Can’t Touch That!

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Sorry for my absence last week. I’m back this week with a new story I hope you enjoy and a new release! Sternly Chastised is another compilation of short stories.  Unfortunately, it’s yet on Amazon but here’s a peek at the Cover! Happy reading! ~No


Can’t Touch That

I stood in the shower and rubbed body oil into my breasts, imagining your hands in place of my own. I shivered as I plucked at my nipples until they tightened into hard little buds throbbing for more attention.


My slippery hands slid down my stomach gliding over the top of my bare mound until they ghosted over my aching clit. I moaned rubbing my fingers over my swollen bud in a circular motion.


“What are you doing young lady?” your firm voice growled at me from the bathroom doorway making my jump.


I flushed and pulled my hands away from my body as I gave you my sweetest smile, “I was just rubbing in body oil so my skin was silky smooth for you.”


You arched a brow at me, “Who owns your pleasure?”


My lips twisted a little and I looked at the floor, “You do.”


I gasped when your large hand suddenly cupped my sex your fingers sliding into my wet folds, “Who does this belong to?”


“You…ooh you!” I whimpered as my hips bucked helplessly against your hand.


“Are you allowed to touch my things without permission little girl?” you asked as one long finger sank deep inside me while your thumb played across my clit.


“No sir,” I said softly as pleasure began to steal my breath.


“Why were you touching yourself without permission?” you asked.


“I was thinking of you and I felt all achy and I…”


“What a naughty little girl you are,” you said as you placed one of you feet on the edge of the bathtub and placed your other hand on my backside using it and the finger inside me to guide me over you upraised knee.


“Yes Sir…I was very naughty…pleasure punish me,” I begged and then yelped as your hand landed hard on my upturned bottom; the oil still slick on my skin increasing the sting exponentially.


Every slap on my bottom forced me down on the finger inside me and caused my clit to ride your thumb. The combination of the intense sting and the pleasure making me hyper aware of both until I was sobbing, lost in a sea of warring sensations.


Again and again your hand fell my bottom on fire and the pain of the spanking bringing tears to my eyes even as your other hand drove me closer and closer to orgasm.

I moaned loudly through my tears as another finger joined the one inside me and your thumb began to rub more firmly even has your swats began to fall harder and faster until I stiffened then screamed as release shuddered through me.


You continued to spank me lightly as you fingers stroked in and out of me wringing ever bit of pleasure from me possible. I collapsed over your knee completely spent by the intensity of the orgasm.


Lifting me from your knee you pushed me over the edge of the bathroom vanity and filled me from behind with your long, thick cock. I groaned appreciatively as my tender tissues stretched wide to accommodate you.


You took me without mercy, slamming in and out of me the head of your cock pounding against my cervix as your thighs slapped against my sore bottom with every inward thrust.


Another orgasm washed through my body as I clamped down tight on your pistoning cock with a wail of pleasure. You groaned against the back of my neck as you stiffened inside me then I felt the hot jets of your seed against my sensitive inner walls.


You chuckled as you pulled out of me and lifted me into your arms, “That will teach you to touch what’s mine.”


I smiled against your neck and snuggled into you, “Mmmhmmmm.”


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