A little vajazzle with that spanking?

Happy Monday!!! Late again with Friday story but hopefully you will find it worth the wait! Happy reading! ~Mo

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Happy Birthday Daddy!


Nellie held her breath inside the big cake, trying to contain her excitement about the private delivery she’d planned for her husband’s birthday. She’d planned every detail meticulously, Pete thought she’d gone to a Lady’s Aide meeting instead of being with him on his birthday and she’d made sure he stayed home by telling him they were waiting on a special delivery he had to sign for.


He’d looked so pitiful when she’d left she’d almost told him about the surprise but she managed to hold it together. Nellie couldn’t wait to see his face when she popped up out of this cake naked except for a pair of black thigh highs, stripper heels and the long gold tassels she’d affixed to her nipples.


This would be a birthday Pete would never forget!


Nellie sniffed and frowned, it was kind of stinky in the cake, and belatedly she considered how many women had sat in this same cake hull naked before her and who they might have been in life. Of course it was all well and good to be a naked cake lady but the thought of sitting her naked ass in places countless naked asses had been before was less than appealing.


The longer she was in the cake the more the smell grew and began to separate into odors she recognized and a few she didn’t…Nellie decided in this case ignorance was definitely bliss. She breathed a sigh of relief when she felt the cake lifted from the back of the delivery van, it was almost show time.


“Special birthday delivery for Pete Erkins,” she heard a man say.


“Special delivery huh?” she heard Pete’s voice.


“Yes sir, we have instructions to set it up for you in the living room,” Nellie had to cover her mouth to keep from giggling in glee. This was the most exciting thing she’d done sexually since her kids had been grown, it was liberating.


She felt the cake moving again and then the slight bump when they sat it down in the living room. Then she heard the delivery guy cue her music before excusing himself, he would return in the morning to get the cake.


Nellie popped up out of the cake with her arms stretched wide on the fourth measure of “Big Spender” swinging her tassels for all she was worth.


“Happy Birthday Daddy!” she squealed with an exaggerated bump and grind accompanied by another counter clockwise swing of her tassels.


“Nellie!” Pete cried in alarm as his mouth fell open in horror.




That’s when Nellie noticed their oldest son Ned along with about five other men sitting around the living room.  It was Nellie’s turn to gasp in horror as she moved to jump back while covering her tassels and her freshly shaved and bedazzled princess part. Unfortunately, when she jumped backwards her left 5 inch heel got stuck in some fabric inside the cake


The resulting upside down split with Nellie dangling over the back of the cake with her princess parts spread wide would go down in the record books as the worst birthday surprise ever.


“Pete!” she screamed as she realized she couldn’t right herself or free her trapped foot without help.


“Is her area covered in gemstones?” Nellie wailed at the inquiry…Pete growled and she was pretty sure she heard Ned gag…how would she ever look her first born in the eye again?


She sighed with relief when she felt a blanket cover her widely splayed legs and bejeweled nether lips as tears of mortification sprang to her eyes. Pete’s gentle hands caught her beneath her shoulders and lifted her against his chest.


“Are you okay baby?” he asked softly as she felt another hand freeing her heel from the cake so Pete could set her on her feet.


She buried her face against his chest as she heard their son chasing the other men out of the house and yelling good-bye.


“I’ll never be able to look Neddy in the eye again!” she wailed.


Pete laughed, “Sure you will honey.”


Nellie straightened, as she glared up at her husband, “Peter Martin this is not funny! Our son saw me naked and he gagged!”


Her loving husband snorted, “Our son didn’t gag he was trying to not laugh, he thought it was the most hilarious thing ever.”


She gasped, “He was amused by my mortification? Oh no! Pete what if he tells his brother and sister?”


Pete winced, “I hate to break this to you Nellie but I’d imagine he called them before he even made it to the car.”


Nellie closed her eyes; this was the worst day of her life. “I just wanted to do something sexy for your birthday,” she said with a whine.


“I always think your sexy baby,” Pete told her as he gathered her against him.


“Peter how can you think of sex at a time like this?” Nellie yelled up at him.


The blanket that had wrapped her shoulders was pulled away with no warning, “It might be the fact that your standing here naked with that sweet little slit decked out like a Vegas nightclub.”


She blushed, “Do you like it?” Nellie suddenly felt like a shy little girl.


“I feel like I need a closer look at the gems decorating my treasure,” he said with a grin.


Nellie grinned and moved her thighs apart, revealing the crystals decorating her hoo-hah with the piece de resistance, a giant pink crystal adorning her clit. The woman at Vajazzled had assured her the crystal on her clit would increase her pleasure tenfold.


She gasped when Pete’s questing finger found the pink jewel and began working it in a circular motion, “I…ooohhh…Pete!”


He dropped to his knees in front of her and spread the crystal wings wide so he could feast on her bounty. His finger continued to work her jeweled clit while his tongue sank deep working in and out of her to catch every drop of her arousal.


Nellie’s fingers wound tightly in his hair as she came with a scream grinding her wet slit into his face.


“Did you just come without permission little girl?” he asked looking up at her with a stern frown.


She shivered as she looked down at him, “Yes sir.”


Pete stood and grabbed her by the arm, leading her straight to the cake; he closed the top and then bent her over its white hull. The height of the cake perfect for his purpose as it gave her torso something comfortable to rest on and thrust her butt out ready for his discipline.


His hand falling naturally to the small of her back to help her hold position his hand began to pepper her bottom with stinging swats. It had been awhile but it was obviously like riding a bike and Pete quickly found his rhythm, spanking her until her bottom began to wag back and forth in an effort to escape the sting.


The minute her little ass wag started his hand began to fall harder and faster until she was gasping and moaning with each swat. Pete brought her bottom from white to pink and from pink to red under his experienced hand.  Nellie found herself pushing her ass out to meet each swat as the heat in her bottom and the wetness between her thighs seemed to grow with every well placed swat.


When he delivered five right on top of her wet slit jolting her bejeweled clit Nellie came again with a shocked mewl of pleasure. She heard his pants being unzipped and then she was flipped to her back, Pete’s hands cupping her sore hot ass as he plunged deeply inside.


He rode her hard, slamming in and out of her without mercy driving her need higher and higher. Her vajazzled jewels seemed to lose their hold on her mound the harder he took her…the one on her clit seemed to tug right then left almost as if the little gem was sucking on her with every thrust.


The resulting sensations sent her from one orgasm straight into another until she could barely breathe. Pete continued to ride her relentlessly until with a roar of pleasure he finally let go filling her with his hot seed. As he ground into her with his release Pete worked the pink crystal for all he was worth sending her into orbit one last time.


“Pete!” she wailed as her back bowed and her body locked down on his as if it would milk every last drop of seed possible from him.


“I think we’ll keep this cake,” Pete said with a laugh as he pulled from her body, making her gasp at the renewed sensations.


“I don’t think I’ll be able to walk tomorrow,” Nellie said with a shaky laugh.


“Walking is overrated, maybe we’ll spend the day in bed,” he told her as he helped her off the cake then he froze.


“What?” she asked in alarm.


“You have sparkly little jewels everywhere,” Pete said picking one from her left breast and another from her shoulder. “How did it get up here?” he asked as he picked another of her right ear lobe.


Nellie laughed as she realized he had several on his chin, “Daddy you got vajazzled for your birthday!”


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