Come get Properly Punished on my blog today!

Hi all I thought I’d bring you another hot excerpt from Properly Punished today! Happy reading and don’t forget to sign up for the Three M’s Newsletter for the chance to win an Amazon gift card! ~Mo


“I… can’t we talk about this?” she asked hesitantly.

“The time for talking about your fears was a week and a half ago; instead you chose to behave like a child and now you will receive a child’s consequences. But I will spank you as a woman… it’s a mate’s punishment you will receive,” he told her in an implacable tone.

Tears gathered in her eyes as she stripped off her top, then her bra and panties, leaving her completely bare to his gaze.

Dare sat down on the bed. “Place yourself across my lap.”

Taking a deep breath, Liana lay over his lap, groaning in embarrassment as he parted her legs so that one rested on either side of his thigh, leaving her completely open to him. Her upper torso was bent beneath his arm, holding her firmly in place as his hand began to pepper her backside.

He left not one inch of skin untouched, his hand falling again and again relentlessly until she was wailing beneath his arm.

Her bottom felt like it was swollen to three times its normal size by the time he was satisfied and then two fingers drove deep into her wet and aching sheath.

Liana’s sob of pain changed to one of pleasure as his fingers began to pump in and out of her in a firm rhythm. The heat and pain in her bottom seemed to entwine with the pleasure he was providing until they were one, each stroke of his hand bringing her higher and higher until she was sure she would explode with pleasure. He stopped just before she could come, and then he put her on the floor on her hands and knees.

She whimpered a plea as she pressed her chest to the floor, spreading her legs wide for him. It was an invitation it seemed he could not resist as he fitted the head of his cock to her slick opening and slammed home in one hard thrust.

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