Two steamy hanky spanky excerpts!

Today I bring you two spanky releases from my two newest books. Are you ready for some hanky spanky?  Happy reading! -~Mo
Excerpt Sternly Chastised:
She studied him while he slept sprawled on his back covering most of the bed. The night before he’d driven her wild, first with his mouth then his cock; he’d made her come so many times she lost track.
Forcing her to come until she’d practically begged him to stop, at that point he’d said, “One more,” and the resulting orgasm had been so intense she’d seen white lights behind her eyes as she screamed his name.
Then she’d fallen in an exhausted sleep almost immediately, not stirring till a few minutes ago when she woke curled next to his big body. Perhaps it was time for a little payback.
She slowly pulled the covers down his form until she’d revealed his entire body to her gaze. In sleep he looked so relaxed, rather than the barely contained energy that seemed right beneath the surface when he was awake.
Everything was relaxed except his cock, she thought with a grin. It was long, thick, and just as hard as it had been last night when he used it to pound her into the mattress. Kneeling between his spread legs, she licked her lips in anticipation.
Her mouth practically watering for the taste of him, wrapping one hand around the base of his thick shaft, she leaned forward to catch the head between her lips, sucking hard as her tongue played along the bottom then lapped at the little slit at its tip. She released him from her mouth with an audible pop before licking him from the base of his shaft to the tip and all around like her favorite decadent ice cream cone.
When she got back to the head of his cock again she began placing little sucking kisses along the ridge around the bottom of the head. He groaned and lightly bucked his hips, making her smile as her hot mouth engulfed the head fully again.
She continued to suck hard and began bobbing her head up and down, taking a little more of his length each time while still plying her tongue everywhere she could reach. She looked up and met deep blue eyes watching her intently as he sucked him.
Pulling completely off just before he was about to come, she sat up with a grin. “Good morning.”
“You’d best finish what you started, little girl,” he ordered, his voice still raspy with sleep.
“I kind of need to paint my toenails first,” she said jokingly, only to gasp in surprise as the bed exploded into motion. “I was kidding!” she cried as she found herself face down over his lap with his hand clapping off her bottom over and over.
She had real tears falling down her cheeks by the time he stopped and turned her to face him. He stood next to the bed and pushed her down to sit on the edge with a wince as her sore bottom made contact.
“Now, are you ready to finish what you started, young lady?” he asked firmly.
“Yes, sir,” she said softly, opening her mouth to receive him again. He fisted both hands in her hair as he drove his cock into her mouth and immediately down her throat, gagging her slightly and causing more tears to fall from her eyes.
He worked in and out of her mouth as she continued sucking and licking everything she could reach to the best of her ability. Then he thrust deep and held her in place with her nose flush against his body as he shot ribbon after ribbon of cum down her throat.
She swallowed everything he gave her and then as his hands released her hair she began bobbing up and down his shaft again, sucking to milk every drop of cum from his cock before licking him clean.
“Good girl,” he said with a grin, leaning down to kiss her deeply. “Morning, baby, did you like your spanking?”
“Yes, sir,” she said with a saucy grin.
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Excerpt Rewriting the Rules:
She heard the paddle drop, as his hand came up to cup her weeping pussy. “My naughty girl is very wet,” Donovan commented.
Aurora groaned into the couch cushion, unable to deny how much his punishment affected her even though it had hurt so badly. He thrust two fingers deep, working them in and out of her while his thumb played across her clit.
“Ooohhh…” she groaned low and loud, thrusting her hips back demandingly as an orgasm built, but just before she went over the edge he pulled his fingers from her body and gave her a sharp swat with his hand.
“Do naughty girls get to come, Aurora?” he asked.
“No!” she wailed. “Please… I’ll be good… please let me come.”
“If you’d been a good girl, you’d be getting all the orgasms you could want right now, but you weren’t, were you?” Donovan asked her.
“No, sir,” Aurora said softly.
“Do you think you deserve to come like a good girl would?”
Her shoulders slumped. “No, sir.”
When she felt the tug on the plug in her ass it was almost a relief; at least he would fill something. He made short work of pulling the plug out and then she felt the broad head of his cock against her tender opening while he pressed her legs even further apart.
Aurora groaned in dismay when she realized he was positioning her in such a way that he ensured her clit got no pressure. He really wasn’t going to let her come!
“Take a breath and press back against me,” he instructed.
Aurora pressed back, eager to feel his length deep in her ass, stretching her wide even without the orgasm.
She whimpered, her ass burning as the tissues stretched wide to accept his cock and then he was inside, moving ever deeper with each thrust until she felt his balls pressing against her ass.
She felt impossibly full and her clit throbbed in need when he began to pull out and slammed back inside… pleasure warred with pain as he took her ass in a punishing rhythm.
Aurora found herself pressing back to meet every thrust as the orgasm she’d been told she wouldn’t get built inside her; she wanted more. The feel of his cock plundering her most private place made her feel owned completely and satisfied a need she hadn’t even realized she had.
“Oooh… yes! Harder!” she cried as he pounded in and out of her.
“You come and I will strap that naughty pussy of yours,” he whispered in her ear and that was all it took; Aurora exploded around his pistoning cock. Her ass clamped down hard and then he groaned and shot his hot seed deep inside her, bathing the tender inner muscles of her ass.
Aurora shuddered as he pulled out, and then she collapsed over the arm of the couch like a limp noodle. She began to shiver, every muscle in her body shaking in reaction to the intensity of what they’d shared.
She moaned when he used a warm washcloth to clean her up; she hadn’t even noticed when he’d left to get it. Then she groaned as she felt the tip of that damn plug pressing against her tender asshole then sliding home to seat deep inside her again.
“Why?” she whined.
“You will wear it until we return from getting the car detailed. Take the plug and your pussy strapping like a good girl and when we get back I will make you come until you see stars,” Donovan told her, pressing a kiss to her red ass before picking her up and laying her on her back on top of the coffee table. “Spread those pretty thighs wide for your strapping.”
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