If it’s Friday she must be getting the belt

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Happy reading on this fine Friday! Have a great weekend! ~Mo


Getting What She Needed

She’d waited long enough…it was time to take matters into her own hands. Their schedules had been conflicting lately, it was no one’s fault but she needed to cum gosh darn it!

Trevor was on a new job site in the boonies…she got lost twice making her way there but finally she found it, parking her little Honda civic next to his big truck. Climbing out she tightened the belt of her lightweight trench coat and hoped none of the workers commented on the way she was dressed in this heat.

She spotted him standing next to a worker and pointing out something on the steel girders they were studying. Taking a deep breath she walked up to them and stood quietly next to Trevor.

“Ann Marie?” he asked questioningly. The other man wisely moved away to give them privacy.

She stood on her tiptoes to whisper in his ear, “I’m completely naked under my coat.” She grinned when his whole body stiffened and stepped back and looked coyly over her shoulder before turning away and walking slowly towards the woods.

“LUNCH!” she heard him bellow behind her and couldn’t contain her grin as she made her way through the trees.

When she felt she’d gone deep enough into the woods she dropped the coat to the ground and then knelt to wait.

“Wise move, I can’t believe you came naked to my job site,” he said as he walked to stand in front of her.

She looked up at him from beneath her lashes with a soft smile, “I was hoping you’d over look my slight breech in protocol because you need to cum as badly as I do.”

Trevor snorted under his breath, “Slight breech of protocol? Naked Ann Marie.”

“I wore a coat,” she said defensively.

“A coat that clung to ever curve making it clear you were naked in front of my crew,” he said darkly.

Ann Marie felt a little tingle in her bottom as she realized she might have miscalculated things slightly. “May I suck your cock?”

Trevor unzipped his pants freeing his rigid erection, “You may, but I’m still going to bust your ass.”

She grinned before taking the head of his cock in her mouth and sucking hard on it as she swirled her tongue around. It wouldn’t be too bad if it could wait until after she sucked him off.

Trevor groaned appreciatively, as she rolled the head of his cock around the roof of her mouth never ceasing the strong suction as she did it. Ann Marie would never tire of the taste and feel of him in her mouth, she loved giving blow jobs.

“Enough play time baby,” he said his gravelly voice sliding through her deliciously as he wrapped a big hand around the back of her neck and began to work himself in and out. She moaned and opened her mouth and throat to him as he went deeper with every thrust.

Soon he was holding her in place as he took her mouth hard, she teared up a little and gagged as he drove in deep but she loved every minute of it. Then he wrapped a fist in her hair and the hand behind her neck tightened as he stiffened and then shot ribbon after ribbon of cum down her throat.

Ann Marie eagerly swallowed everything he gave her still sucking as he finished then licking him clean.

“Good girl. Now go bend over and brace yourself on that tree,” he said pointing to the large oak next to them.

She moved quickly to comply and shivered as she heard him pull his belt free from his pant loops.

Trevor wasted no time, one hand resting in the small of her back as he swung the belt hard with the other. She gasped and danced in place as line after line of fire was laid across her ass.

“Ooohooo…owwwwww….please…oowwww….,” Ann Marie whimpered as she tried to hold position as he lit a fire in her ass she wouldn’t soon forget.

“I miss you too baby, but don’t you ever put us in a position like this in my place of business again. Am I understood?” he asked firmly.

“Yes Sir!” she wailed. He’d laid the belt down across every inch of her bottom at least three times and the tops of her thighs. She knew her bottom must be swollen and beet red, she’d feel his discipline every time she sat down for the next few days.

Then she heard his belt hit the ground and he grabbed a sore ass cheek in each hand spreading her wide as he drove inside her to the hilt with one hard  thrust.

Her back bowed as she absorbed the pleasure of their joining, “Ohhh…please…please…”
The stinging heat in her bottom increased the pleasure of his cock slamming in and out of her tenfold. She couldn’t contain her cries of pleasure as he drove into her like a jack hammer.

Ann Marie’s hands gripped the rough bark of the tree hard as she came undone, screaming his name. Trevor gave her no quarter, driving her through the first orgasm without pause and sending her straight into another.

She was about to cum again when he suddenly pulled out making her yell in protest. He spun her around and picked her up impaling her once again on his driving cock as he kissed her deeply.

She wrapped her legs around his waist as he braced her back on the tree trunk kissing her as he pounded her even harder than before. The roughness of the bark would leave its mark on her back but the tiny pain seemed to only drive her pleasure higher.

She sucked his tongue as he drove it in and out of her mouth in time with his thrusts, the head of his cock battering her cervix until they both stiffened; swallowing each other’s shouts as he emptied inside her and her spasming channel milked him dry.

Ann Marie fell forward against his chest as she caught her breath, wincing a little as he pulled free and lowered her to shaky legs.

“That was unbelievable,” she said softly.

“Indeed it was,” he said with a grin as he helped her back into her coat.

“I’m going to feel you everywhere when I move tomorrow,” Ann Marie said ruefully.

“Good. I’d say you got just what you needed didn’t you young lady?” Trevor asked with a twinkle in his eyes as he walked her back to her little car.

“Yes Sir, I do believe I did.”


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