A hot and sexy spanking on free Friday!


We made it through another work week! Yay! Time to get ready for the weekend! I hope everyone has a wonderful Mother’s day with friends and family. Happy reading! ~No

The Wildness

She teased him mercilessly throughout the evening, a flirtatious glance, fleeting touches in passing…tantalizing views of her hand skimming her breast. The darkening of his gaze and flaring of his nostrils emboldening her ever further until she began to audaciously flirt with their male guests.

Moist heat thrummed through her core, she knew he would punish her for the wanton behavior and then he would take her without mercy to remind her to whom she belonged.

She reveled in the wildness inside him that remained hidden from the rest of the world. The beast he would unleash upon her as soon as he bid goodnight to their guests…the beast she craved with a wildness all her own.

When the men retired to the saloon to smoke she excused herself and went to her rooms, quickly stripping from her ball gown and the semblance of propriety. Opening the window wide she embraced the wildness coursing through her veins and jumped from the window to land on her feet with a gleeful cry before racing into the woods to await her mate.

She knew the instant he found her discarded clothing in the empty room they shared, his bellow carried across the wind to her sensitive ears. He was coming.

Her body ached with need, the wet evidence of her desire dripping down her inner thighs as she laid waiting for him in the tall grass of a meadow. When she felt his moonlit shadow fall across her naked form she cupped her breasts and tweaked her nipples.

He growled in response as she smiled lazily up at him.

Grabbing her firmly about the arms he lifted her to her knees as he knelt to the side of her his fists wrapping in her hair as he pulled her face down to his cock. She opened her mouth eagerly accepting his forceful thrust inside, hungry for his taste.

She sucked hard on the swollen head as he pumped his hips in and out of her willing lips, then she gasped around him as his hand began to fall on her backside in time with his thrusts. She tried not to let the growing heat in her bottom distract her from sucking on his cock, catching the drops of precum leaking from its tip greedily.

She moaned in protest when he pulled free of her mouth and turned her fully away from him so he could spank her harder and faster. With a sigh of surrender she pressed her chest to the cool grass remaining on her knees and lifting her ass high for his discipline.

His hand fell over and over until her bottom felt as if it might burst into flame and tears fell unheeded down her cheeks. She barely had any warning when the spanking stopped before he slammed his cock inside her hard the head butting up against her cervix even as two fingers crept around to catch her clit between them and press it down to ride his cock.

Every stroke pushing it back against his rough fingers so it seemed it was worried from every side as he pounded in and out of her without mercy.

The first orgasm stole her breath and cause sparks to dance behind her eyelids but still he took her, determined to remind her who was in charge. He brought her to three more hard orgasms before he pulled free of her still spasming sheath, only to fit the head of his cock to the rosebud of her ass.

She gave only the softest whimper as she pressed back against him aiding his invasion of this most private of places. He gave her no quarter, pressing hard and seating himself fully without preamble.

A cry of pleasure and pain escaped her as he possessed her utterly…owning her so completely in that moment the rightness of it brought tears to her eyes. His hands reached beneath her to cup her breasts and lifted her to rest against his chest with her legs splayed on either side of his strong thighs as he continued to pound in and out of her tender ass.

He took her with hard deep thrusts that shook her to her very foundations…tearing her apart even as they rebuilt…as if he was reshaping her into a new creature; his creation. She gasped, her head falling back against his shoulder as he released one breast to slap a hand down on her wide open pussy.

Again and again his hand slapped down catching her tender clit with each swat even as he drove ever deeper into her ass until with a scream she shattered completely around him. The orgasm seemed to go on and on as he bit down on her shoulder and emptied inside her, bathing her tender inner muscles with jet after jet of his hot cum.

She gave a soft mewl of protest as he withdrew from her body and pulled her into his arms as they lay together under the moon.

She was replete…she was renewed…she was reborn.


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