?” Taryn asked in horror.

“Teaching you what happens when you call your mate names little cat, you may call me Master…or Liam,” Liam told her as his finger breached her ass even as her muscles tried to keep him out.

“Ooooh,” she cried out as his finger began to work in and out of her ass punishing her and yet there was pleasure beginning to intermingle with the pain. Taryn closed her eyes at the moisture beginning to gather between her thighs.

She panted as he released her wrists and his hand slipped beneath her body and his fingers found her throbbing clit.

“You will come for me Taryn,” he commanded as his finger continued to move in and out of her ass as his other fingers worked her needy clit.

“Nooo…I…ooooohoooooo,” she cried, her body spasming as a long finger slipped deep inside her wet sheath and his fingers began to work in tandem bringing her quickly to a shattering climax that left her whimpering across his lap.

Liam lifted her to her knees and pressed her chest to the ground as he moved behind her, her ass was sore both inside and out just as he promised and her insides quivered with liquid heat and need.

She no longer cared that she was submitting to this male, she needed to feel him deep inside of her, she craved him more than her next breath. Taryn spread her legs in invitation as she looked at him over her shoulder, “Please.”

His hands came down to palm her sore ass cheeks and spread her wide as he came down over her, she shuddered when she felt the broad head of his cock pressing against her weeping slit.

As he pressed inside taking her to the hilt with one hard thrust they both groaned. The feel of his thick cock stretching her tender unused muscles without mercy was a mixture of pleasure pain that was almost too sweet to be born.

He began to pump in and out of her hard as his lips made their way up her spine, “Do you like the feel of my hard cock stretching you open and making you take me as I please little cat?”

“Yes!!” she cried all thoughts of pride and refusing him gone in the haze of her need.

Liam’s arms snaked around her and lifted her against his chest as she cried out with each hard thrust. One hand cupped her breast tweaking the hard nipple as his other hand slipped between her wet thighs and catching her clit between two fingers.

Taryn’s head began to thrash against his chest, “Please…more…harder…deeper,” she begged.
“With pleasure mate,” he told her as his teeth closed over her shoulder sinking deep as he took her hard giving her everything as he shafted in and out of her tight sheath relentlessly. Each thrust of his cock pressing against her clit and forcing it back across the fingers riding it until with a screamed her body locked down on his milking his cock as if she would wring ever last bit of seed from his body.

Liam gave a hoarse shout of pleasure as he emptied into her then began to lap as the bite on her shoulder as if too sooth the little injury. Taryn came again as he pulled free of her body turning her to face him as he laid them both in a bed of grass and curled around her.

Taryn gave a sigh of surrender as she sank into the welcoming heat of her mate’s body, sheltering her from the cold.

His rumbling purr vibrated against her neck and filled her senses, a soft raspy purr rose from her own chest the sounds seeming to twine together as the mated pair slept.


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