A hard spanking and punishment anal on free Friday


Happy Friday!!! Pizza night! Movies or Supernatural with the fam! Hope everyone has a fabulous night! Happy reading! ~Mo

Love, Trust, Discipline

She sat staring at nothing…it had been such a stressful week and Tom had told her he was too busy to deal with her crap. Crap…that’s how his words made her feel like crap, like she was a total freak.

It’s all well and good if someone wants to be tied up and spanked during sex but tell people  you need and crave real discipline and they flip out. Surprisingly sometimes even in the bdsm community where you’d think it would be accepted.

It had been really hard to explain to Tom how much she needed real discipline, but she loved him so she’d taken the risk.  He’d seemed receptive to the idea and had even spanked her to tears a few times but now with that one word he’d blown her world apart.

She felt like crawling into hole and dying. To have been so close to a relationship that met all of her needs and the needs of her partner then feel as if it had been snatched away.

Tears filled her eyes as she remembered a conversation with a friend years ago, “What do you mean you need rules and discipline? You mean you like to role play?”

“No I mean I do better with structure and rules that are enforced by a dominant,” she’d explained.

Her friend had suddenly looked at her like she’d grown an extra head, “Enforced how?”

“With a spanking or even orgasm denial on occasion,” she was eager to get someone to understand the needs at her core; to find someone that got it…got her.

“So basically you want to be abused and stepped all over in your everyday life.” Her friend said flatly looking at her with dead eyes.

“No that’s not what I mean at all…it’s…” she began only to be cut off as her friend stood.

“I can’t listen to anymore of this. You need counseling.” Then she’d walked away without a backward glance.

She was afraid it was going to be the same thing with Tom, only the pain involved would be much, much worse.

The sound of the door opening pulled her from her reverie. “Hey baby I’m home.”

She slumped deeper into the couch and turned her face into it, she couldn’t deal with this right now.

“Baby?” he walked into the living room and she could almost feel his gaze sliding over her. “I know you’re awake. Why didn’t you answer me?”

She shrugged her shoulders but still didn’t speak or look his way.

“Callie Anne, you will look at me when I’m speaking to you,” Tom’s voice deepened sounding firm and unyielding.

She turned slowly around to face him, lifting her tear stained cheeks to look at him. “You can’t do that.” Callie said softly.

Tom frowned, then crossed to the couch lifting her up and sitting her stiff form on his lap, “Do what baby? Why have you been crying?”

“Tell me my needs are crap and then come in and act like you’re in charge. You either are or you aren’t,” Callie said, folding her arms across her chest and continuing to hold herself stiffly in his lap.  Then she looked up at him with a frown, “You made me feel like a freak.”

He caught her chin in his hand, “I have never said your needs were crap. Now this morning I told you I didn’t have time for your crap and I probably could have phrased myself better but I was on my way out the door and you were about to have a tantrum.  I love you little girl and I am more than capable of meeting your needs and handling bad behavior but I needed you to reign it in this morning. You are no more a freak than I am…you need your bottom busted on occasion but I need to bust your bottom so it sounds like a match made in heaven to me.”

She relaxed into him, “Really? I’m so glad…I was so scared.” Callie flung her arms around him and sank into his big body, letting his strength seep into her bones.  “I’m sorry I doubted you.”

He hugged her tight. “Its okay baby, I should have been clearer and I shouldn’t have said I didn’t have time to deal your crap at all. I don’t have time to deal with a tantrum would have been better. Do you forgive me?”

“Of course,” Callie said all smiles now that everything was right with her world.

“Good. Now that we have that out of the way, we need to talk about the way you’ve been acting this week and for the record. I have plenty of time to deal with your crap and you right now.” His deep voice sent shivers down her spine and made her bottom clench reflexively.

“But I thought we were good,” she said in a whiney tone as she began to fiddle with the buttons on his shirt.

“We are always good baby, but your behavior has not been good this week.” Tom said firmly. “Do you honestly think you’ve been a good girl?”

Her chin quivered, “No sir.”

“Can you tell me why?” He asked.

“I don’t know…I just got really stressed and I needed…well…I just…” Callie stopped lamely, chewing on her bottom lip.

“You needed a spanking?”

“Yes sir,” she said on a quivery sigh.

“Why didn’t you just ask for a spanking? You don’t have to get yourself in trouble, you could just say you need a stress relief spanking.” Tom said matter of factly.

“I’m sorry,” she said softly wishing she’d just told him what she needed rather than acting out.

“A little late to be sorry don’t you think? You’ve acted up all week when you knew I had a major presentation to prepare for the office,” he reminded her as he began to roll up his shirt sleeves.

“I didn’t mean to make your week harder I just…can I have a stress relief spanking?” she asked hopefully.

Tom actually laughed, “Good try but no cigar. You have earned yourself a humdinger of a punishment spanking…can you tell me what else happens to naughty little girls that act out?”

Callie gulped, “They get their asses punished inside out?”

“That’s right, tell me exactly what happens,” he instructed.

She blushed and felt herself getting wetter and wetter even as her bottom tingled in fear and anticipation. “They get their bare bottoms spanked hard and then they take it up the ass harder.”

“Good girl,” Tom said lifting her from his knee and pulling her pants and panties all the way off before tilting her over his lap. He wasted no time; the talking part of the conversation was apparently over as his hand came down hard and fast wringing soft yelps from between her lips.

“Ooooh…owww…not so hard…owwiee!” Callie whimpered as his hand continued to fall even harder without mercy, covering every inch of her bottom over and over again until she was sure it was the color of a ripe tomato.

“Are you going to be a good girl?” he asked.

“Yes sir! I swear I’ll be good!” she cried fervently only to cry out in dismay when he tipped her over even further and began to apply his hand to her left sit-spot with vigor. “Ohhh…please not the same place again…owww…not there…not there…ohhh!”

His hand fell in the exact same place at least twenty times before moving to the right side and giving it the same treatment. By the time he was through Callie was hanging limply over his lap sobbing.  He lifted her to stand between his legs cupping a sore bottom cheek in each hand.

“Look at me Callie Girl,” Tom said sternly.

“Yes Sir,” she said with a little choked sob.

“Are you going to be a good girl and ask me for what you need next time?” He asked.

“Yes sir…I promise I will,” Callie said earnestly.

He nodded and set her a little away from him, “What do you need to do now?”

She took a deep breath then walked to the side of the couch bending over yhe arm and reaching back to catch a cheek in each hand and spreading her ass wide open for him, “Please take my ass hard with your cock to help me to remember to be a good girl.”

Tom wasted no time and she felt the smooth broad head of his cock pressing against her shy hole almost before the words left her lips.  “Tell me again what happens to naughty girls.”

“They get it up the ass hard,” she whispered, groaning as she felt the burning stretch in her tender muscles as his thick cock began to sink inside her ass.  Pain and pleasure intermingled as he filled her slowly until finally he told her she could let go of her bottom and she felt his balls resting against the still hot flesh of her ass.

He was in so deep, her ass felt filled to capacity.

“Are you ready baby?” he asked, flexing his cock inside her and making them both groan.

“Yes sir. Please fuck my ass hard,” Callie asked breathlessly.

“Good girl asking for your punishment,” Tom said as he withdrew almost all the way then slammed back in hard. Again and again he hammered in and out of her tight ass.

Callie groaned, at first it was mostly painful but then it changed and she found herself pressing back to meet each thrust and begging for more. “Please…harder…yes…oooohooo…please!”

“Are you going to cum on my cock like a good girl? Are you gonna sqeeze you little ass down hard on Daddy’s cock?” he asked.

“Yes sir!” she cried as he hand snaked underneath her so he could tweak her clit as he pounded in and out of her. Suddenly Callie felt a chill start at the base of her spine and roll all the way up to her hairline. All she could do was wail in pleasure as it built and built inside her until suddenly everything exploded in an anal orgasm so intense her eyes almost rolled back in her head.

She shook with the intensity of the pleasure washing through her body, unable to even cry out in pleasure she was so overwhelmed. She heard Tom call out her name as he collapsed over her as he came making her shiver with pleasure as she felt the splash of his hot cum deep inside her ass.

Callie sighed, loving the feel of him on top of her, his cock still deep in her ass…she felt safe…complete…owned…loved.

Not like a freak at all.


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