It’s time for naughty girls to be Properly Punished! A new book release and some freebies!

Release day has arrived for my short story compilation, Properly Punished. I’m so excited to share this excerpt with you.



Surely the spanking had to be over soon, she thought desperately; he’d covered every inch of her poor bottom at least five times. Then he tilted her further over his knee and locked her legs between his.

“Warm-up’s over,” he said succinctly.

Then his hand fell on the tender crease where her bottom met her thigh and she realized she’d only thought he’d been spanking hard before. When his hand began to fall repeatedly in the exact same spot, she began to wail.

“Please, Will! I’m sorrrreeeee! Ohhhhhhh…. owwwww… oooohhh, that spot’s done! It’s done, I tell you!” she cried frantically. She breathed a sigh of relief at first when he moved to the other side but soon Emma found herself trying to buck and twist off his knee in an effort to escape his punishing palm.

On and on Will spanked until finally with a sob Emma collapsed over his knee, giving herself over to his punishment.

As if a sign of submission was all he’d been looking for, the spanking ended and Will lightly stroked a hand over her tender flesh.

“That part’s over, baby, now get up and bend over the end of the couch for me.” He helped Emma to her feet and guided her into place over the arm of the couch. She cringed when he made her spread her legs wide, knowing everything was on display to him from the wetness seeping from her needy sheath to the tight little rosebud of her ass.

She watched out of the corner of her eye as he picked up the glass butt plug; thankfully, while it wasn’t the smallest she’d ordered, it wasn’t the largest either. A flush of heat filled her face and neck as she watched him coat it in the heating lube.

Emma knew she’d never be able to look at a glass penis without blushing again and she wasn’t positive she’d ever be able to even say the county name out loud again. She’d certainly never poke fun at it again!

“Spread your bottom cheeks open wide for me, Emma,” Will instructed. 

I hope you enjoyed that little taste of Properly Punished. I’ve decided to give a free copy to the first three people to respond on this blog post! Happy reading! ~Mo

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