Jaye Vasquez is here with a hot excerpt from My Dominic

Excerpt from My Dominic by Jaye Vasquez

“I want you to relax, Jenna. This is a flogger and it will sensitize your body wherever I use it.”

I nod. Dominic starts whipping me with it on my ass, alternating between cheeks, at first it shocked me, but the more he started doing it, the more I relaxed and wetter I became. I hate to say it, but the flogger was kind of therapeutic for me.

Next, he gets some nipple clamps. I may not be a full time kinkster, but I know what nipple clamps are.

“These are adjustable, baby,” he says as he lets me move just a tiny bit to get them on.

They have a long chain across my chest connecting the two.

Fuck! They hurt, but the bite of them is making me need Dominic’s cock.

Dominic takes a minute to admire the view. “Jenna, you look so beautiful and delicious like that, I think I need to taste you.” And just like that, I feel Dominic’s lips on my pussy, between my folds licking up and down.

“Dominic, please, fuck me now,” I tell him with a moan.

He spanks my ass. He stops licking me. “I tell you when you’re ready, not the other way around.”



Book Blurb:

Jenna Avery is fierce and independent. With a promising legal career and a place of her own, a steamy romance with her gorgeous client, Dominic James, is just what her life needs.
But Dominic has a secret.
When a partner at her law firm starts harassing Jenna, she is caught between keeping her mouth shut and not risking her chance for promotion… or telling her boss, and risking her career. Can her career and her relationship survive the struggle?

That sounds like a super hot read! Grab your copy on the link below! You know you want to! Happy reading. ~Mo

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amazon author link with bio: https://www.amazon.com/-/e/B01N67E76N

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