Jack Crosby is in the house talking about his new book!!!

My friend Jack is here with a hot excerpt from his new book, The Electric Mile! This book looks deliciously intriguing! One-click your copy today! Jack Crosby never disappoints! Happy reading! ~Mo



Hot Excerpt:

I’m not sure what came over me, but I had a need to close in and give Ali the biggest kiss I could give her.  The red head AI didn’t back away.  No, she actually escalated the issue by grabbing my crotch.  A little of this and a little of that later, her cat suit was unzipped in just the right place and I was getting ready to put it in.

“Is this legit?  I mean, I can keep going?”

Between pants, “Shut the fuck up, Vector and stick that cock in me!”

I didn’t need to be told twice.  I wasn’t exactly Mr. Lady’s Man in the real world, so a chance to fuck this hot piece of ass was too tempting not to take.  Oh my lord, did it feel unbelievable as I put it in.  There was no way I was lasting very long and the lustful look in her eyes told me it was okay to let one go quickly.

And ho boy did I.  An orgasm that seemed to never end began filling up Ali’s sweet pussy.  The little redhead minx began nibbling on my ears as I was finishing; that was her way to ensure I didn’t go limp after.

When the first orgasm subsided, we fell to the floor with her on top.  She pinned me down by the shoulders with her hands and closed her eyes.  “Ughhh, thank the maker for this feeling!  When they told me that a player would be the one to unlock my full potential, I laughed.”

How in the world could she have a serious conversation while I was balls deep inside her?  “Unlock… potential?”

She stopped going in circles and began just riding me up and down.  “Yes, yes, yes… your juices are going to level… me… UP!!!”

Ali began to tighten around my shaft and jerk, which caused me to once again deliver the goods right into her.  Did AI’s need birth control or condoms?  Whoops, too late for those questions.  The second orgasm, in conjunction with hers was ever more amazing.  I didn’t stop slamming it into her until the final drop was spent.

Her eyes came back from being rolled up in her head.  “I can’t even begin to tell you how much I needed that.  The NPC’s in this game just don’t have the imagination that a player from the real world would.”

I took that as a compliment.  “Thanks, glad I could assist.”

There was another low chime, a bit different from mine.  Ali smiled, “It looks like I just leveled up too.”

“What level are you at?”

“Thirty-eight– I’m getting closer to the level fifty cap.”

And with that, I was once again completely amazed.  “How fucking cool is that?”



From the mind that brought you Death Among Us and Derrick Grimm…

Ash Wilde (also known by his gamer handle of Vector) doesn’t have the greatest of lives. Besides being a homeless high school dropout, he doesn’t even have enough money to buy a burrito. Don’t worry though, things will get better for him. You see, as one of the world’s greatest gamers, he’s about to get up close and personal with the world of The Electric Mile, the rage of players everywhere. What’s so great about this game? No one’s beaten it, yet.

Once he gets pulled into the game’s master file, Ash discovers there’s a lot more going on than a normal game should have. With the help of some busty beauties, Ash decides to help everyone by beating the game from the inside. What follows is crazy, action packed, naughty adventure that answers one very important question: Can anyone survive The Electric Mile?

**Reader warning – this book contains love, and happiness, and puppies – err wait no it doesn’t. This book actually contains a lot of sex, cursing, plenty of rock and roll references, possibly a semblance of a storyline(?), and a questionable main character. Did I also mention sex? That too. Reader discretion is advised**

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