Delia Grace is visiting with a panty melting excerpt from Beautifying Bernadette!


Bernie Douglas has spent her entire life feeling inferior. She has never been the perfect weight, had the perfect IQ, or caught the perfect guy. She has always been surrounded by beautiful people, high achievers and success, but she herself has decided she is destined to settle for her own mediocrity. So the day she is pulled over as she tries to multitask while driving, she isn’t truly shocked. However, the moment she meets the eyes of the policeman standing outside her car window, her entire life is turned upside down.

Bernie knows that Officer Levi Jackson is everything she is not; handsome, successful, and has the Midas touch. Everything he touches seems to flourish, and yet Bernie cannot accept that he truly wants her. No matter how she fights against his hold, she finds herself falling more and more in love with his overwhelming dominance and tender care.

Levi comes from a tight-knit family, his parents and siblings giving not only encouragement and support to one another, but helping those who come to their camp to learn that they are not worthless, that they all can fulfill their dreams. After a routine traffic stop, unable to stop thinking about the feisty, curvy woman behind the wheel, he learns that she wasn’t quite as honest with him as she’d promised. Despite her bravado, he sees a woman who is uncertain, not only about her physical appearance but about her very worth. He wants nothing more than to hold her close and teach her that she is exactly what he has been searching for his entire life… even if he has to hold her over his knees and redden her rear until she knows how very much she is loved.

Will his patient encouragement and consistent discipline be exactly what Bernie needs to get out of her rut? Or is she truly too broken to be of any use to anyone?

DISCLAIMER: This book contains the spanking of adult women and sexual scenes. It also deals with the desire to self-harm in the form of cutting. If any of these themes offend you, please do not purchase.

He performed the same loving assault on her back, every space feeling the loss of his lips and a slight chill when he moved on to the next. He smiled as he brushed her ass with his lips, happy to feel the heat still in them, a few slight marks from the spatula the day before. He made sure to kiss each of the marks several times and was rewarded with heavy sighs and moans of happiness from his maiden. He exhibited his own self control when he mildly nibbled the backs of her knees and he could see every part of her body straining to hold them still. He decided it would be mean to torture her. Today. But he would definitely be making use of that information, and filed it away for a later date. Kissing the soles of her feet once more her gently flipped her back.
Bernie was fluctuating between every nerve ending in her body screaming for release and feeling like a completely liquid pile of goo. She couldn’t even think anymore, just receive. She had never felt so wanted and desired. She did not know it was possible to be this cherished by another human being. Her eyes widened and she gave a sharp intake of air as he finally, finally, lowered his mouth onto her breast.
“OH GOD!” Her body rolled into an intense orgasm with a nip of his teeth on her nipple. She had never experienced an orgasm outside of clitorial stimulation and didn’t even know it was possible, but as it rolled through her she screamed in ecstasy, no time to ponder or second guess her body just took control.
As the intensity died down she looked into his eyes and whispered, “I’m sorry. I don’t think I was supposed to do that yet. But. . . Wow.”
Levi kissed her deeply on the lips and looked right back at her eyes. “That was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, Miss Douglas and I wouldn’t have changed a thing.”
Giving a devilish smile he sat back up. “But, I am not done yet.”
Wooo! Fanning myself…that was smoking! I’ve got to read immediately…just click the link to grab your copy today. You know you want to! Happy reading! ~Mo

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