A Masterful Invasion and paddling on free Friday

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Happy Friday!!!! We made it through another week and are heading into a three day weekend. It’s hard to believe September is upon us and we are at the last end of the year. Time for cool weather, the scent of burning leaves and Friday night lights. I hope you enjoy this week’s story. Happy reading! ~Mo

Masterful Invasion

I wait in the corner arousal already slicking my thighs, it doesn’t matter that I am in trouble and soon I will be regretting my actions. Even though I know I will be getting a hard punishment spanking, my skin is flushed and achy while my clit is hard and throbbing.

This seems to happen no matter what, my body responds to you like Pavlov’s dog, whether you are threatening or playful…tender or firm…merciful or harsh…my body prepares itself for your possession.

The thrilling mastery that will play out like a concerto…no matter how you touch me, my body will sing as you play me like the finest violin.

I hear you behind me and shiver in anticipation. The heat of you warms my naked back and it’s all I can do not to lean into your body.  Your arms come around my middle and pull me back against you.

I feel your breath in my hair as you speak, “You’ve been a very naughty girl.” The deep tones of your voice wash through me in an invisible caress.

“Yes Sir,” I whisper, it seems wrong to speak loudly in this moment.

“Why did you do it?” you asked, and my shoulders slumped a little at the hurt in your voice. “Why would you ever leave town without telling me? Much less asking permission?”

I look at the floor, still facing away from you. “I just…you’ve been working so much…and I’ve missed you and I…,”

“Do you know how worried I was when I came home and you were gone?” you didn’t raise your voice but I could hear the underlying disappointment.

I spun around in your arms and looked up at you as tears filled my eyes, “I’m sorry! I know it was wrong…I just wanted your attention…I knew I would be in trouble but I didn’t think about how it would make you feel…I’m so sorry.”

“So you took off on an overnight trip to the casinos without telling me, knowing I would come home to an empty house and be worried because you wanted my attention?” you asked one brow raised incredulously.

“Yes Sir,” I said rather miserably, staring at the middle button of your shirt.

“Well little girl you’re about to get more attention than you bargained for,” you said sternly, catching me firmly by the arm and pulling me after you to our bed. You didn’t say anything else as you sat down and pulled me face down over your lap.

Apparently the time for discussion was at an end because you hand started falling hard and fast in a relentless rhythm on my vulnerable posterior. There was no warm up you spanked hard from the very first thought wringing soft mewling cries of protest from my lips.

On and on you spanked while I writhed in place over your knee promising never to do such a thing again.

“I intend to make sure you don’t,” you said ominously, lifting me to my feet and bending me over the bed. “You stay right where you are young lady, I’m getting the beast.”

I shot straight up my hands going back to cup my already throbbing bottom, “Please don’t! I’m sorry…I promise I won’t do it again!”

I hated the beast with everything in me; it was a long thick school style paddle that covered almost my whole bottom with every swat. I had named it the beast after the one and only time you’d used it on me.

You looked at me with a raised brow again and simple pointed at the bed. I whimpered and bent back over with my bottom arched high while you fetch the evil implement from the closet.

When your hand came down to rest in the small of my back I relaxed, soothed by your touch. Then a loud crack filled the air as the long paddle fell on my already sore ass catching the whole of it at once and bringing me up on my toes.

The paddle fell eleven more times in quick succession leaving a fire behind that would not soon be extinguished. I sobbed into the seats until you lifted me to stand in front of you and wrapped me in your comforting embrace.

You rocked to and fro as I cried into the front of your shirt, “Don’t ever scare me like that again baby.”

You rocked to and fro as I cried into the front of your shirt, “Don’t ever scare me like that again baby.”

“Yes Sir,” I told him. “I really am sorry.”

“Did you get the attention you were looking for?” you asked me.

I vigorously shook my head, “No Sir.”

“What did you want?”

I blushed as one hand came up to toy with your shirt buttons, “You.”

A firm hand cupped my chin, “Baby you’ve always got me. Even when I’m at work, you’ve got me. Why did you feel the need to misbehave?”

“I don’t know,” I answered truthfully, though I had wanted your attention I was at a loss as to why I’d pushed you so far.

“I think you need more regular discipline, from now on we will have a maintenance night. I intend to keep you on the straight and narrow young lady,” you informed me as you stepped away from me to pull off your shirt and drop your pants. I watched you eagerly my body pulsing with need.

You sat back down on the bed and held out your hand, smiling at me as I took it and pulled me to stand in front of you. “I spanked you hard, are you still wet for me?”

I blushed and nodded.

You sank two fingers into the copious wetness between my thighs, “What a naughty little girl I have.” Your grin made me smile in return as  you pulled me astride your thighs, your hands coming up to cup my tender bottom and pulling me down to impale me to the hilt on your waiting cock.

My bowed with pleasure as you filled me completely, stretching me wide in an instant not giving my tender tissues anytime to adjust to your masterful invasion. You felt so good inside me, giving me exactly what I needed from you. Everything.

“Oooh,” I moaned as you gripped my ass hard and began working me up and down your thick cock until my head fell back and I screamed your name as I came undone.

You lifted me up almost completely off your cock and slammed me back down again as you hammered up into me over and over again until I came a second time, my body clamping down on yours.

You rammed into me once more then held me down our bodies joined tightly together as you rocked me on you, my clit hitting your pelvic bone as you ground up into me against a spot high inside until I shattered completely. My body squeezing you and milking you until you emptied into me; each splash of your hot seed against my inner walls sending another aftershock of pleasure shuddering through me, leaving me sagging against you as we enjoyed the aftermath of our shared bliss.

Perfect in that moment in our love for one another, you had punished me and forgiven my misbehavior; my world was complete and at peace.

We fell back onto the bed in a tangle of limbs, our bodies still joined as we held each other and drifted to sleep.


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