He makes her ache with need on free Friday

TGIF!! Are we ever not glad it’s Friday? Happy reading! ~Mo
Make Me Ache
A soft moan escaped my lips as the silken sheets slid across my already overly sensitized skin. Your hand skimmed slowly up my nude body until you cupped an aching breast as you leaned down to capture my tightly furled nipple between your lips.

My back arched as you sucked me deep within the recesses of your mouth your teeth lightly biting the tip of my nipple. I moved my legs restlessly on the bed parting them wide in invitation as my hands came down to twine in your hair.

You immediately released my nipple with a loud popping sound, “Where are your hands supposed to be little girl?”

I obediently put my hands back up over my head clasping my hands together in an effort to hold position. As soon as my hands were back where they were supposed to be you returned your attention to my breast.

You sucked my nipple hard as you worried it with your teeth making me more and more aware of the throb of my clit and the aching emptiness within my core. I knew from experience you would continue to tease me until I was almost mindless with need.

I could feel the wetness of my arousal dripping down the crack of my ass and I was sure I was leaving a wet spot on the bed.

You finally released my left nipple and moved to the right, the cold air washing over the damp tip tightening it to the point of pain. My hips began to lift almost of their own accord as my body sought the weight of yours.

Suddenly, your body moved between mine spreading me wide and pinning me to the mattress so I couldn’t move, the head of your cock resting just to the side of where I desperately needed it.

You gave one last sharp biting kiss to my right nipple before you began kissing down my body as I whimpered, my body filled with the sweet ache only you could assuage.

“Please…” I cried gripping the covers over my head in my fists as I fought the desire to wrap my arms around you.

“What do you need sweetling?” you asked, your voice a husky growl.

“You…please…please sir,” my head tossed restlessly from side to side as I begged for you to fill me.

“Tell me what you need,” you commanded.

“Your cock…filling me…taking me…please,” a tear coursed down one cheek as the ache between my thighs became almost unbearable. I felt as if you’d been teasing me for hours.

Without warning you flipped me over and brought me up on my knees, my chest pressed to the mattress my thighs spread wide as you pressed the tip of your cock to my wet slit.

“Ooohhh…yes…oh please…please…please,” I chanted, unable to move back against you because you held my ass firmly in your grip.

The head of your cock slid lightly through my slit, moving easily because I was so wet, “Look how wet my naughty girl is.” You said with a rough laugh as your hand slapped down on my bottom jolting your cock where it rested against my clit.

“Ahhh!” I cried out as your hand slapped down again and again, each and every swat causing the tip of your cock to brush my needy clit. The stinging heat that filled my bottom seemed only to magnify my need to be filled.

Just when I thought I could take no more, you slammed your cock into me hard and fast; taking me to the hilt. I was so primed…I came immediately my body locking down on yours as I spasmed around your pistoning shaft.

You gave me no time to recover from the orgasm, continuing to take me hard without mercy or respite; driving me from one orgasm straight into another until I was wailing my pleasure as I took everything you gave me.

As the final orgasm ripped through my body, I jerked and I felt the gush of fluid release as I came bathing your cock in the balm of my pleasure. You pounded into me one last time then I felt the hot spurt of your seed filling me, as aftershocks of pleasure ran through my body.

We collapsed to the bed as one, a tangled mess of arms and legs, your body enveloping mine protectively. I sighed as I pressed a kiss to the hand beneath my cheek; happy to be in your arms where I belonged.


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