Sweet and spanky submission on free Friday!


I hope everyone has a fantastic Friday! Happy reading! ~Mo

Sweet Submission

I shivered as your breath hit the sensitive skin behind my ear, then your lips began to nibble up my neck and along the side of my jaw.  I tilted my head to the side to give you better access as you pulled the straps of my gown down my arms until it was a puddle of golden silk around my feet, leaving me naked.


I leaned back against your chest as your hand cupped my breasts, your fingers closing around the tight buds of my nipples tweaking them hard. My back arched in pleasure as I groaned, my arms coming up to wrap around the back of your neck as I pressed my breasts into your hands.


One thigh slid between my legs from behind as you continued to work my nipples until they were hard and as red as berries ripe for picking. “Have you been a naughty girl?”


I shuddered against you, “Yes sir.”


“What happens to naughty girls?” you asked giving my nipples on last hard tweak that wrought a low groan of need from my throat.


“They get spanked on their bare bottoms,” I told you breathlessly.


“That’s right,” you told me as you released me, leaving my back cold from the loss of your warmth. You caught my hand and led me to the side of the bed where you sat down drawing my naked body across your thighs.


I sighed in pleasure as your hand caressed the full globes of my bottom, then gave a little hiss as your palm lifted and returned in a sharp slap that seemed to reverberate through my core.


Your hand slapped down on my left bottom cheek ten times in quick succession making me buck over your lap then you moved to the right cheek and gave it the same. Your hand moved back and forth across my bottom in a rhythm of your own making until I could no longer contain my cries of pain.


The spanking stopped abruptly and then your hand was stroking over the tender hot flesh of my ass…stroking down the crack and slipping between my legs and into my wet heat.


The spanking had readied me for you, each swat sending a jolt of pleasure through my clit so when you drove two fingers deep within me I came almost immediately with a keening cry of pleasure.


“Good girl,” you praised me as you helped me off your lap and to my knees between your feet.


I looked up at you through my lashes, “May I sir?”


“You may,” you told me with a smile.

I quickly unfastened your slacks, pleased to find you weren’t wearing underwear as your cock sprang free and ready from the captivity of your pants. My hand circled the base as I leaned forward and hungrily engulfed you in my mouth.


My tongue played into the little slit at the head of your cock, licking into it as I sucked hard on the head of your cock. I moaned around you as I worked you in and out of my mouth continuously swirling my tongue around as I sucked you deep.


Your hands fisted in my hair pulling me off you until I finally released you from the prison of my mouth with a loud pop.  “No more baby, I need to be inside you.” You told me when I frowned up at you.


You lifted me to my feet and then pushed on the small of my back until I was bent over the end of the bed. Firm hands gripped each sore bottom cheek spreading me wide and then you drove deep taking me hard.


“Oh yes!” I cried out as you filled me up, stretching my inner walls wide around you. You hammered in and out of me without mercy driving me closer and closer to orgasm.


I slammed my hips back to meet your every inward thrust wanting every sensation you could provide until with a scream my body clamped down on your thrusting cock spasming around you.


You pounded back inside me with one last ruthless thrust, sending another spasm of pleasure through me as you came and bathing my inner walls with your hot seed. You pulled free of me and lifted me to lie on the bed before climbed in behind me holding me tight.


I grabbed the hand, around my waist and lifted it my lips to press a kiss into your palm, then entwined my fingers with yours as I drifted to sleep.


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