Spanking and romance at the zoo on free Friday!


Christmas is upon us! Were you naughty or nice this year? LOL! Spanks to you either way! Happy reading and a very Merry Christmas!!! ~Mo

Love at the Zoo

Holly gasped as she saw the monkey house and dashed away from Howard’s side to dash inside with an excited cry, “Monkeys!”

“Holly! Come back here!” he called, starting after her when she ignored him and disappeared into the building.

Howard shook his head with a sigh as he trudged after his often over-exuberant girlfriend of four years. He’d brought her to the zoo to propose, it was one of her favorite places but he’d forgotten how unruly she could get when they were there. It tended to be one mad dash after another as Holly tried to see everything at once rather than take a leisurely pace to enjoy the animals in the order they came.

He himself was a traditionalist; he liked to slowly make his way through the exhibits in an orderly fashion, watching the antics of the animals quietly. To say Holly’s approach was a bit different would be a gross understatement. She had a kamikaze pilot’s plan of attack for most things and she took no prisoners.

While he adored her zest for life, it also often got her into trouble and she then she needed Howard to step in take her in hand and clean up the fallout.

He found Holly standing on the short fence surrounding the deep chasm that separated the Gorilla enclosure from the rest of the primate house. His heart caught in his throat at the sight of her feet perched precariously on the second rail of the fence so she could lean over the deep rocky drop to take a picture of the huge silver back with her cell phone.

Howard put his hands on her waist and immediately plucked her down off the fence to plant her safely on the ground in front of him.

Holly had given a little scream of alarm that caused the big gorilla to growl and run back against the far wall. Once she was safely on the ground she glared up at Howard indignantly, “Howard! That was the perfect shot!”

“It wasn’t safe,” he intoned.

She rolled her eyes then turned hopefully back to the silver back only to have her shoulders slump in disappointment, “He’s gone. You scared him!” Holly said glaring before setting her lip in a determined pout.

He determinedly turned her to face him, lifting her face to his with a finger beneath her chin, “I want you to have a good time but you need to be careful and cognizant of safety precautions.”

Holly blinked up at him, “Cognizant of safety precautions?”

“Yes,” he said succinctly.

“Really Howard? We’re at the zoo! What are you eighty?” she looked at him in disbelief then gave a big long suffering sigh before turning away with a shake of her head. “Oh look the orangutan is out!”

That fast she was gone again and he was hurrying to catch up before she decided to pet the beast or something equally disturbing.

He found her madly snapping pictures of the mother Orangutan and the baby clinging to the fur of her neck while the mama concentrated her attention on the banana she was eating.

Howard was thankful for the glass partition that separated Holly from the large primate.

“Holly, I don’t want to dampen your enthusiasm but we really do need to discuss appropriate zoo behavior.” He began, wishing he didn’t always seem to be lecturing but he hoped to prevent the need to paddle her ass later by laying out clear parameters.

Holly turned from the mama and baby with another frown of disapproval, “Howard, lighten up! You are such a fuddy duddy.”

He pulled her to him, cuddling her close. “Darling you know I love your exuberance and I wouldn’t change a hair on your head but I need you to rein it in enough to behave safely. Be excited just don’t climb fences and walls that are in place to provide for your safety.”

She gave him a grudging smile as he leaned down and kissed the tip of her nose, “All right. I’ll try to be a little less…enthusiastic.”

Howard laughed at her sheepish expression; Holly smiled as the deep rumble of his laugh rolled through her like a warm caress. She adored his laugh and did everything she could to make it more frequent. She loved Howard, but he tended to be too serious and needed shaking up on occasion.

They walked out of the primate house hand in hand, Holly snuggled against his side for the moment though he knew it was only until her next gasp of delight and then she’d be off again. Her face would light up with a joy that seemed to come from her toes and explode through her small body until it was obvious to everyone that saw her expression.

No one could help responding to it, even Howard but it also often preceded and action that might give him a heart attack.

Everything went smoothly until they reached the alligators, she stayed calmly by his side pointing out the different animals but then he turned his back on her as a small child nearly knocked him over.

By the time he turned back around she was gone and he found her dangling over the glass fence of the alligator river leaning way down with her cell phone as if getting a close up of the primordial creature’s elongated teeth was imperative.

“Holly!” Howard exclaimed.

Holly started and lost her balance tipping further into the alligator pit making him rush forward to grab her by the leg and pull her to safety.

She spun on him as soon as she was back on her own two feet. “You nearly made me fall!”

“You shouldn’t have been up on that fence young lady,” he said sternly.

“I was perfectly safe until you startled me! You big…big…” she spluttered as if trying to find something vile enough to call him.

“Careful little girl,” Howard cautioned her.

Holly’s eyes narrowed on him, “Ass! You’re being a colossally pompous assed fuddy duddy!”

The woman standing next to them gasped and covered her young son’s ears making Holly roll her eyes again and turn on the lady in question. “He’s like fourteen lady! Get real!” she yelled as the young teen pulled his mother’s hands off his ears and glared at his mother.

“Yeah mom, it’s not like she said the ‘F’ word,” the boy said in disgust.

Howard corralled Holly before she could join in the mother and son discussion on appropriate behavior. “We have our own discussion on zoo behavior pending. Leave them to theirs.”

“Discussion?” Holly said, suddenly a little wary.

“Indeed,” he said as he led her away from the group of people surrounding the very bored looking alligator. He’d probably seen Holly as the most interesting possibility all day.

Howard marched her away until he found a quiet enclosed area probably designed for nursing mother’s to get away from prying eyes. He didn’t plan to give Holly sustenance but the bench he spied under the canopy of trees surrounded by a little privacy fence would serve him as well.

“Howard, I feel we need to talk about this…” Holly began as he seated himself.

“Really darling? I think you’ve talked more than enough as it is,” he said as he neatly tipped her across his thighs and tossed her skirts up over her back.

“Howard! We’re in public!” she cried in alarm trying to pull her skirt back down which he of course did not allow.

“You misbehaved in public. That didn’t bother you at all.” Howard said as he pulled her panties down to her knees.

“But…but…,” she spluttered as she wriggled over his lap.

“We are out of sight but if you don’t want anyone to see you getting your naughty bottom smacked I suggest you be as quiet as possible,” Howard told her firmly before bringing the hard palm of his hand down on her upturned bottom with a splat.

“Owwww!” she yelped as stinging heat immediately bloomed in its wake. Howard might plod through life at an annoyingly slow pace but he didn’t take the same approach to spanking at all.

No, instead his hand fell hard and fast with no discernible rhythm. Holly could only hand on to his leg and bite her lip in an effort not to make too much noise as his hand painted her ass what she was sure was a red bright enough to rival the reddest cherry on earth.

Or he was matching it to some brilliant color known only to him. His hand fell again and again until Holly finally collapsed over his knee with a soft sob of submission relaxing into his punishment.

Once, she’d fully submitted, Howard wasted little time pulling up her panties and righting her clothing before settling her in his lap and holding her close while she calmed.

“I’m sorry…I know I get carried away sometimes…I don’t mean to be a brat…I just…” Holly sniffled against his chest.

“I know baby, you just get caught up in the moment.” Howard said with a smile and he pulled her back from his chest so he could look into her tear bright eyes. He kissed her softly on her parted lips. “I wouldn’t change anything about you darling, I just need to keep you safe…you’re my everything and I love you more than words could possibly say.”

She smiled tremulously up at him, touching the side of his face, “You love me even though I’m a hot mess sometimes?”

“Even then. Besides, I will always be there to clean up the mess darling and rein you in when you can’t do it yourself. Do you know why?” he asked.

“Because I’m your hot mess?” Holly asked hesitantly.
“Because you’re my I Holly and I can’t imagine life without you. You bring laughter and joy to my life, things I never knew I was missing until I met you and now can’t imagine life without them.” Howard told her earnestly still holding her cuddled close on his lap.

She sighed with pleasure, “I love you too, even when you’re being a fuddy duddy or a stick in the mud.” Holly said before kissing him deeply.

Their tongues tangled briefly in a passionate kiss before he pulled back once more, his forehead resting against hers as he caught his breath.

“Holly?” he asked softly and she felt him reaching in his pocket.

“Yes Howard?” she asked.

He leaned back on the bench and held a small black box up between them making the breath catch in her throat. “I meant to do this in a much more romantic setting but…Will you do me the honor of being my wife?”

Tears filled her eyes anew as he opened the box to reveal a stunning princess cut diamond engagement ring. She actually thought the setting was perfect, snuggled on his lap with a hot backside she felt loved beyond measure…she felt like his in a profound way…his to love…his to spank…

Holly looked up at him with her heart in her eyes, “Yes please.”

Howard slid his ring on her finger, “I love you my irrepressible girl.”

She grinned a spark of mischief lighting her eyes, “I love you too my darling fuddy duddy.”


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