Susannah Shannon is in the house to talk about her new book Rare!

Susannah Shannon is here to talk about her new book, Rare. I love this series and can’t wait to sink my teeth in to this one.

This year not just the turkey will be roasted.
After six months in Chicago filming her TV show, Cass is delighted to be returning to Alaska. But the move home raises a number of questions. How is it possible that she loves Killian more with every passing day? Why is he so determined to take a wooden spoon on their flight? What do the people of Slick Trench think about Hazel’s ambition to bring more business to their small town? Why does Killian seem to be determined to keep the lodge just the way it has always been? Even if they do go ahead, can they get the construction project done in time to begin filming at the lodge? What is the perfect way to roast a turkey? Is ginger good for anything other than the pumpkin pie?
The true love, small town characters, laugh out loud humor, steamy sex and Cass’s even more scorched bottom are what make this book of the Cass Chronicles series so deliciously Rare.
DISCLAIMER: This book contains the spanking of adult women and elements of power exchange. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase this book.



“Young lady,come with me,” he whispered. She felt butterflies in her stomach and stood up. He took her laptop from her and with his other hand under her elbow led her to a storage room.
“Are we actually going to do this?” she whispered.
“Oh yes we are, darling girl. I told you to buy some food and you didn’t.”
“You said that was my warning,” she playfully protested.
“And then I found this spot and I changed my mind,” he answered. He pressed his back against the door, and tucked her under his left arm. “Put your elbows on the door, honey,” he said. No one could walk in on them, there was some relief in that. Still, she was worried about
the noise. “No one is nearby, now is arguing with me a good idea, right now?” Well, the answer to that was a resounding no. So she leaned across him and braced her elbows against the door.
He wrapped his arm around her waist and laid her skirt up over her back. He wasted no time in vigorously applying the wooden spoon. It stung and left tiny fireworks in its wake. She shimmied and buckled at the knees. “Now stay still, or it will be worse,” he chided with no
sternness in his voice whatsoever. Just as it was beginning to not be fun for Cass, he stopped.
How did he always know that? She wondered. He slid his hand between her legs and it took his strong fingers about a minute of tweaking before she came, burying her moans in her own hands.
She caught her breath. Turning around, she dropped to her knees, he had somehow already gotten himself unzipped. She pulled him into her mouth sucking hard while his hands gathered
up her hair. She swirled her tongue around his cockhead, willing him to come in her mouth. He did and then it was his turn for his knees to buckle in pleasure. “Goddamn, baby” he muttered.
“I know,” she responded, smoothing her skirt over her hips. “You were a genius for marrying me!”
They peered around the door as they left, hoping no one was in the hall. #3(R)
Surveying the clean kitchen, she gratefully wrapped her arms around his waist. “My God,
I love you.” she whispered.
He reached back around her and cupped her bottom with his hands. “Right back at ya, baby.”
She was delighted to feel his erection pressing against her. Being irresistible rocked. Setting down her cup of coffee, she reached back and stroked him. His lips were hot on her neck. She whirled to face him and pulled him closer to her. Decisively she unbuckled his belt and
pushed him to the ground. She whipped off her PJ pants with a stripperesque move and with a flourish straddled him impaling herself with one hard thrust. His hands grasped her thighs as he
pumped underneath him and she arched her back like she was riding a mechanical bull. Killian reacted to the voice before she did, reflexes honed by years of tracking animals. It was the voice of her nightmares. “Yoo hoo—kids,” her mother’s voice sailed tinnily on the air.
Cass leapt off her husband so fast that for a split second she was afraid she’d broken his cock off.
Killian was able to hoist his jeans up while Cass hustled into the pantry to put her pants on. She had forgotten they were arriving. Barb had returned to teaching and her school was now on some
inexplicable calendar. It seemed to her daughter that every other week school was closed. Barb and Ken had come to spend the week before Thanksgiving in Slick Trench.
“I’m so sorry, we didn’t meet the ferry,” Cass heard Killian say.
“Oh it’s fine, that nice girl from the pizza place ran us over.” Only Barb would ever think any of the girls who worked at Slick Trench Pizza were “nice.” Cass grabbed the first thing she could reach and tried to saunter nonchalantly out of the pantry. “Hi, Mom, hi, Dad. I was just
grabbing something for lunch.”
Her father’s brow furrowed as he looked at what was in her hands. “Lightbulbs?”

That was hot stuff! A definite obe-click for me. How bout you? Happy reading! ~Mo

Susannah Shannon lives in the Midwest with her family. She is fascinated by the dynamic of a smart, independent woman who longs to submit to that one special man. She thinks sexy and spanky can also be funny. She can be found at
please come chat or
the delicious recipes from the “Cass Chronicles” can be found at


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