I have a taste of Primal Heat for you!

Primal Heat was originally published in a multi-genre anthology. I’m re-releasing my tiger shifter novella for 99 cents with a bonus story courtesy of Jack Crosby. Jack has added some well deserved hanky spanky action for a naughty mermaid which I hope you will enjoy. Quinn and Kyra’s story is one I thoroughly enjoyed writing. Hot and spanky excerpt below. Happy reading! ~Mo



Warning: This story contains adult situations not limited to spanking, oral sex, mermaid orgies, dominance, and so much more! Reader discretion is advised.

Kyra just wants to be left alone by the shifter community. She doesn’t want to take on a mate and she certainly doesn’t want to be forced into submission by some overbearing hulk of a creature. Yet her twin sister Kalypso is taking matters into her own hands. She knows Kyra’s destined mate (the tiger shifter Quinn) and with a little subterfuge, gets him to agree to kidnap her for a weekend fantasy. The problem? Kyra has no idea and she won’t be pleased. For Kalypso’s plan to succeed, Quinn will have to force out the inner shifter through some well needed spanking. This weekend is about to get real hot real fast.

Includes bonus story by Jack Crosby – Merciless: A Pirate’s Tale!

The Pirate Argus Fletcher gets caught up in a wild tale of epic proportions. What starts out of just a hurricane coming for Lost Haven turns into much more when he discovers Jormungandr, the World Serpent is creating it. With the help of everyone’s favorite Lust demon Roxanne, a talking sword, and mermaids more interested in breeding than anything else, Argus may have a chance. The high seas await matey, so come join the captain of The Black Cat – Argus Fletcher, the Merciless.


“All right little girl, it’s time for some answers,” a grumbling voice above her said sternly. Kyra squinted trying to adjust her eyes to the sudden bright light. He came into focus about the same time his scent hit her, wrapping around her comfortingly.
Shit! It was her mate…hell no…she was getting out of dodge immediately. Kyra had no plans to mate at all in her future.
She sprang from the trunk with a lithe grace the unknown shifter wasn’t expecting and spun to face him with a glare. Her hair was coming loose from its moorings and hanging rather haphazardly around her face and her glasses were at an odd angle, but she raised her hands in front of her ready to knock him for a six if he came at her.
“You can’t just go around kidnapping people!” she yelled.
“Don’t give me that line sweetheart. You paid me 4k to kidnap you and give you a fantasy weekend,” he told her with a little growl.
Kyra refused to let the big ox intimidate her, “That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard; you’re clearly delusional. I insist you let me go this instant or face criminal charges.”
“Stupid? Delusional? You better stop while you’re ahead little girl. I like a little role play on occasion but you aren’t going to get away pretending this whole scheme wasn’t your idea to begin with,” he told her firmly as he stalked towards her. “Now, would you care to explain to me why any of this was…oomph”
She stopped his words by rushing him and ramming her tied hands up into his chin while kicking him hard in the groin simultaneously. Unfortunately, she hadn’t checked her momentum and ended up knocking him on his ass with her sitting on top of him.
Kyra blinked down at him in surprise from her precarious perch on top of his chest, gasping when she saw the fierce gaze meeting her own. In a flash she was off him and running as fast as she could towards the tree line.
If she could make it to the trees she might be able to climb one and hide until it was safe to come down and seek help later. She pumped her short legs as fast as she could but she could hear him behind her and then she felt a rush of air over her head and the biggest tiger she’d ever seen landed in front of her causing her to skid to a halt.
Kyra looked to the left, trying to find somewhere to go a menacing growl brought her attention back to the beast stalking towards her; she swallowed hard and backed a step away for each one he advanced.
“Look…ummm…I can see where we might have gotten off to a bad start…but you did kidnap me…and I…now see here stop stalking me! It’s rude…and you’re making me nervous…stop it!” she groused at the big cat as it continued to advance. “I don’t taste very good at all and…and…” she squeaked when her back came up against a tree.
Kyra closed her eyes as she felt the tiger’s hot breath on her face preparing for the worst.
The deep chuckle was unexpected, “I bet you taste just fine, delicious in fact…we’ll find that out after.”
Her eyes sprang open to see the cat had returned to his human form, his very naked and impressively aroused human form. Kyra took in the huge erection then snapped her eyes shut again. “Do you mind? You’re naked!”
He laughed again then grabbed her around the waist and tossed her over one broad shoulder with a shake of his head, “I’m always naked when I shift back, tigers don’t wear clothes.”
She blinked, dangling down his back and unable to help ogling his well muscles backside as the muscles bunched beneath his skin. Trying hard to ignore the way the sight of his nicely put together form and scent made her body react. He could probably smell her arousal, the pool of moisture gathering between her thighs…her breath began coming faster as she sank deeper into the pool of desire his evocative scent was pulling her into.
Kyra shook her head trying to escape from the haze of need beginning to swamp her senses; this is why she’d left the shifter community. She’d never wanted to feel this way, powerless to resist the mating heat.
The thought of him tasting her as he’d suggested, his tongue lapping the moisture from her weeping core sent a shudder through her, then she frowned remembering his words.
“After what?” she asked hesitantly.
“After your spanking of course,” he said matter of factly.


Quinn nearly laughed out loud when she froze over his shoulder for the space of about ten seconds then began kicking and pounding on his back while she screamed like a banshee.
“You aren’t spanking me! You over grown wad of fur! Let me down this instant!” Kyra yelled while delivering a particularly vicious pinch to his exposed backside.
He responded immediately by slapping his hand down on her upturned bottom hard.
“Ouch! Asshat!” she yelled.
Quinn shook his head, “You just keep it up little girl. You are writing checks your bottom isn’t going to like in a few minutes.”
“Who do you think you are?” Kyra hissed over her shoulder.
He sat her down on her feet in front of him and looked down at her, “You know exactly who I am Kyra.”
“You’re the asshat that kidnapped me and is now threatening me with bodily harm! “She yelled up at him.
“Try again,” Quinn growled. “And no more of that kidnapping business you know good and well you hired me to kidnap you.”
He frowned when her jaw dropped in obvious shock, “What do you mean I hired you?”
“You came into my office at the beginning of the week and requested a tiger shifter to kidnap you and provide a weekend of passion. You paid four thousand dollars for the fantasy weekend.” He told her watching her face.
“Four thousand dollars! Are you insane, I’d never pay that kind of money for sex and I would not have picked a tiger…lord knows you aren’t my fantasy!” she said scathingly as she crossed her arms over her chest.
Quinn growled at her again, “You can deny it all you want to little mate, but you and I both know your body is creaming for me. I can smell it.”
He enjoyed the color that filled her face, “It is not! And don’t you call me mate!”
“Of course I’ll call you mate. That’s what you are and don’t lie to me. Lie to yourself all you want to but never lie to me,” Quinn said firmly.
“I’m not lying but if I wanted to I would! You aren’t the boss of me!” Kyra said sullenly.
Quinn began to stalk towards her once more, the intoxicating scent of her arousal filling his nostrils despite her denial to the contrary.
Kyra retreated with his every step forward then she seemed to shake herself and stepped towards him with a glare, shaking her small fist at him, “Stop stalking me! You’re making me nervous!”
“Good. You should be nervous,” Quinn told her with a feral grin.
“Asshat!…ohh!” she cried as he finally lost patience and pounced again, going down on one knee and tossing her over the upturned one. “You can’t do this!”
“I not only can, I will…you will learn not to lie to your mate and you certainly will not call me names,” he told her as he worked the ugly tweed skirt up over her hips then pulled her panties down her writhing legs and completely off.
“You aren’t my mate!” Kyra yelled.
“Yet another lie,” he said as he brought his hand down hard low on the under curve of her bottom making her yelp. Quinn brought his hand down ten times hard in the exact same spot.
“Ooohooo! Please…oww…not the same place…oowww!” she cried getting desperate to escape his punishing palm. He obliged her by giving the other side the exact same treatment. By the time the tenth swat had fallen she was hanging limply over his knee and sobbing softly.
Forcing himself to be firm he spread her legs on either side of his and sank two fingers into her wet heat.
“Oooh!” Kyra cried out and her back bowed in response to his intrusion.
“Do you still try to deny your body is weeping for my possession?” Quinn asked her as he drove his fingers in and out of her increasingly tight body.

Want to see if Kyra is able to avoid becoming Quinn’s mate? Buy link below for more Tiger shifter dominance.

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