Impatience gets her a little more than she bargained for on free Friday

It’s Friday again! Hope you enjoy today’s offering.  Happy reading! ~Morganna
Not Without Permission
She waited bent over the edge of the bed, wetness already dripping from her core to her inner thighs. She groaned and shifted her legs wriggling her bottom from side to side.

He’d told her to strip get in a position and wait with her legs spread shoulder length apart. She moaned and pressed her breasts into the bedding wriggling a little to get some friction on her tight nipples.

“Shouldn’t a good girl spanking be on my terms?” she muttered under her breath.

“Not really, I’m always in charge.” He said from right behind her making her jump.

She groaned and pressed her face into the mattress, “I didn’t know you were in here.”

He laughed, “Obviously. Surely if you’d realized you wouldn’t be rubbing your nipples against the comforter and shifting your legs to put some pressure on your clit because those things could alter the good girl status of your spanking.”

“Please…I’m sorree…my clit is just all throbby and my nipples ache…I just…,”

“You were just being impatient and very naughty,” he told her firmly.

Her breath came out in a huff and her shoulders slumped a little, “Yes sir. I was.”

“What should I do about that?” he asked curiously.

“Spank my bottom hard,” she said softly.

“Hmmm,” he said as he walked behind her and she felt the heat of him against the back of her legs. She gave a startled yelp when his hand suddenly clapped up between her legs and slapped her nether lips hard. “It seems like this would be the area deserving punishment.”

“Oooohhoooo,” she moaned loud and low when his hand clapped off her tenderest flesh a second time.

“Reach your hands under you and hold yourself open for me,” he commanded, his dark voice rolling through her like a silken ribbon and wrapping around her as she complied.

Her hips bucked when he began slapping his hand against her clit, spanking it repeatedly building layer upon layer of stinging heat on the already sensitive nub. She felt it bloom under his attentions swelling and hardening as pain and pleasure intermingled.

She was right on the edge of orgasm when he stopped and began applying his hand with vigor to her left sit spot. He spanked her hard, his hand falling several times in the exact same spot before moving over a little and doing the same thing.

She moaned and whimpered as the stinging heat filled her ass, as he worked his way across the tender crease between her ass and thighs until it all felt branded then he started back at the beginning.

“Owww…please…not there…not there…somewhere new! Oh please!” she cried as he laid ten very hard swats in a row on the already sore under curve of her left bottom cheek. Tears gathered in her eyes and spilled down her face as he ignored her pleas. Moving to give the right cheek the same treatment and then coming back to the left side.

He continued the same pattern ten in a row on the left side…ten on the right then back to the left until she collapsed into the mattress with a sob. “I’m soreeee…I should have held position…I’m sorrreee…ooooooohoooooooooo!”

She ended on a wail of pleasure as two fingers thrust inside her hard, his thumb his other hand coming around to slap his fingers lightly against her impossibly swollen clit. She came immediately clamping down on his pumping fingers with a soft scream.

“Good girl,” he told her flipping her to her back and spreading her wide as his mouth came to clamp down on her clit and sucked it hard. She thrashed and bucked wildly against his face as he drove her from one peak to another in a maelstrom of pleasure. Then his tongue licked inside her deep curling against her sensitive inner walls as she rode out the intense climax. So overwhelmed she barely noticed when he pulled away.

She looked up to find him looming over her naked, her arousal still shining on his face and lips, he had his cock in his hand thick and heavy. He began to slap it against her wet mound, spanking her with it.

She moaned loudly, enjoying the wet sound it made as his cock bounced off her sodden slit. The crest of his cock began to glide through her slick lips zeroing in on her aching clit and grinding against it.

“Please…please…please,” she began to chant, panting and aching with need.

“What do you want?” he asked.

“Your cock…please…,” she begged.

“You want my cock inside you baby?” he asked.

“Yes please,” she said breathlessly.

He dipped just the very tip of his cock head  into her heat…barely an inch then pulled out…teasing her, the thick head exquisitely stretching her tender opening then withdrawing the delicious pressure. He did this over and over again until her head was tossing restlessly on the mattress.

She tried to buck up and impale herself but he held her fast teasing her until she almost felt mindless with need. Then he slammed inside her to the hilt taking her hard and fast.

The head of his cock slammed against her cervix as he began to piston in and out of her lick a jack hammer. Her mouth opened but no sound escaped as he overwhelmed her with ecstasy.

Driving her from one orgasm straight into another shooting her pleasure higher and higher until she fragmented into a million pieces. Her body bucking and spasming beneath his as her inner muscles clamped down so hard on his still driving cock he could barely manage to move it in her slick heat.

When she jerked hard and spasmed on him in a vise grip he followed her over the edge with a guttural groan. She shivered as his heated seed splashed off her inner walls. Her clit and eager channel still spasming and clenching around him as her pleasure seemed to have no end.

Finally, she collapsed against the bedding unable to move with his weight pressing her down. She loved the feel of him over her…still a part of her…in this moment they were one…united against the world.

She felt loved…at peace…all the outside noise silenced in these precious moments.


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