This week’s free story and a naughty excerpt from Rewriting the Rules!

Good morning everyone! I am  a few days late with this week’s free story and it’s another repeat. Next week I promise you shall have a new one, this week just got away from me. I have also included a hot excerpt for my new book Rewriting the Rules! Happy reading! ~Mo

Fantasy Fulfilled

She sighed as she leaned in to study her newly made up face in the vanity mirror. Then with a sultry smile over her bared shoulder, she looked back at the man she had tied to her four poster bed.

“Do you think it’s too much, Lover?”

He frowned and pulled at the silken bonds holding his wrists, “I think enough is enough. My tolerance for this little game is wearing thin, young lady.”

She pulled an artful pout, “You didn’t like the show?”

His eyes ran the length of her studied pose. The old fashioned silk taffeta number seemed to slide away from her skin in strategic areas, exposing her full round bottom and slender back to his gaze. Her every movement seemed to reveal another inch of creamy white skin.

He groaned when she added a shrug to her pout and the pink fabric slipped completely off her shoulder and gave a tantalizing view of one rounded breast.

“Tory, I said enough! Untie me.”

She stood and the rest of her outfit pooled at her feet. A slow smile graced her features as she turned to face him proudly, “Oh Lover, the games haven’t even begun.”

His throat went dry as she walked towards the bed. Her full breasts seemed whiter somehow, her nipples pointing demandingly at him with every step, tightening with every sway and bounce. He loved the way her waist nipped in neatly, it seemed to exaggerate the full swell of her hips below, and her slightly rounded tummy…the way her neatly trimmed mound was framed by her thighs…he wanted her.

He wanted all of her…in every way imaginable and he didn’t want to wait for her…he wanted to take her…to make her gasp with pleasure as he thrust deep and reminded her who was in charge.

He grew painfully hard as thoughts of mastering her swirled through his mind. So focused on the fantasy he was weaving he was almost surprised to find her standing next to him with a wicked grin on her face.

“Don’t you want to play my game?” her tongue came out to lick her full moist lips as she leaned down to run a finger lightly down the center of his chest.

“You’re going to regret this later if you don’t untie me this instant, Victoria.”
She placed her mouth over his and kissed him deeply, her tongue tangling all too briefly with his own before she pulled away.

She laughed when he groaned and tried to follow, gently pushing him back down, “I don’t think so Lover.”

The bed gave as she climbed up next to him, looking down at his naked body like he was a feast and she couldn’t decide what to eat first.

He closed his eyes and swallowed hard only to gasp in surprise when her felt her warm mouth close over his right big toe.

His eyes flew open to see that she’d straddled his legs, her round and full ass facing him with her legs slightly parted, hinting at the secrets that lay between them as she sucked his toe deep into her mouth and then swirled her tongue lightly around it. His shaft hardened more at the thought of her mouth there taking him deep.

He pulled at his hands wanting badly to grab her.

Her throaty chuckle filled the air as she felt the bed sway with his movements, “Liked that did you?”

She watched him over her shoulder as she sat up and ran her finger nails lightly up the insides of his legs.

He stiffened in anticipation only to be disappointed when she stopped just short of touching him where he most wanted to be touched.

She turned to face him and began kissing her way up his body; she started at his belly studiously avoiding his straining erection.

He tossed restlessly on the bed as tiny nibbling kisses were placed along his chest; the air nearly left his lungs when her small white teeth caught his flat nipple and tugged gently before laving it with her tongue.

“Oh God! Tory!”

“Is it good?” she asked, as her lips hovered once more above his own.

“Yess…,” he was surprised to hear his breath come out in a hissing gasp similar to the ones he usually brought from her.

She pressed her mouth tightly to his and sucked his tongue into her mouth alternating between stroking it with her own and sucking on it.

Then with a sigh of regret she pulled away once again, “That was lovely but I still have more work to do.”

Once again she turned to straddle him, this time placing her bottom a few inches in front of his face. He nearly came undone when her finger ran teasingly up the length of his cock.

She leaned in and blew softly on the head, smiling to herself as it jerked in response. Then she took the tip into her mouth running her tongue around the head before taking it deep.

His hips thrust helplessly upwards in response.

She savored him, enjoying his taste…her control.

When she knew he was close she stopped, climbing completely off him and the bed.

He cried out in disbelief, “Tory! You can’t stop there!”

“Well of course I can dear, I need to freshen up my lipstick,” she told him with a saucy wink.

He watched from where he lay helplessly bound as she did just that before turning back to study him.

“Do you want more, Lover?”

“You know I do.”

She swayed her hips enticingly as he returned to the side of the bed, “Are you sure?” She asked, as she ran another teasing finger up his chest.

“Damn it Tory…this has gone far enough!”

“But there’s so much farther to go.”

He alternately threatened, cursed, begged and pleaded as she brought him to the brink of orgasm again and again.

When she finally straddled him and took him deep his relief was so profound he cried out.

She sighed in pleasure and then frowned; this wasn’t going to get it. She’d so enjoyed teasing him but she’d teased herself right along with him and now she wanted him…no she needed him…deep and hard.

She rose up off him and untied his hands and feet.

The bed exploded in motion, but instead of taking her where she knew they both wanted to go, he flipped her neatly face down across his thighs.

“Wait Jacob! Can’t we do this later?”

“I’ve waited long enough Victoria!” then his hand connected to her white bottom with a satisfying smack.

They both gasped at the sound.

His hand began to fall in a relentless rhythm bringing her bottom to a bright red hue; then his hand ran lightly over the well-heated surface, his fingers lightly grazing the cleft between her cheeks. “Did you enjoy being a tease Tory?”

She panted and bucked back against his hand, “You know I did.”

He smiled as he eyed his handiwork, sending a finger deep in one strong thrust and enjoying her gasped response.

She moaned as he played her like an instrument, he always knew just how and where to stroke her to send her to the edge.

She whimpered when he pulled away and lifted her from his lap, “Jacob!” She wailed.

“Soon my sweet,” she needed very little urging to get up on her hands and knees next to him.

She looked back over her shoulder about to ask what was taking him so long only to cry out in dismay as when she saw him reaching to retrieve the wooden hairbrush from the bedside table.

“No Jacob!”

He caught her easily around the waist as she made a half hearted effort to escape, “Yes Tory.”

The brush bounced off her already tender bottom with a resounding crack.

She cried out as the sound was quickly followed by several more. Soon the only sounds in the room were the brush meeting her bottom and the whimpering cries it brought from her throat.

She screamed…no longer sure if it was from the stinging pain or the frustration of unfulfilled desire.
When her bottom was on fire the brush landed on the bed next to her head.

She looked back at him, tears on her cheeks, “Please…oh please…”

Then he was there…pounding into her just like she wanted…deep and hard.

It was a frenzied loving, both reaching the stars in a matter of moments and collapsing into a heap of arms and legs on the bed.

He pulled her tight into his body pressing his face into her hair; God how he loved this woman.

She grabbed his arm pulling it tightly around her as she pressed her flaming behind into his stomach; Lord she adored him.

She pressed a kiss into his hand.

He smiled sleepily into her hair, “What do you want to do tomorrow night?”


Now for the excerpt from Rewriting the Rules!


Ever since her last relationship ended in heartbreak, things have been going downhill for romance novelist Aurora Kane. Determined to revive Aurora’s career, her publisher Donovan Tate decides to take matters into his own hands.

Upon visiting Aurora at home and finding her wallowing in misery, Donovan makes it clear that he will be taking charge of her life, whether she likes it or not. When she tests his resolve, he does not hesitate to bare her bottom and spank her hard and thoroughly, and she cannot help begging for more as Donovan brings her to a quivering, shameful climax after the punishment.

Donovan’s bold dominance and masterful lovemaking rekindle Aurora’s passion and inspire her writing in a way nothing else has before, but painful memories of the past still lurk in her mind. Can she dare to hope that this love story will have a happy ending?

Publisher’s Note: Rewriting the Rules contains spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.


Donovan grinned as he pulled almost free of her body then slammed home again; Aurora just clutched the couch with a mewling cry. She’d scream for him by the time he was finished with her.

He continued withdrawing almost completely and slamming back inside to the hilt until she began to quiver around him again. Then he shifted his angle until he found a spot deep inside that made her moan a little louder as he drove deep.

He pressed hard against her and rotated his hips so the head of his cock ground against that little spot. Soon her cries were louder and her thighs were shivering as the orgasm built.

The little scream she gave when she came was better but still not what he wanted to hear. Donovan withdrew until just the head of his cock was inside her and pulled her hips out from the couch as he pressed her legs together.

He almost groaned out loud when he pushed back inside; she was an impossibly snug fit this way. Aurora felt the difference too as she yelled her pleasure loudly. He began going hard and fast, taking her so deep that each time he was in to the hilt, his upper thighs slammed against her well spanked bottom with a slap.

Donovan planned to show her no mercy, she needed this… and he found he needed it almost as much as she did.

He rode her at a relentless pace, until once again she came undone; this time hard shudders racked her body as she shouted her pleasure. He grinned and spread her wide again; now it was his turn. Donovan pounded in and out of her like a jackhammer until she screamed his name one last time and her pulsing sheath locked down on him like she’d never let him go, triggering his own orgasm and milking him dry.

Her body was still squeezing him, clamped tightly around his cock as he pulled free with a groan of pleasure. Aurora lay over the arm of the couch like a rag doll; Donovan lifted her to stand in front of him.

It was obvious she had trouble standing on shaky legs, so he eased her down onto the couch. She looked up at him with pleasure-glazed eyes and he grinned, tucking a blanket around her. Right now her features were soft and open… submissive.

Donovan leaned down until they were almost nose to nose. “I don’t ever want to hear what we do between us described as fucking again.”

She blinked. “I… well… it… ummm…”

“You’re trying to use it for distance. I’m onto your tricks, little girl, so it won’t work. Next time I punish you, there will not be orgasms on the menu, understand?” he asked with a raised brow.

“Yes, sir,” she said softly, looking away pensively. Then her eyes came back to his, tears filling them again and her chin quivering. “What do you want from me?”

“Everything… everything you are, everything you will be… everything and then some,” Donovan told her resolutely, pressing a kiss to her forehead before fastening his pants and then lifting her high in his arms and sitting back down with her cuddled on his lap.

Aurora stiffened at first then sighed deeply and relaxed into him with her face buried in his neck.

He smiled and rubbed her back, luxuriating in the feel of her in his arms. She fit like she belonged.

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