A remote punishment on a very late free Friday


Heartbeat to Heartbeat

“Have you been a naughty girl?” I shiver as your voice comes across the phone line and its as if I feel it whispering across the sensitive skin behind my ear.

“Yes sir,” I whisper, afraid if I speak to loudly the moment will be lost. “I’ve been very naughty.” I tell you breathlessly.
You click your tongue disapprovingly, “What am I to do with such a naughty little girl?”
“Punish me?” I ask as everything inside me tightens with a need for you to do just that, I ache for your attention with a desire that can’t be denied, the moisture of the need already dampening the gusset of my panties.
The insistent throb of my clit matching the pulse fluttering at my throat as I wait for your decision.
“Naughty girls get very red sore bottoms,” you tell me sternly.
“Yes sir,” I tell you the words sounding thick and raspy.
“Get the bath brush,” you say me firmly.
I hurry to comply with your instruction knowing to dally will only make it worse. In the bathroom I take hold of the long thick wooden brush knowing it packs a wallop even when delivered by my own hand.
“I have it,” my voice comes out in almost a squeak as my bottom clenches reflexively and the wetness begins to drip to the top of my inner thighs.
“Take off all of your clothes then bend over and brace yourself on the edge of the bathtub.,” I shiver as I comply with your command, my heavy breasts swaying over the edge of the bathtub.
“Yes sir,” I am breathless with the fear of what is to come as well is with the almost desperate anticipation of it. I want and need your discipline so badly.
“I want ten hard swats to your left sit spot. Each one in the exact same spot and I want to hear them.” Your voice brooks no argument.
I take a deep breath as I place the phone on the edge of the tub next to where my hand is braced and hit the speaker button. The first swat lands hard and I gasp.
“Harder. That one doesn’t count.”
I groan but immediately comply, gritting my teeth as I deliver another blow to my own quivering posterior.
“Better. Again.”
Following your commands I give my self ten searing swats to the same place on my left sit spot.
“Now. Ten more in the same place, harder this time.” You command.
I whine in protest even as my clit swells even more with the instruction and my arousal is dripping down my thighs.
Ten more swats even harder than the first ten land leaving a blistering heat in their wake. I am breathing heavy from both the exertion and the pain.
When you instruct me to repeat the process on my right cheek I am both relieved and anxious.
When it is finished my bottom is on fire, your displeasure with my behavior feels as if is has been tattooed across my sit spots.
“Now back to your bedroom. I believe we will finish with twenty strokes of your belt to the naughty bottom. I want each spot to land across your well paddled sit spots. You will do ten strokes from the left side and ten from the right.”
“But sir,” I can’t keep the little whine of complaint from my voice.
“Are you arguing with me about your punishment?” you asked, your voice deceptively soft.
“No sir,” I say as I hurrying to fetch the thick leather belt from my closet and bend across the foot of my bed, laying the phone near my face so you can hear everything.
“I’m ready sir,” I say submissively.
“Begin,” at the command I swing the belt towards my already sore bottom hissing as it connects rather spectacularly. I methodically lay nine more strokes over the top of the first ensuring that each swing of the belt is true and hard enough that you can hear the whistle of it just before it connects.
“Good girl. Let’s get the last ten done.” you tell me, your voice filled with the dark tenderness that promises a reward for a punishment well delivered.
I deliver the last ten strokes, a lone tear sliding down my cheek as the last line of fire is laid across my throbbing backside.
“Is your punishment chair in the corner?” you ask me.
“Yes sir,” I tell you breathlessly as I study the fuck chair, the tip of the dildo barely showing through the hole in the middle of the chair. I had attached the longest, thickest vibrator in my collection under your instruction earlier with the clit stimulator at the base. You held the remote controller for the contraption that worked on my Wi-Fi.
When we couldn’t be together it enabled you to give me exactly what you wanted to, effectively snatching away all my control as I could only hand on to the back of the chair and take everything you gave me.
“Are you wet for my cock?” you asked.
My core clenched hard at your question, “Yes sir.”
“Mount up,” You instructed and I straddled the chair until the tip of the dildo rested just outside my entrance making me moan eagerly at the feel of it. “Can you feel me?”
“Yes please!” I moaned loudly as I gripped the back of the chair, the hard wood pressing uncompromisingly against my sore bottom.
“Are you sure?” you ask, as I hear a slight whir and the tip barely presses up then retreats.
“Oh please…please sir…please I need your cock…please…” I chant.
You reward me by turning it on high and it slams inside me to the hilt with the first thrust, not giving my inner walls time to grow accustom to it before it began thrusting in and out of me in long hard strokes. The clit stimulator hits my clit with every inward thrust but the vibrator is not yet on but still the pleasure build quickly.
“I’m going to cum!” I cry out.
“Not without permission. If you cum before I give you permission we will start the whole punishment from the beginning,” you warn me.
I gasp, holding myself still as the thick dildo pistons in and out of me mercilessly then the vibrator starts and you change the rhythm so its grinding high inside me as the little vibraotor rides my clit.
“Siiirrrrrr!” I wail as it builds inside me knowing I won’t be able to keep myself from hurtling into space.
“Do you want to cum?” you ask me.
“Yes!” I gasp writhing on the chair. “Please sir… please!”
“Cum now!” I explode with the command hurtling into orbit as the dildo continues to ride high inside me driving me from one orgasm straight into another and then another until I fragment into a million pieces with a final scream of pleasure.
The dildo withdraws completely and turns off as I lay collapsed over the back of the chair as I catch my breath and come back to myself to you.
“That’s my good girl. Can you make it to the bed?”
“Yes sir,” I whisper softly.
“Then come lay down with me,” I happily comply as I cuddle against a pillow in my bed and you talk softly to me until I fall asleep.
I am comforted by your voice, I feel your touch across the miles and know its only a matter of time until I am resting against your body…heartbeat to heartbeat where I belong.


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