A little Dominance and submission on free Friday


It’s the weekend again! The revisions for the Reawakening of Aurora Kane is in the hands of my editor and will be released soon. I hope everyone has a lovely weekend.  Happy reading! ~Mo


I shivered as your hand slid up the small of my back leaving goose bumps in its wake. You leaned forward and nipped the edge of my ear before whispering, “Are you wet?”

A low moan escaped from my throat, “Yes sir.”

My arms were tethered above my head, securing me for your pleasure and eventually my own.

Weighted clamps tugged deliciously on my nipples, assuring I never lost the demanding ache between my thighs. I could feel my arousal trickling down my labia to the inside of my legs.

You were torturing me with my own desire…my need for you…every nerve ending in my body was alive and seemed to be straining towards you like flowers to the sun.

I was hyper aware of every stroke of your hand, even the most feather light touch along my torso making me shudder with need.

“Please,” I whimpered, overwhelmed by the ache that seemed to fill the center of my being.

Your palm slapped across my bottom, sending a jolt straight to my clit that made me groan. Again and again your hand landed, each stroke delivering stinging heat that reverberated through my core.

Tears streaked down my cheeks, as need seemed to overwhelm my senses…it was too much.

“Shhhh…,” you whispered softly, kissing away my tears. “I’ll give you everything you need and more baby.”

Firm hands caught my legs under the knees and lifted me, spreading me wide and then I felt the broad head of your cock against my weeping slit. You stayed poised there for a moment letting my juices bathe you lovingly before you drove deep, impaling me on your shaft.

I cried out as you filled me to the hilt, stretching me wide my body clamping down immediately as if to keep you there deep inside me. My legs wrapped tightly around you as you gripped my tender ass.

I loved the feel of you deep inside me, almost as if we were truly one in this brief moment. You chuckled into my neck, “I’m not going anywhere babygirl. I promise.”

Then you began to pull out though my legs tried to hold you, then when just the head of your cock rested inside you powered back in slamming against my cervix. My hands gripped the bonds above my head, seeking leverage as you began to hammer in and out of me driving me ever higher.

A high keening cry began to sound in the room and I realized it was me, unable to contain the pleasure rocketing through my body.

I shuddered around you as an orgasm overtook me but you didn’t show me mercy, still pounding into my spasming sheath and driving me from one pinnacle to another until the pleasure seemed to be without end.

You played my body like I was an instrument you had mastered, knowing exactly how to touch me…to fill me…to weave the tapestry of music only you could hear.

I sang for you, every cell of my body playing your concerto as I gave you everything I am and everything I ever will be.

Finally I screamed as the final note played, collapsing against you. My sated body sapped of strength but I knew I was safe in your arms.

You quickly released my bonds and carried me to our bed, holding me close and whispering what I good girl I was as you petted me.

I sighed sinking into you, my master…my home.

Together we are a masterpiece.


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