Free Friday a few days late but still spankalicious!

I hope you enjoy this week’s story. Sorry for getting it up so late, I’ve been under the weather. Happy reading! ~Mo



I woke to the feel of your body spooning mine from behind, cocooning me in your strength. I sighed and relaxed into you, loving the feel of my back against your front.

Then I stiffened as I remembered our fight the night before, I’d been a brat and when you called me to you I told you no and locked you out of our bedroom. Really it hadn’t been a fight as much as me staging an epic tantrum.

As if the stiffening of my body had been the signal you’d been waiting for you lifted my top leg and hooked it over yours and then I felt the broad head of your cock pressing against my wet core. It was almost embarrassing how ready my body always was for yours, whether I was prepared mentally or not.

“Wait,” I said starting to pull away but you slapped my thigh in warning.

“Shh…I think I heard quite enough from you last night didn’t I young lady?” you asked sternly.

“But I…” I couldn’t stop myself from trying to talk my way out of trouble now that I was out of the rebellious mode I’d been in the night before.

“Do you want out of our contract?” You asked.

I gasped, shocked that you would think that, “No sir.”

“Then you are mine to punish,” you said firmly.

My shoulders slumped as I submitted to my fate…to you, “Yes sir.”

No more words were needed as you pushed your hard cock into my waiting heat stretching me wide around your girth. I gasped as you took me fully with one thrust, the head of your cock butting against my cervix and your balls pressing against my entrance.

You held yourself still, planted deep inside my body, making me moan and rock back against you to get the friction I craved. Again you slapped my hip, stilling me as you rolled over bringing me with you and then pushing me up to my knees without losing our intimate connection.

Soon I was positioned with my chest pressed to the bed up on my knees, spread wide as you began to pound in and out of me. Your thick cock had me splayed completely open and I gasped when you snaked a hand around and slapped it down straight on my exposed clit.

I gasped as the stinging heat filled the area and then morphed almost immediately into intense pleasure. Again and again your hand fell to slap against my clit as you relentlessly pounded in and out of me until I began to tighten around you as the combination of pleasure and pain began to drive me towards orgasm.
“No,” you said succinctly and pulled completely out of my weeping channel while I wailed my frustration.

A hand on the back of my neck held me down while your hand began to fall hard and fast on my upturned bottom. You spanked me until tears began to leak from my eyes as the heat bloomed in my ass lighting a fire I was sure to feel well into the next day.

“Is it permissible for you to me no?” you asked.

“No sir,” I sniffled, yelping as five particularly hard swats landed in a row on my left sit spot.

“Is it okay for you to ever try to put a locked door between me and what is mine?”

“No sir,” I sobbed as the right sit spot got the same five swats.

“Who do you belong to?” you asked me.

“You…I’m yours to love…yours to nurture…yours to punish,” I said softly through my tears, surrendering to the moment…surrendering to you. Suddenly I needed this punishment more than anything, to free me from the ugliness of yesterday.

“That’s right,” you told me. “You belong to me. This ass is mine to punish.” Ten more swats landed on each sit spot making me clench the quilt beneath my hands in an effort to keep my position.

“Yes sir!” I gasped.

I couldn’t keep from bucking when five sharp swats landed on my clit. “This pussy is mine to pleasure or punish as I see fit.”

“Yes sir!” I wailed, caught between pleasure and pain as my clit swelled and began to throb in need.

I almost screamed in relief as your cock drove back inside me, taking me without mercy. You hammered in and out of me one hand gripping my shoulder to hold me in place as the other snaked back around me to catch my tender clit between two fingers and pressing it down so it rode your shaft with every thrust.

A keening wail of pleasure I barely recognized as my own rent the air as I shattered into a million pieces, fragmenting as my body spasmed beneath yours. You released my clit to grip my other shoulder as you rammed into me three more times the head of your cock slamming into my cervix and your heavy balls slapping against my overly sensitive clit driving my pleasure even higher.

“I can’t!” I cried almost frightened of the intensity building inside me.
“You can! Cum now!” you commanded and I exploded around you once more, my body clamping down on your cock and milking it. I moaned as I felt the heat of your seed splashing against my inner walls, bathing me in your essence and marking me as yours.

When I began to cry you pulled out and laid me on my back as you came down over me, your still hard cock sliding back inside; gently this time as you kissed away my tears. “I’ve got you babygirl…there’s my good girl.”

“I’m sorry,” I whispered around the tears clogging my throat.

“I know baby, it’s over…all’s forgiven. My sweet, sweet baby-love…I’ve got you and I’m never going to let you go.” You whispered as you let me feel your weight and I sighed in contentment.

You filled me…you surrounded me…you owned me…I was completely yours.


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