It’s a hot bottom for free Friday!


It’s Free Friday! I hope everyone had a happy turkey day! Happy reading! ~Mo

The Sweetest Pain

I waited breathlessly from my position bent over the bed; I could feel you behind me…your pant legs brushing up against the back of my thighs…the heat of your body filling me with warmth. A heartbeat passed and then another, my breath getting more and shallow as you prolonged the agonizing wait.


Suddenly your hand clapped off my left sit spot with a loud slap that seemed to echo in the silence like a gunshot leaving stinging heat blooming in its wake. The force of the swat brought me to my toes as my body absorbed the exquisite sensations.


I loved when you used your hand, the feel of the skin on skin contact filling me with delight. It only happened when it was a spanking for our shared enjoyment; never in true punishment. Punishment always involved implements of your choosing to teach me the error of my ways.


Generally, I never required more than one such lesson on the same subject matter. I avoided punishment like the plague, doing my best to be a good girl or at the very least appear to be one.


Pleasure was an entirely different matter, I loved the feel of your hand slapping rhythmically off my bottom…bringing me right to the edge of what I could take…rubbing across my heated flesh between swats and occasionally making teasing forays into my wet heat.


You would alternately spank me and stroke me until I was almost mindless with need…drawing out my pleasure…your pleasure until the climax was intense enough to steal the very air from the room and leave us both gasping; clinging to one another as we recovered.


I yelped when your hand began to fall harder on my upturned bottom, the swats almost more than I could take…”Do I have your attention again?” You asked and I could almost hear the smile in your voice.


“Yes sir!” I answered quickly as the throb in my bottom beat in time to the pulse riding my clit.


“I think I’d better give you a few with the spatula, to ensure I have your complete focus.” You told me, chuckling when I gave a mewling protest. I hate the wooden spatula and you know it.




“Were you not just miles away from me?” you asked.


I sighed, “Yes sir.”


“Then I think at least ten with the spatula will help you remember to keep your mind on the present don’t you?” The reasonable tone you used always made it so hard to argue, especially when I had drifted away.


“Yes I suppose,” I said with a touch of petulance.


Swift reprisal came in the form of said spatula clapping off each sit spot hard and fast. “I beg your pardon? Would you care to rephrase?” You asked. I didn’t have to look over my shoulder to see your arched brow; I could practically feel it as you watched me awaiting my response.


I took a deep breath reigning in my attitude, “Yes sir.” The lot of a submissive was that a fun spanking could turn into a very real punishment if a girl didn’t watch it.


“Good girl, we said ten didn’t we?” you asked as if I’d said anything one way or another.


“Yes sir, we said ten.” I took a deep breath well aware these swats wouldn’t be nearly as fun but the heat they left in their wake could end up making this a climax of legends if I minded my p’s and q’s.


When you hand came to brace in the small of my back I knew what was about to happen, I gave a small moan of dismay and you didn’t disappoint. The spatula landed hard on my left sit spot and four more landed in the exact same spot almost faster than I could process.


My right foot kicked up in protest as a squeal of pain escaped me, “Foot down.”


I immediately put my foot back down holding my position and then the spatula came to visit my right sit spot. I could do it, five wasn’t so bad…I’d experienced much worse in punishment but then of course by the time the fifth swat landed my left foot had flown up in an involuntary effort to protect my vulnerable bottom.


“Foot!” you commanded and I put it back on the floor.


“I’m sorry,” I said contritely it truly had been reflexive.


You patted my hip lightly, “It’s okay just keep your feet down.”


I sighed when your hand began to skim across the blistering hot skin of my lower bottom cheeks, the spatula had left them aching but also incredibly sensitive. You continued to rub for a minute, ghosting your fingers through the wet heat beginning to slick my inner thighs before lifting your hand and delivering another barrage of spanks to my left sit spot.


I gasped but also couldn’t resist pushing my bottom out to meet your hand, somehow the pain was morphing into something else…I craved the feel of your hand clapping off my tender ass…I needed it.


My back arched and I pushed my bottom out further as your hand fell again and again in a relentless tattoo covering every inch of my lower bottom cheeks several times over. I shuddered as sweet tears began to fall from my eyes then your hand was back slipping between my legs and driving two fingers deep inside my wet core.


Your thumb played across my clit and I came with a scream, my body locking down on those thrusting fingers as you worked my need channel hard. “That’s right cum all over my hand.”


Your magical fingers continued to work in and out of my wringing every ounce of pleasure from my body. Then you were spanking me again, hard measured swats driving me higher and higher…my body aflush with pleasure and need.


“What do you want?” you asked me as you delivered another deliciously stinging swat to my sensitive ass. “What do you need?”


“Your cock,” I whispered softly…my voice husky with need.


I shuddered when I felt the broad head of your cock prodding my clasping entrance “Is this where you want me?”


“Yes! Please!” I cried trying to push back to impale myself on your length.


“Beg me for it,” you ordered. “Beg me for my cock or I’ll put it away.”


I didn’t think for an instant you’d actually put it away but wasn’t going to take the chance, “Please…please give me your cock!” I begged letting my need feel my voice.


“I’ll always give you what you need,” you told me as you slammed deep inside me taking me hard. The head of your cock bottomed out against my cervix and I shuddered in pleasure.


You pulled out almost to the tip and then slammed back inside giving me the long hard strokes I craved, your balls bouncing against my ass with every inward thrust. Your thighs slapping against my sore ass and keeping the sting alive, as if your body was continuing to spank me.


I began to chant as my pleasure grew and built towards an intense climax. “Yess…yess…please…please…yes…harde…harder!”


You began to pound in and out of me in a relentless rhythm until with a scream I came jerking beneath you…my inner muscles clamping down hard on your still moving cock and spasming around it.


You continued driving in and out of my driving me through one orgasm and hurtling me towards another, then you drove deep and began to grind against a wondrous spot high inside me.


The pleasure stole my breath and I could only pant as it wrapped around me and I began to see spots behind my eyes and then I came again as shudder after shudder filled me…it was almost more than I could bear but I never wanted it to end.


Your teeth clamped lightly down on my shoulder as you emptied into me, your heat splashing against my walls and making me shiver in another orgasm until you collapsed on top of me both of us trying to breath as our bodies recovered from the intensity of what we’d just shared.


I groaned when you pulled free of me my body still pulsing with aftershocks of pleasure, I snuggled into your chest when you pulled me into your arms and lay back with me on the bed.


“My sweet, sweet little sub,” you whispered into my hair.


I smiled as I pressed a soft kiss into your chest happy to be yours and you mine. 


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