Sterling Scott stopped by with a spanky excerpt from South Pass Brides



Women conquering the Oregon Trail…

In 1848, the United States government was giving every man who settled in the Oregon Territory free land. Pioneer families by the thousands headed west on the Oregon Trail to capture a slice of this fertile countryside in the Willamette Valley for themselves. The promise of a homestead in the temperate climate along the west coast was irresistible. However, the trip was not without peril, and many failed to arrive.

After nineteen-year-old Olga is married off to an older man, the two begin their own arduous journey along the famous, but danger-filled Trail. Before too long, her naivety and nervousness give way to the joy of sex, despite the occasional bit of discipline her husband applies to her soft and gorgeous behind. Soon, though, tragedy strikes and Olga is left on her own. Until… 

Thomas, a lawyer in a previous life—well-off and pampered—sets out to make his own way in a new land in defiance of his overbearing father. His journey begins when he accepts a position crewing on a riverboat. When he learns of the gold discovered in California, he joins the rush to the west coast. Fate soon intervenes in the form of a new job scouting for the same wagon train on which three newly widowed women ride. His new task also involves caring for and disciplining the widows. He and Olga have a special spark, which causes Thomas to rethink his plans. The two begin their own journey west to claim a new land. And each other.

Thomas dreams of marrying for love, and not money. Olga dreams of having a loving husband and children. They seem ideally suited for one another, yet their journey to happiness is not an easy one. Along the way, the two face all sorts of dangers—both physical and emotional. How will they navigate the untamed lands of the new frontier? More importantly, how will they navigate an untamed emotional connection more powerful than any they’ve encountered previously?


“Come here,” Peter commanded. He pulled the chair from the washstand and sat in it. He patted his thigh.

“Oh, no, Mr. Graus, you can’t mean to—”

“I most certainly do intend to punish you. We should have had a conversation about how I intend to manage your discipline earlier. It is most definitely my intention to perform my husbandly duty as stipulated by the preacher.”

“But,” she took a breath, “he was talking about transgression with our Lord.” Olga knew that her father spanked her mother and that her argument was on shaky ground.

“You know that was not the only intention of the preacher’s words—his command to us as husband and wife.” Peter swallowed and patted his thigh again. “As this is the first time, I won’t be harsh—if you submit now.”

Olga realized that she had reached the end of her rope. If she persisted, he would overpower her and eventually have his way. The sounds of the tussle would certainly draw the notice of everyone in the boarding house. To avoid this humiliation, she surrendered.

Olga rose from the bed and took the three steps to her husband’s side.

“Lift your skirt.”

“No, please!” Her hands jerked back as if to shield her backside.

“Yes, your spankings will always be on the bare bottom. Your skirts offer too much protection.” He patted his thigh again. “Let’s get this over, quietly.” He whispered the last word. Olga began to lift the back of her skirt and petticoat. When she had the hem up to her mid-thigh, she bent over his lap.

Peter pushed the material up and over her bottom. He placed his warm hand on her bare flesh.

“As I said, I will not be harsh for your first spanking as my wife. However, be warned that repeated transgressions will be met with more severe punishment. Since you are new to this role as a wife, I will take the time to give you a maintenance spanking each day, perhaps in the mornings to ensure your obedience.”

“Peter, really—”

“Yes, that is what I have decided. You know what it means when I have decided an issue?”


He lifted his hand and applied the first swat. True to his word, the spanking was largely symbolic. Olga had received much worse from her mother. Peter applied the swats slowly, allowing their sting to full penetrate her thin skin before the next one. He spread them out to cover her entire bottom.

“There, how many was that?” he asked.

“Uh, I don’t know. I wasn’t counting.”

“You should always count. Let’s do ten more and I want you to count each one saying that you promise to do your duty as my wife.”

He smacked her derrière again, this time with noticeably greater force.

Olga grunted with the new pain. “One, I promise to be your dutiful wife.”

He repeated nine more swats, and she replied with nine more promises. Olga offered no resistance in an effort to hurry him along. She was concerned that the sharp report from these spanks could be heard in the hallway.

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About the Author:

Sterling Scott writes of his imagined adventures within the backdrop of actual historical events. While some of his stories are more fictional than others, he likes to entwine real events into a new version of how it should have happened. Additionally, he includes experiences from his life and those friends who have shared events with him.

When not writing, Sterling travels the highways and visits his children. He spends a lot of time playing with his first grandchild.

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