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Make Me Ache
A soft moan escaped my lips as the silken sheets slid across my already overly sensitized skin. Your hand skimmed slowly up my nude body until you cupped an aching breast as you leaned down to capture my tightly furled nipple between your lips.

My back arched as you sucked me deep within the recesses of your mouth your teeth lightly biting the tip of my nipple. I moved my legs restlessly on the bed parting them wide in invitation as my hands came down to twine in your hair.

You immediately released my nipple with a loud popping sound, “Where are your hands supposed to be little girl?”

I obediently put my hands back up over my head clasping my hands together in an effort to hold position. As soon as my hands were back where they were supposed to be you returned your attention to my breast.

You sucked my nipple hard as you worried it with your teeth making me more and more aware of the throb of my clit and the aching emptiness within my core. I knew from experience you would continue to tease me until I was almost mindless with need.

I could feel the wetness of my arousal dripping down the crack of my ass and I was sure I was leaving a wet spot on the bed.

You finally released my left nipple and moved to the right, the cold air washing over the damp tip tightening it to the point of pain. My hips began to lift almost of their own accord as my body sought the weight of yours.

Suddenly, your body moved between mine spreading me wide and pinning me to the mattress so I couldn’t move, the head of your cock resting just to the side of where I desperately needed it.

You gave one last sharp biting kiss to my right nipple before you began kissing down my body as I whimpered, my body filled with the sweet ache only you could assuage.

“Please…” I cried gripping the covers over my head in my fists as I fought the desire to wrap my arms around you.

“What do you need sweetling?” you asked, your voice a husky growl.

“You…please…please sir,” my head tossed restlessly from side to side as I begged for you to fill me.

“Tell me what you need,” you commanded.

“Your cock…filling me…taking me…please,” a tear coursed down one cheek as the ache between my thighs became almost unbearable. I felt as if you’d been teasing me for hours.

Without warning you flipped me over and brought me up on my knees, my chest pressed to the mattress my thighs spread wide as you pressed the tip of your cock to my wet slit.

“Ooohhh…yes…oh please…please…please,” I chanted, unable to move back against you because you held my ass firmly in your grip.

The head of your cock slid lightly through my slit, moving easily because I was so wet, “Look how wet my naughty girl is.” You said with a rough laugh as your hand slapped down on my bottom jolting your cock where it rested against my clit.

“Ahhh!” I cried out as your hand slapped down again and again, each and every swat causing the tip of your cock to brush my needy clit. The stinging heat that filled my bottom seemed only to magnify my need to be filled.

Just when I thought I could take no more, you slammed your cock into me hard and fast; taking me to the hilt. I was so primed…I came immediately my body locking down on yours as I spasmed around your pistoning shaft.

You gave me no time to recover from the orgasm, continuing to take me hard without mercy or respite; driving me from one orgasm straight into another until I was wailing my pleasure as I took everything you gave me.

As the final orgasm ripped through my body, I jerked and I felt the gush of fluid release as I came bathing your cock in the balm of my pleasure. You pounded into me one last time then I felt the hot spurt of your seed filling me, as aftershocks of pleasure ran through my body.

We collapsed to the bed as one, a tangled mess of arms and legs, your body enveloping mine protectively. I sighed as I pressed a kiss to the hand beneath my cheek; happy to be in your arms where I belonged.


Can’t Touch That!

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Sorry for my absence last week. I’m back this week with a new story I hope you enjoy and a new release! Sternly Chastised is another compilation of short stories.  Unfortunately, it’s not.live yet on Amazon but here’s a peek at the Cover! Happy reading! ~No


Can’t Touch That

I stood in the shower and rubbed body oil into my breasts, imagining your hands in place of my own. I shivered as I plucked at my nipples until they tightened into hard little buds throbbing for more attention.


My slippery hands slid down my stomach gliding over the top of my bare mound until they ghosted over my aching clit. I moaned rubbing my fingers over my swollen bud in a circular motion.


“What are you doing young lady?” your firm voice growled at me from the bathroom doorway making my jump.


I flushed and pulled my hands away from my body as I gave you my sweetest smile, “I was just rubbing in body oil so my skin was silky smooth for you.”


You arched a brow at me, “Who owns your pleasure?”


My lips twisted a little and I looked at the floor, “You do.”


I gasped when your large hand suddenly cupped my sex your fingers sliding into my wet folds, “Who does this belong to?”


“You…ooh you!” I whimpered as my hips bucked helplessly against your hand.


“Are you allowed to touch my things without permission little girl?” you asked as one long finger sank deep inside me while your thumb played across my clit.


“No sir,” I said softly as pleasure began to steal my breath.


“Why were you touching yourself without permission?” you asked.


“I was thinking of you and I felt all achy and I…”


“What a naughty little girl you are,” you said as you placed one of you feet on the edge of the bathtub and placed your other hand on my backside using it and the finger inside me to guide me over you upraised knee.


“Yes Sir…I was very naughty…pleasure punish me,” I begged and then yelped as your hand landed hard on my upturned bottom; the oil still slick on my skin increasing the sting exponentially.


Every slap on my bottom forced me down on the finger inside me and caused my clit to ride your thumb. The combination of the intense sting and the pleasure making me hyper aware of both until I was sobbing, lost in a sea of warring sensations.


Again and again your hand fell my bottom on fire and the pain of the spanking bringing tears to my eyes even as your other hand drove me closer and closer to orgasm.

I moaned loudly through my tears as another finger joined the one inside me and your thumb began to rub more firmly even has your swats began to fall harder and faster until I stiffened then screamed as release shuddered through me.


You continued to spank me lightly as you fingers stroked in and out of me wringing ever bit of pleasure from me possible. I collapsed over your knee completely spent by the intensity of the orgasm.


Lifting me from your knee you pushed me over the edge of the bathroom vanity and filled me from behind with your long, thick cock. I groaned appreciatively as my tender tissues stretched wide to accommodate you.


You took me without mercy, slamming in and out of me the head of your cock pounding against my cervix as your thighs slapped against my sore bottom with every inward thrust.


Another orgasm washed through my body as I clamped down tight on your pistoning cock with a wail of pleasure. You groaned against the back of my neck as you stiffened inside me then I felt the hot jets of your seed against my sensitive inner walls.


You chuckled as you pulled out of me and lifted me into your arms, “That will teach you to touch what’s mine.”


I smiled against your neck and snuggled into you, “Mmmhmmmm.”

A little vajazzle with that spanking?

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Happy Birthday Daddy!


Nellie held her breath inside the big cake, trying to contain her excitement about the private delivery she’d planned for her husband’s birthday. She’d planned every detail meticulously, Pete thought she’d gone to a Lady’s Aide meeting instead of being with him on his birthday and she’d made sure he stayed home by telling him they were waiting on a special delivery he had to sign for.


He’d looked so pitiful when she’d left she’d almost told him about the surprise but she managed to hold it together. Nellie couldn’t wait to see his face when she popped up out of this cake naked except for a pair of black thigh highs, stripper heels and the long gold tassels she’d affixed to her nipples.


This would be a birthday Pete would never forget!


Nellie sniffed and frowned, it was kind of stinky in the cake, and belatedly she considered how many women had sat in this same cake hull naked before her and who they might have been in life. Of course it was all well and good to be a naked cake lady but the thought of sitting her naked ass in places countless naked asses had been before was less than appealing.


The longer she was in the cake the more the smell grew and began to separate into odors she recognized and a few she didn’t…Nellie decided in this case ignorance was definitely bliss. She breathed a sigh of relief when she felt the cake lifted from the back of the delivery van, it was almost show time.


“Special birthday delivery for Pete Erkins,” she heard a man say.


“Special delivery huh?” she heard Pete’s voice.


“Yes sir, we have instructions to set it up for you in the living room,” Nellie had to cover her mouth to keep from giggling in glee. This was the most exciting thing she’d done sexually since her kids had been grown, it was liberating.


She felt the cake moving again and then the slight bump when they sat it down in the living room. Then she heard the delivery guy cue her music before excusing himself, he would return in the morning to get the cake.


Nellie popped up out of the cake with her arms stretched wide on the fourth measure of “Big Spender” swinging her tassels for all she was worth.


“Happy Birthday Daddy!” she squealed with an exaggerated bump and grind accompanied by another counter clockwise swing of her tassels.


“Nellie!” Pete cried in alarm as his mouth fell open in horror.




That’s when Nellie noticed their oldest son Ned along with about five other men sitting around the living room.  It was Nellie’s turn to gasp in horror as she moved to jump back while covering her tassels and her freshly shaved and bedazzled princess part. Unfortunately, when she jumped backwards her left 5 inch heel got stuck in some fabric inside the cake


The resulting upside down split with Nellie dangling over the back of the cake with her princess parts spread wide would go down in the record books as the worst birthday surprise ever.


“Pete!” she screamed as she realized she couldn’t right herself or free her trapped foot without help.


“Is her area covered in gemstones?” Nellie wailed at the inquiry…Pete growled and she was pretty sure she heard Ned gag…how would she ever look her first born in the eye again?


She sighed with relief when she felt a blanket cover her widely splayed legs and bejeweled nether lips as tears of mortification sprang to her eyes. Pete’s gentle hands caught her beneath her shoulders and lifted her against his chest.


“Are you okay baby?” he asked softly as she felt another hand freeing her heel from the cake so Pete could set her on her feet.


She buried her face against his chest as she heard their son chasing the other men out of the house and yelling good-bye.


“I’ll never be able to look Neddy in the eye again!” she wailed.


Pete laughed, “Sure you will honey.”


Nellie straightened, as she glared up at her husband, “Peter Martin this is not funny! Our son saw me naked and he gagged!”


Her loving husband snorted, “Our son didn’t gag he was trying to not laugh, he thought it was the most hilarious thing ever.”


She gasped, “He was amused by my mortification? Oh no! Pete what if he tells his brother and sister?”


Pete winced, “I hate to break this to you Nellie but I’d imagine he called them before he even made it to the car.”


Nellie closed her eyes; this was the worst day of her life. “I just wanted to do something sexy for your birthday,” she said with a whine.


“I always think your sexy baby,” Pete told her as he gathered her against him.


“Peter how can you think of sex at a time like this?” Nellie yelled up at him.


The blanket that had wrapped her shoulders was pulled away with no warning, “It might be the fact that your standing here naked with that sweet little slit decked out like a Vegas nightclub.”


She blushed, “Do you like it?” Nellie suddenly felt like a shy little girl.


“I feel like I need a closer look at the gems decorating my treasure,” he said with a grin.


Nellie grinned and moved her thighs apart, revealing the crystals decorating her hoo-hah with the piece de resistance, a giant pink crystal adorning her clit. The woman at Vajazzled had assured her the crystal on her clit would increase her pleasure tenfold.


She gasped when Pete’s questing finger found the pink jewel and began working it in a circular motion, “I…ooohhh…Pete!”


He dropped to his knees in front of her and spread the crystal wings wide so he could feast on her bounty. His finger continued to work her jeweled clit while his tongue sank deep working in and out of her to catch every drop of her arousal.


Nellie’s fingers wound tightly in his hair as she came with a scream grinding her wet slit into his face.


“Did you just come without permission little girl?” he asked looking up at her with a stern frown.


She shivered as she looked down at him, “Yes sir.”


Pete stood and grabbed her by the arm, leading her straight to the cake; he closed the top and then bent her over its white hull. The height of the cake perfect for his purpose as it gave her torso something comfortable to rest on and thrust her butt out ready for his discipline.


His hand falling naturally to the small of her back to help her hold position his hand began to pepper her bottom with stinging swats. It had been awhile but it was obviously like riding a bike and Pete quickly found his rhythm, spanking her until her bottom began to wag back and forth in an effort to escape the sting.


The minute her little ass wag started his hand began to fall harder and faster until she was gasping and moaning with each swat. Pete brought her bottom from white to pink and from pink to red under his experienced hand.  Nellie found herself pushing her ass out to meet each swat as the heat in her bottom and the wetness between her thighs seemed to grow with every well placed swat.


When he delivered five right on top of her wet slit jolting her bejeweled clit Nellie came again with a shocked mewl of pleasure. She heard his pants being unzipped and then she was flipped to her back, Pete’s hands cupping her sore hot ass as he plunged deeply inside.


He rode her hard, slamming in and out of her without mercy driving her need higher and higher. Her vajazzled jewels seemed to lose their hold on her mound the harder he took her…the one on her clit seemed to tug right then left almost as if the little gem was sucking on her with every thrust.


The resulting sensations sent her from one orgasm straight into another until she could barely breathe. Pete continued to ride her relentlessly until with a roar of pleasure he finally let go filling her with his hot seed. As he ground into her with his release Pete worked the pink crystal for all he was worth sending her into orbit one last time.


“Pete!” she wailed as her back bowed and her body locked down on his as if it would milk every last drop of seed possible from him.


“I think we’ll keep this cake,” Pete said with a laugh as he pulled from her body, making her gasp at the renewed sensations.


“I don’t think I’ll be able to walk tomorrow,” Nellie said with a shaky laugh.


“Walking is overrated, maybe we’ll spend the day in bed,” he told her as he helped her off the cake then he froze.


“What?” she asked in alarm.


“You have sparkly little jewels everywhere,” Pete said picking one from her left breast and another from her shoulder. “How did it get up here?” he asked as he picked another of her right ear lobe.


Nellie laughed as she realized he had several on his chin, “Daddy you got vajazzled for your birthday!”

Rescue Me, it’s a free Friday Monday!

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Rescue Me

She stared at the couple sitting across the room…the differential way he had his hand in the small of her back as he seated her…the way he took her hand as he seated himself opposite her…as if he couldn’t bear to be parted from her even the width of the table.

Once he’d done those things for her…made her feel special…encouraged her to divulge her darkest desires…secret things she’d never told anyone out loud.

Then he’d dumped her…ridiculed her…leaving her alone…leaving her empty.

She stiffened her spine…she would not cry…thank goodness her friend Louise had left already. There was no one else to witness this final humiliation. “Please let me get the bill and get out before he sees me,” she whispered quietly to herself.

“Little Kendra,” he was in front of her. Sneering pityingly down at her, “Imagine running in to you here of all places. Found anyone yet willing to beat the crap out of you?”

Kendra felt twin flags of color bloom on her cheeks, mortified by his words. How had she ever thought she loved this person? “I’m not looking for someone to do that.”

“Give up on all your sick fantasies?” Justin asked, clearly enjoying her discomfort.

“Of course she didn’t,” a deeper voice spoke from directly behind her as a large warm hand rested reassuringly on her back. “Sorry it took me so long darling.”

She blinked up at the large well built man leaning down and kissing her cheek before sitting down next to her, “I…it’s okay.”

Dimples appeared on either side of his rakish grin, “It’s never okay to leave a beautiful woman alone love…it can lead to a pest problem.” He said as he looked her ex up and down with distaste. “Who is this?”

Kendra looked up and found her gaze caught in his deep green eyes, suddenly she forgot why she was uncomfortable, “No one important.”

“Did Kenny tell you she wants to be spanked?” Justin asked loudly.

She gasped; she’d never done anything to deserve this treatment but before she could respond that same big hand patted her thigh reassuringly, then pressed firmly as if signaling to hold her peace.

“We have no secrets between us,” he savior said calmly.

“Yet she never told you about me,” her ex said with another sneer.

“Why would she tell me about an insignificant boy who was unable to meet her needs?” Kendra lost a little bit of her heart in that moment.
“Boy?” Justin spluttered incredulously.

“Only a boy plays the cruel games you’ve been engaging in, a man would never behave in such a way towards a lady.” The man stood over Justin and turned back to her dismissing him.

“She wants you to spank her…” Justin said, trying again to embarrass her.

“I may well do it too…Shame on you young lady for ever shedding a tear over this puppy. Shall we go?” he asked as he helped her up from the table.

“I…the check…” Kendra started nervously.

“Is already taken care of,” he lifted her chin so she was looking into his eyes once more and immediately finding herself lost. “It’s time to go home.”

“Yes Sir,” the words felt natural as she allowed him to lead her from the restaurant and Justin’s obnoxious behavior.

She started and found herself ensconced in a luxurious car alone with her handsome rescuer. “I don’t think…”

He grinned, “Trent Hyde, you’re perfectly safe, though if you ever accept a ride from a stranger again I will paddle your ass.”

Kendra blushed, delightful butterflies fluttering in her belly as a warm heat crept between her thighs. “I…umm…”

Trent laughed, “Speechless are you? So I’m guessing you shared your need for discipline with the little boy back there and he didn’t know how to give you what you need so he ran away instead.”

“I was just too much of a freak for him,” she said quietly.

“You are not a freak,” he said firmly. “We all have different needs and totally different turn-ons sexually. You just need a man whose needs dovetail nicely with your own.”

Kendra sighed deeply, “Easier said than done. It’s not exactly the easiest thing to bring up with someone you’re dating.”

“True enough, unless you date someone you know is open to the idea to begin with.” Trent told her.

She grinned and raised an eyebrow at him, “Like you perhaps?”

“Not exactly,” he said.
Kendra was horrified she’d assumed he was a fellow spanko, flushing deeply. “I’m sorry…I just assumed…could you let me out at the next corner please?”

“There is no need to be embarrassed Kendra and no I won’t let you out. I do spank my partners but there is a little more to me than spanking.” Trent explained.

“What do you mean?” she asked, willing to talk with him again now that he said he did spank.

“Do you know what a dominant is?” he asked her.

Heat pooled once more between her thighs, “Like Fifty Shades of Grey.”

Trent gave a longsuffering sigh, “It is a bit of a simplistic way to look at it but I suppose except let me assure you I don’t suffer from any misguided guilt regarding my sexual preferences. I will spank you…I will tie you up…I will deny your orgasm or force you to come over and over again for my pleasure and your own…I will spank you for fun and for discipline and I will suffer no pains of remorse for any of it. Is that something you feel you can handle?”

Kendra was so wet she was afraid she might leave a stain on the seat, “Yes please.”

He drove them straight to his apartment building without another word, helping her out of the car and leading her to the elevator. “You will need a safe word; chose a word you wouldn’t normally say.”

She shivered as she thought of the delicious things that might start happening in the next few minutes. “Xylophone.”

The elevator doors opened and he held out a hand to her, taking a deep breath she placed her hand in his and followed him down the hall to his apartment. Trent opened the door then turned to study her, “Tonight I am going to take it easy on you as I don’t believe you’ve played this game before…if you find this isn’t to your liking simply say your safe word and I will take you home but I am hoping this little experiment will open a whole new world for you; one that you would like to explore with me.”

Kendra stood looking up at him with a soft smile, “I do want to explore.”

Trent grinned and pulled her inside closing the door behind them, “For the rest of our time together you will call me sir. I expect you to answer questions truthfully and respectfully. You also need to understand that I control your pleasure…your pleasure and your pain. Am I understood?”

“Yes,” she said softly, shivering at the dominance in his voice.

“Yes what?” he asked with a raised brow.
“Yes Sir,” Kendra said obediently.

“Very good don’t forget again. Strip,” Trent said firmly.

She blinked, staring at him nervously, “I…ummm…what?”

He grinned, “You heard me young lady. That’s ten for not responding appropriately.”

“Huh?” Kendra asked as shock and desire warred within her.

“Twenty. Either safe word or obey.” Trent said sternly, any trace of humor leaving his expression.

“Yes Sir,” she said as she began to unbutton her skirt and then let it drop to the floor before pulling her silky top over her head and leaving it in a heap with the skirt. Kendra felt the flush filling her face as she unhooked her bra adding it to the pile before hooking her fingers in the waistband of her panties and then lowering them with a deep breath. The crotch of her panties was so wet it left a bit of a trail down the inside of her leg as she removed them, with another flush of heat she tucked them beneath her shirt to hide the evidence of her arousal.

Standing up straight once more Kendra studied the floor, hoping he wouldn’t find her naked form wanting.

A low growl came from Trent as she felt him walking around her to study her nude form, “Beautiful,” he said as one long finger came to glide down her spine and over the curve of one full buttock.

Kendra couldn’t contain her shudder as his finger traced her full curves; he moved to stand in front of her that same finger sliding across the tip of her nipple then up her throat to lift her chin so she was meeting his interested gaze.

“I paid you a compliment. What is the appropriate response?” he asked with a raised brow.

She shivered at the look of heat in his eyes, “Thank you Sir.”

Taking her hand once more Trent led her to the couch where he sat down and pulled her down over his thighs. “You have a punishment coming young lady. Thirty swats.”

Kendra lifted her head to look over her shoulder in alarm, “I thought it was twenty.”

“It was…twenty for punishment and another ten because it will please me to turn your pretty ass a nice shade of red.” He told her.

She sighed and relaxed over his lap as his hand rubbed circles over her bottom, it felt so good when he removed his hand Kendra almost whimpered at the loss. It fell on the under curve of her bottom in a swift slap that brought a gasp from her lips. He delivered a matching swat to the other side working his way back and forth until she was writhing over his lap.

“Ten,” he said softly before pulling her body in closer to his then his hand fell once more much harder this time. He delivered five swats in a row to the exact same spot, tears forming by the time the fifth swat fell and then he moved to the other side. “Twenty.” Trent told her as his hand rubbed over the heated flesh of her ass.

“Thank you sir for correcting me,” Kendra surprised them both by saying.

“Good girl, these last ten are for me because I want to push you a little. They will hurt,” he warned her before he began applying his hand even harder than before. This time he counted out each swat. By the time he called out the tenth Kendra was collapsed over his knees crying softly.

Her bottom was on fire but even worse was the insistent throb of her clit and the wetness announcing how very much she’d enjoyed the spanking even though she was crying.

“Open your legs,” he commanded in a dark rich hypnotic voice she felt herself almost compelled to obey.

Kendra moved her thighs apart then moaned loudly when his fingers slipped into her wet heat stroking softly along her slit. He ran a finger from her anus back up between her lips until he was circling her clit slowly.

Mewling cries of pleasure began to slip from her as he continued to tease her, when two fingers slid inside her Kendra bucked her hips to take them deeper as his thumb continued to rub her swollen clit.

The combination of her hot sore bottom and his fingers inside her…on her was more than she could bear, “Please Sir…ohh…please!”

“Come for me now Kendra,” he commanded and she catapulted over the edge into ecstasy with a scream of pleasure as he needy body locked down on his fingers and milked them greedily.

Trent continued to slam his fingers in and out of her even when she tried to shift away, his thumb on her overly sensitive clit suddenly too much, she jerked when his other hand slapped down on her sore bottom six times in a row.

“You will take what I give you,” he said firmly as he continued to overwhelm her with his touch.

“I can’t!” Kendra cried.

This time ten slaps landed right in quick succession driving her arousal impossibly higher, “Who did I tell you was in charge of your pleasure and your pain?”

“You are sir!” she cried, her voice hoarse with arousal.

“That’s right I am and you will come for me again now,” Trent ordered her with another ten slaps to her bottom while he stroked a spot high inside that seemed to magnify her pleasure. Every swat driving his finger against that spot and grind her clit against his thumb until with a scream of surrender she let go and came in an explosion of pleasure that seemed to go on and on.

He continued to work her tender slit as if to wring every ounce of pleasure possible from her spent body until she lay shuddering in the aftermath over his lap unable to do anything but recover.

Then Trent turned her in his arms, cuddling her close as she came down from the orgasms whispering what a good girl she was in her ear.

Finally, able to breathe normally again Kendra sat up, looking up at him in question, “Don’t you need to…?”

He smiled and kissed the tip of her nose before shaking his head, “Tonight was about you learning what you need and accepting my responsibility to give it to you.”

“But…,” she frowned but he covered her lips with his fingers to shush her.

“Your pleasure was all the reward I needed tonight.” Trent assured her.

Kendra frowned dubiously, “If you’re sure.”

“Kendra, who is in charge of your pain and pleasure?” he asked.

“You are sir,” was her immediate answer. It pleased him to see that she didn’t hesitate at all anymore.

“Good girl, now get dressed and I will take you home,” Trent instructed.

Kendra reluctantly rose from his arms and went to do as he’s bid her. She’d told him earlier she’d taken the bus to the restaurant so she wouldn’t’ have to worry about driving after having wine. A decision he’d applauded her for.

As she dressed Kendra realized she was completely exhausted…the spanking and the intense orgasms that followed it had wrung every last bit of energy from her form. She also felt lighter and more relaxed that she could ever remember feeling, like the weight of the world had been lifted from her shoulders.

Trent drove her home and then walked her to her door, “Would you go to dinner with me tomorrow night?”

“I’d love to,” she said with a slight blush.

He laughed, “Yes we’ve gone about things a bit backwards but at least we know we are one hundred percent compatible.”

Kendra laughed, “Without a doubt Sir.”


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“Come here, Aurora,” Donovan said firmly as he continued to follow her every step, effectively herding her toward a corner and barring further retreat.

“I will not! Do I have the word stupid stamped on my forehead?” she asked smartly, as she realized there was nowhere to go. She straightened her spine and glared up at him, pointing her finger at him. “Back off, Mr. Tate!”

“You’d be disappointed if I backed off, little girl,” he told her with a knowing grin that enraged her.

“You’re seriously deluded!” Aurora said scathingly.

Donovan smirked. “You want to feel my hand on your ass so badly your body is quivering. In fact I’d bet money you are dripping wet, your body aching for my dominance.”

She gasped, shocked by his words, but worse was the little pulse beating in her panties as slick heat surrounded her clit giving truth to his words. Angry tears threatened to fall and she moved to slap him again.

“Temper, temper,” he said before catching her firmly by the arm as she made to swing again and let her own forward motion and the slight tug on her arm send her tumbling over his lap as he sat on her sofa.

She started, finding herself over his lap and glanced over her shoulder with alarm. “You can’t spank me!”

Donovan clamped an arm over the small of her back and jerked her sleep pants to her knees, baring a lily white bottom. “Oh, but I can, love, and if you ask me this is long overdue.”

Aurora immediately began bucking over his knee, screaming over her shoulder at him, “You bastard! Let me go right now! You have no right to do this to me!”

She continued to kick and yell at him, knowing this had to stop, she’d worked so hard not to crave this feeling… Aurora had to fight the need to submit to his dominance; that secret part of her she’d thought buried ached so badly it almost made her want to relax her body and take everything he gave her.

In a panic she screamed at him and called him everything but legitimate in a violent effort to suppress her need.

When he ignored her and began methodically slapping his hand down hard on her exposed backside, she shrieked in outrage.

“Aurora, you’ve been allowed to hole up in this house living some sort of half-life for far too long. Someone should have taken you and this situation in hand long ago, but since they didn’t, I guess it falls to me,” he told her matter-of-factly.

His hand continued to fall, so hard and fast she couldn’t keep track of the number of swats. Every swat left her ass feeling like she’d disturbed a nest of angry bees. Aurora began to buck, not to scream at him but in genuine effort to avoid the next swat.

No matter which way she rocked her poor bottom his hand still unerringly found its target, leaving her gasping in dismay as the heat in her seat continued to build. Her movements became more and more jerky as the spanking continued, her will to resist beginning to crumble under his onslaught.

“Are you beginning to see reason?” Donovan asked her as he continued to slap his hard palm down in no discernible rhythm.

“I’m beginning to see that you are the biggest dickwad in the free world!” she yelled in a last-ditch effort to hang onto her anger.

“Not quite ready I see,” he said and to her dismay his hand began to fall even harder, concentrating the smacks in one spot several times in a row before shifting to another spot to give it the same attention.

Aurora howled in outrage at the unfairness of the situation.

Soon her bottom was on fire and her shrieks of outrage changed to cries of pain and her insults to pleas… but still his hand continued to fall until with a sob of defeat Aurora collapsed over his lap, submitting to the punishment with soft, heartbroken sobs.

“Are you ready to listen to reason?” he asked.

“Yes, sir,” she said softly.

Ten swats harder than before landed directly on her sit spots in quick succession, then he rested his hand lightly on her throbbing red bottom. “Are you going to apologize for your rudeness?”

“Yes, sir, I’m sorry for the way I’ve been behaving,” Aurora said contritely; her poor ass was on fire and she was ready to say anything to end the spanking.

“Good girl,” he praised her and she frowned at the warmth that filled her chest. She didn’t want to feel warmth or anything else for this man. She was shocked when he stood her in the corner with her pants still around her knees and her red ass on display.

“Oh, hell no!” Aurora snapped as she started to turn around, only to be stopped by a firm grasp on her arm and a series of swats on the under curve of her ass that made her swing her hips in a futile effort to avoid them. Tears of embarrassment coursed down her cheeks as she found herself back in the corner with her nose firmly planted.

“Now while you think about how this meeting could have gotten off to a better start, I’m going to sit down and go over the edits you sent last night at three in the morning. Apparently we need to get you on a better sleep schedule too; that’s entirely too late for you to be up writing,” he said firmly as he sat back down.

Aurora kept her own counsel as she stood in the corner plotting revenge. Donovan might have the upper hand now but sooner or later he’d leave and once he was out of her home he’d never get back in again—even if she had to buy several vicious pit bulls and a killer raptor or at least a bloodthirsty parrot.