Someone’s getting Properly Punished on Sunday’s Six of the Best

I hope you enjoy this excerpt from Properly Punished! Happy reading!~Mo
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Don’t miss this collection of twenty-two short stories, each featuring a firm-handed man who knows exactly how to deal with a misbehaving woman. Sometimes a good, hard, bare-bottom spanking will suffice, while other times more thorough, humiliating punishments will be needed, but no matter what the naughty girl in question will be left with her cheeks blushing, her backside blazing, and her body burning with desire.

Publisher’s Note: Properly Punished is a collection of short stories which include spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book. Also note that these stories have been previously published on the author’s blog.

Excerpt for Properly Punished:

“That’s it, little mouse, ride my hand.”

Tamryn’s head fell back as she rode his fingers harder and harder, searching for something she didn’t understand but was on the pinnacle of discovering.

Just as her body began to tighten slightly around his fingers, Barrik pulled them free of her, making her cry out in protest as he snatched away whatever it was she’d been reaching for. “Nooo!”

He laughed again. “You’ll get there, love, but not until I allow it; first you must answer for running from your husband.”

Then she found herself straddling his knee and bent forward under one strong arm. Her balance felt precarious and she clutched at the back of his thigh for support. She gasped when the first swat landed on her upturned bottom, stinging heat filling the area as a jolt of pleasure hit her clit where it pressed against his knee.

On and on he spanked her; the heated pain in her bottom grew with every well placed swat, but each swat also gave her a jolt of pleasure. Soon the pain and pleasure were so intertwined she almost couldn’t tell them apart, though she knew she would feel the spanking every time she sat for the next few days.

Barrik spanked her hard and fast until tears fell from her eyes while she moaned in pleasure… it was confusing, but she wanted more.

Tamryn found herself lifted from his knee and laid on her back before the fire, the warm woolen blanket beneath her aggravating the tender flesh of her punished backside. In no time at all her hands were secured above her head to a stake in the ground she hadn’t noticed.

Barrik stood over her and studied his captured prize. Her heart sprang to her throat at the look in his eyes. Tamryn’s breath quickened as he bent over her bound form.

“My pretty, pretty bride,” Barrik said as he ran a hand lightly down the side of her body, bringing a shiver in its wake. “So responsive, soon you’ll be able to take my cock anyway I choose, but today I’ve got something traditional in mind.”

She swallowed as she studied his cock; it was long and thick, the head red and angry-looking where it stood out from his body with a bit of moisture leaking out the tip. Just yesterday the sight would have sent her screaming away from the man, but today there was just the sweet need he’d awakened in her body and an answering pulse pounding between her legs.

Tamryn licked her lips with anticipation.

He came down over her slowly, teasingly… touching her everywhere at once… his caresses so light and fleeting. She found herself straining to move toward him but couldn’t with his body holding her legs down and her hands stretched above her head.

“Please,” she whimpered as frustrated tears filled her eyes.

A hand gently stroked down her cheek as he smiled into her eyes. “How can I resist such a pretty plea?”

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3 thoughts on “Someone’s getting Properly Punished on Sunday’s Six of the Best”

  1. This’s is a wonder book, I enjoyed all the stories, not many can make an anthology were all the stories are great! Thank you for the wonderful day I had reading,


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