Free Friday is here again!!


Have a fantabulous Friday! As promised a brand spanking new story this week! Happy reading! ~Mo

Peace in His Arms

She was tied spread eagle on the bed…naked and blindfolded waiting for him to touch her again…the wait was excruciating…her breath coming faster with each moment.

Was that a slight touch she felt along left her side? Just the softest whisper of sensation and then it was gone. Another almost nonexistent caress along the right side, he was playing with her…teasing her.

She whimpered doing her best to hold position…still he said nothing…the silence in the room magnifying every sensation. Something tickled across the pebbled nipple of her left breast wringing a mewling little cry from her lips as she strained against her bonds, wanting to press into whatever continued to twirl lightly across the tight bud over and over.

“Please!” she cried as her head thrashed on the pillows.

His only response was a sharp swat to her swollen labia making her body jerk as she gasped. She knew it was the riding crop with the little flat leather paddle at the end she braced herself for more punishment, knowing she was supposed to have been silent.

He didn’t disappoint, the little paddle snapped down on her bare mound four more times in quick succession leaving her entire labia in stinging awareness. She imagined her lips had grown even puffier from both the small punishment and her increased desire.

She could feel moisture weeping helplessly from her core, trickling down her inner thighs and along the cleft of her ass.

He’d been teasing her so long a fine sheen of sweat covered her body, every nerve ending felt alive…every inch of skin on her entire body seemed to be crying out with a need to be stroked…caressed…tears of raw need began to leak from her eyes as her agonizing wait continued.

“Shhhh…does my baby need some relief?” he asked, in smooth controlled tones.

“Please…please…please….” She almost chanted.

She groaned as she felt him climb up on the bed between her legs and he parted her still sensitive labia with his fingers and then she gave a slight buck of her hips as his tongue licked through her wet slit.

He moaned as he lapped up her cream, her body obliging him by producing more for his greedy consumption. She gave a soft cry of pleasure as his throaty moans sent delicious vibrations through the entire area then zeroed in on her needy little clit.

As she felt his lips close over her stiff clit one thick finger sank deep into her slick channel.

“Ooohhh…,” she cried out, a shudder going through her body, an orgasm hovering from just that first stroke.

His finger worked in and out of her as he began to suck her clit hard, “Are you going to be a good girl and cum on my fingers?” He asked around her clit.

“Yess….please…yes…” she cried her hips now rocking up and down as much as possible with her restraints to take more of his finger. When a second finger joined the first, stretching her open more she came with a little scream.

He continued to work his fingers in and out, as she spasmed around his fingers.

He pulled his fingers free and gave her still pulsing slit one last lick before he moved away but then she felt the broad head of his cock pressing against her entrance without pushing inside.

“Oh please! Yes! Please!” she yelled, trying to press up to capture his cock but he held her down continuing to tease her opening with the head.

He pulled back and then his cock slapped down on her wet mound making her jerk in response. His cock slapped down on her pussy again and again, making a wet smacking sound.

Every little swat of his cock drove her need higher and higher until she felt almost mindless…the sweet ache of need grown to almost epic proportions.

“You want my cock?” he asked.


“Beg for my cock,” he told her as he pressed just an inch or so inside stretching her opening exquisitely around the broad head.

“Please…please I need it…” she cried.

“Beg me,” he commanded as he pressed another inch inside her greedy channel. “Beg me or I’ll take it out.”

“Please…I need your cock so bad…please…fill me up…please!” she cried out.

“Good girl,” he told her driving deep inside and groaning as her tight walls enveloped him in their slick depths.

The feel of him stretching her wide around his girth and pressing relentlessly deeper as she took his whole length. Finally, he bottomed out against her cervix his balls resting against her ass.
She moaned loudly as she began to rock her hips helpless, trying to fuck herself on his thick cock. She wanted him to move.

“You want me to move baby? You ready to cum on my cock?” he asked.

“Yesss…ohhooo…yes…” she whimpered as she continued to rock on him.

Then he began to pull free all the way until just the tip rested against her entrance. She cried out at the emptiness he left behind then he slammed back inside.

“Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!” she yelled.

His hand gripped her ass and he began to take her in long hard strokes, pulling almost completely free before filling her up again.

She loved the way he stretched her open with each inward thrust as he pounded into her, her body began to tighten up beneath him as he rode her hard.

Her breath came in soft pants as she neared an explosion of pleasure. Every time he slammed inside he ground against her clit driving her higher and higher…pleasure building on pleasure until she screamed his name as her body clamped down hard on his pistoning cock and milked it dry.

“Good girl…that’s my good sweet girl,” he said pressing kisses against her hair as he came deep inside her leaving them both shuddering in the aftermath.

He rested over her for a minute as he caught his breath, before he pulled free sending another aftershock of pleasure through her.

He carefully undid her binds and took off her blindfold before gathering her tight in his arms, pressing kisses all over her face as he praised her.

“Sleep babygirl,” he told her as he cradled her against him.

She gave a soft breathy sigh of peace and fell asleep safe in the arms of the man she loved.


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