Steamy spanking and forced orgasms on free Friday


Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Happy reading! ~Mo


A breathless sigh escaped her lips as she waited.

She was bound hanging suspended above the floor, her legs spread wide and attached over her head leaving her open and vulnerable to anything he wanted to do…her arms were secured on either side of her head. A silken blindfold covered her eyes seeming to make ever moment stretch into eternity as she waited for his touch.

Relaxing into the complex weave of ropes supporting her weight, she felt light as air…almost weightless as she hung securely in the web of ropes he’d woven as expertly as any spider.

Was that a touch?

She shivered as another fleeting caress slide over her right nipple almost as light as air, but this time she knew it was him…he was toying with her…making her want to beg for the feel of his hand on her skin.

One finger slid down her chest between her quivering breasts and over her softly rounded belly, then lifted away as her body strained to follow. The ropes beneath her began to move slightly as if echoing the need of her body.

She gasped when he caught a nipple between the thumb and forefingers of each hand and pinched. The delicious pain sending a jolt of electricity all the way to her clit and causing a trickle of moisture to drip down her inner thigh; she whined when he released her and backed away once more.

Her need was almost palpable…the sweet ache almost more than she could bear, “Please…” she whispered.

Firm hands caught the lips of her labia and spread her impossibly wide, stretching the skin exquisitely…her clit standing at attention the opening to her core taunt and sensitive. Hot air wafted across her and sent a shudder of longing through her a moment before his tongue began to play at her entrance.

The way his hands held her open seemed to magnify ever sensation, his tongue slipping barely inside of her before retreating once more teasing her until she felt almost mindless. “Yes!” she groaned with pleasure when his tongue suddenly plunged deep giving her the pressure she craved only to withdraw and leave her wanting even more.

“Noo!” she wailed in disappointment when his hands left her completely, her body felt cold and bereft as she shivered in her need.

“Owwww!” she yelped when his hand slapped the under curve of her bottom, exposed perfectly by the way she was bound. Again and again his hand fell in a rhythmic pattern only he understood as he covered every inch of her backside.
Every stroke of his hand on her rapidly heating flesh making the fire of her hunger burn ever brighter until she felt like she became lust personified. Every nerve in her body awakened and crying out with longing for his touch…his possession; echoing the emptiness that seemed to be amplified in her core as her body spasmed and clenched around nothing.

When she felt the head of his cock being fitted to her body she almost wept with relief, his hands gripping the ropes holding her suspended he jerked her body onto his, impaling her to the hilt.

The orgasm that washed over her caught her by surprise as it swept through her body like a tsunami of pleasure, leaving her gasping for air as she shuddered helplessly while he continued to hammer in and out of her…allowing no quarter.

He took her without mercy…demanding her response as he drove her from one pinnacle of pleasure to another without respite. The orgasms seemed to bleed together until she was simply floating in a sea of unending pleasure that was almost painful in its intensity.

“I can’t!” she wailed desperately when he caught her beneath her shoulders and ground high inside her against a hidden spot sent her impossibly higher.

“You can…you will…you will give it to me because it belongs to me!” he commanded darkly and she shattered into a million fragmented pieces as her world imploded in a maelstrom of carnal pleasure.

“Good girl,” he said against her neck as he stiffened above her and filled her with his seed, the heat of it bathing her inner walls as her body continued to spasm around him, milking his cock as if to ensure not a drop was wasted.

He kissed her deeply his tongue tangling sweetly with her as she shivered in the aftermath of the storm he had wrought upon her senses. He gathered her in his arms after releasing her bonds, holding her close as he carried her to their bed and wrapped himself around her.

She gave another soft sigh as her body sank into his…replete and satiated…complete.


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