Free Friday story and cover reveal for my new book, Properly Punished!

I’m posting this week’s story a day early so tomorrow’s blog can focus on my new release, Properly Punished: 27 Spanking  Stories.  I hope you enjoy today’s freebie, happy reading! ~More

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A Punishment Well Deserved

She waited on her knees next to the bed, completely naked…exposed.

His legs appeared in front of her, his cock stiff and ready. She needed no instruction and opened her mouth wide. He thrust immediately inside sinking deep.

She worked hard to keep her throat open for him, bracing a hand on his thigh as he drove in and out of her, trying desperately to continue sucking and licking while half way gagging. “You were very naughty,” he told her as he drove even deeper making her gag and spit but she valiantly stayed in place taking what he gave her.

He had one hand in her hair and another beneath her chin as he took her mouth. Then he back completely out allowing her to breath. She took a breath and moved to take him back in her mouth but he held her off.

“Breathe…deep breaths,” he instructed firmly. She took in deep breaths as he lightly stroked her hair, “You’ve been a bad girl haven’t you?”

She looked up at him her chin quivering, “Yes Sir.”

“Got your breath back?” he asked.

She nodded.

“Excuse me?” he asked with a raised brow.

“Yes sir,” she said softly as she opened her mouth to receive him once more. Again he took her firmly and deeply, ensuring she never forgot this was a punishment. When he came down her throat she swallowed every drop before licking him clean.

“Get on the bed on your back,” came the firm instructions she’d been dreading.

Moving quickly to comply she laid down face up contemplating the ceiling, “Spread your legs wide.”

She blushed deeply as she moved her legs a part.

“What happens to naughty girls that steal orgasms?” he asked.

“Th…they get spanked…” she said very quietly.

“Talk louder I can barely hear you…what happens?”

“They get spanked,” she said louder this time.

“Where do they get spanked?” he asked, giving her no quarter.

“Oh their pussies,” she blurted with a rush of air.

He grabbed and ankle and moved her legs further apart and then a pop filled the air as the small wooden spoon made contact with the bare lips of her labia, making her jerk and gasp as a hot sting filled the area.

“Ohhh owww…” she cried as a second swat landed in the same spot.

“Is it a good to steal?” he asked.

“No sir!” she cried as four more swats landed in quick succession lighting a fire in her nether lips that wouldn’t soon be extinguished.

“Is it okay to break rules?” Came with five more stinging pops.

“Nooo…no sir!” then she gasped as he spread her stinging lips open with his fingers. The next five rapid fire spanks landing directly on her clit and making her yelp with each one.

“Are we going to think twice about ever doing this again?” he asked.

“Yes Sir,” she said with a shuddering sigh, glad this part of her punishment was over but then he held up a small jar of Vick’s vapor rub before liberally coating his fingers in it and rubbed it all over her hot stingy flesh.

“Ooohoo…that burns!” she cried.

As it should, bend over the end of the bed,” she moved quickly to comply, promising herself she would never break a rule again.

“What are you supposed to do before me time?” he asked.

“Write a page of lines,” she said softly.

“Is this a hard rule?”

Her shoulders slumped, “No sir.”

“Is it an unfair rule?”

“No Sir,” she said softly.

“Did you have fun with bob that night?” he asked her as he held her black vibrator up in front of her eyes.

“Yes sir,” she watched as he spread more of the vapor rub all over bob.

“Legs apart.” She quickly moved her legs apart then went up on her toes when bob came in hard for a visit. “I want you to show me how you used bob the night you stole an orgasm.”

She groaned but reached down between her legs and began moving bob in and out of her, the vapor rub easing his way but also spreading cold fire in its wake.

As she worked bob in and out of her channel, the wooden spatula began to fall hard on her upturned ass. “Ooohoo…owwww….ooohhoooo…”

The spatula rained down hard and fast making her slow bob’s movements.

“Bob needs to be moving harder and faster…deeper…that’s right,” he instructed as the spanking continued and she worked bob deep, hard and fast. The different sensations were almost too much, bombarding her from every direction.

Then he took bob from her and began working him in and out in time to the spanks of the spatula while she writhed in place on the bed, caught between pleasure and pain.

It was a relief when he pulled bob out and then just began spanking her in earnest. “Is this worth the unauthorized me time with bob?”

“No sir,” she cried as an especially hard spank landed.

“I think I’ve been too lenient with you. I don’t plan to leave a single white spot of skin on your ass.” He told her matter of factly.

Her entire bottom and pussy were on fire, aided by the vapor rub. She gave a brief sigh of relief when the spatula landed on the bed but then she heard the whoosh of the belt just before a stripe landed on the under curve of her ass.

Again and again the belt fell going up and down her bottom until tears leaked from her eyes.

“Five more, do you want them with the belt or the spatula?” he asked.

She thought frantically trying to decide which was worse, “I can’t decide!”

“Both then,” he said decisively.

“Noooo!” she cried, but it was too late, the belt left five more hot stripes followed by five crisp swats of the spatula.

“Think you’ll remember this when you sit tomorrow?” he asked curiously.

“Yes sir!” she wailed.
“Up in the middle of the bed,” he told her and she scrambled in place for the last phase of her punishment. “Flat on your tummy, and hold your ass open for me.”

She groaned in embarrassment as she reached back to catch a sore ass cheek in each hand and spread them wide.

“Good girl,” he said and then she felt the head of his cock at the entrance to her most private place and instant before he thrust hard inside.

“Oooowwww….owwww….owww,” she cried as he sank in to the hilt hard and fast and began hammering in and out.

“Are you going to remember this?” he asked.

“Yes sir,” she told him fervently.

“Do we want to repeat this punishment?” he questioned.

“No sir!”

“Are we sure?” he asked as he continued to thrust in and out of her ass.

“Yes sir!” she assured him.

“Up on your hands and knees,” he told her and then as she moved up into place he slid back in deep and suddenly it didn’t feel as bad.

“Oooh….oohhhooo…oohhhooo,” she moaned as he continued to take her just as hard but something had changed. Now she almost wanted to thrust her hips back to take him deeper and then his balls slapped against her punished quim and a jolt of fiery pleasure ran through her. Again and again they slapped against her, almost like another pussy spanking but combined with the feel of him deep in her ass it was driving her in a different way.

She began to shiver as a chill ran up and down her spine, almost tingling all the way to her scalp. Something huge was building, different than she’d ever experienced before and she began to wonder how it would feel if the spoon was landing on her exposed lips now with him deep in her ass.

“Ohhh…ooohooo…please….please…harder…harder…yess…yesss!” she was almost chanting as he pounded ever harder in and out of her tender hole, his balls slapping harder and harder against her clit until suddenly her whole world went white and she exploded around him with a scream of ecstasy.

The orgasm was like nothing she’d ever experienced before, her ass clamping down hard on him and pulling him into the vortex with her. She felt it everywhere, from her ass up her spine to her neck. She was filled with shuddering pleasure as the orgasm seemed to go on and on until she finally collapsed boneless to the bed.

His weight was like a comforting blanket on top of her, as she began to sob. She winced when he pulled free of her ass and then turned her in his arms to hold her close. She was overwhelmed and undone.

She had shattered completely, but now safe in his arms felt whole again.

*Cover Reveal*

Properly Punished: 27 Spanking Stories, coming out tomorrow!

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