A sexy spanking on free story Friday!

Happy Friday! I hope you all have a lovely weekend.  Happy Reading! ~Mo
Yours to Take

I waited naked, on my hands and knees, a blindfold over my face. I knew the minute you entered the room and I couldn’t suppress a shiver of excitement. You came to stand behind me, I felt the heat of your body through your jeans.

A warm hand slid down my naked back and across my upturned bottom, rubbing over my soft skin in a gentle caress. My breath caught in the back of my throat when the heat of your hand left my bottom then I jerked with a gasp when it landed hard on my left sit spot.

This was not a punishment, far from it but still the first stinging swat is always a surprise. You gave me little time to think about it though because it is followed quickly by several more in succession, each one increasing the heat and sting in my posterior as I grow wetter and wetter between my thighs.

You continue to spank me, the pace and strength of your swats increasing until my entire bottom feels hot. Then the spanking stops and your hand comes back to rub and tease across my now very sensitive flesh, wringing a moan from my lips as I move my thighs further apart in invitation.

You chuckle before delivering another series of spanks even harder than any of the others, but before I can protest you sink two fingers deep inside my wet heat.

My back arches as your fingers drive in and out of me, caught up in the pleasure of the moment, “Are you going to cum on my fingers?” You ask as your thumb glides over my swollen clit in a circular motion.

“Please…yes…please…,” I cry rocking my hips to and fro in time with the thrusts of your hand.

Before I can cum, you remove your fingers and push me to my side then catch a sore bottom cheek in each hand as you flip me to my back and spread me wide.  I gave a soft groan of delight when I felt your tongue slide between my wet lips and map out the entire area. Your fingers come up and spread my lips wide so you could  latch on to my clit and suck.

“Ohhh…yes…please…,” I cried  out as you licked down from my clit and your tongue sank inside my needy channel as if you could devour me from the inside out. You fed voraciously on my desire until I was like a wild thing bucking up against your face.

Again you stopped before I could go over the edge, leaving me aching and needy, I whimpered in protest as I stayed in position legs splayed wide.  I heard the sound of your zipper just before you catch my hands in yours pinning me to the bed and I felt the broad head of your cock at my entrance.

“Is this what you need little girl?” You asked me, teasing me with just the tip, pressing in just slightly and pulling back.

“Yes!” I cried, trying to lift my hips and capture your cock.

“What do you want?” you asked, continuing to tease me.

“I want your cock inside me! Please!” I begged, needing you inside me almost more than my next breath.

Then you slammed inside, ramming home to the hilt making me bow my back with a hiss of pleasure as you took me hard. You withdrew almost all the way and then hammered back inside over and over driving my pleasure and my need higher and higher until with a soft cry I came hard, tightening down on your driving cock.

You gave me no respite continuing to slam in and out of me driving me from one orgasm straight into another until the pleasure was almost more than I could take. Then you found that spot high inside me, pressing deep and grinding against it until I could barely breathe as the intensity built and I finally exploded around you; my inner muscles clamping down hard on your cock as if I would never let you go.

The orgasm seemed never ending, my spasming heat pulling you with me into the storm. I shivered at the feel of your seed coating my walls; your balls pressed tight against me as you gathered me close kissing me deeply as we came down from the heights you’d taken us to.

You pulled the blindfold from my face and smiled down at me, before rolling to your back and nestling me against you as you stroked my back. “Good girl.”

I smiled and sank into you happy to be yours.


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