It’s A Good Girl Spanking on Free Friday

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Happy Friday! Hope today finds you well and you enjoy today’s offering. Happy reading! ~Mo


Good Girl Spanking


You smiled at me as I stood nervously before you, naked but for the pair of high heels you’d instructed me to wear.  This was my first good girl spanking, you’d spanked me many times for punishment but this time was for pleasure and for some reason I was more nervous than I ever had been during previous spankings.

“Ready babygirl?” you asked.

“Yes sir,” I said softly, the pulse between my thighs increasing as I began to feel the moisture gathering at my core in response to your voice.

As I watched you climbed naked onto the bed, settling in the middle against the headboard. The breath caught in my throat when you held your hand out to me, I swallowed hard then breathlessly put my hand in yours and climbed onto the bed to settle across your naked thighs.

“You’ve been such a good girl this week baby, I’m proud of you.” You told me as your warm hand began to lightly caress my ass and the backs of my thighs. I shivered under your touch as the gentle stroking continued.

Slowly I began to relax until my head rested on my arms and my body melted into your lap. Then you began to spank me lightly. Soft slaps reigning down on my upturned bottom, the rhythm soothing.

As the spanking continued the swats slowly began to increase in intensity until a warm sting began to fill my bottom.  Then your hand stopped slapping down and instead began to rub all over my bottom and down the backs of my thighs again.

The feel of your hand rubbing over the slightly hot skin was exquisite, I moaned softly in response and moved my legs a little further apart. You immediately took my invitation and sank two fingers deep into my hot, wet core.

Your fingers worked in and out of me as your thumb rubbed my clit in a circular motion.  Soon the only sound in the room was my moans and the wet slide of your fingers. Just as I was about to cum, you stopped and started spanking me again…harder than before…the slaps landing low on my ass and jolting my clit.

I began to lift my bottom as if to meet your hand as the spanks grew harder and harder until pain and pleasure began to blend perfectly together.  I came almost immediately when you stopped spanking me to drive two fingers back into my pulsing channel, clamping down on you with a soft scream of release.

“Good girl,” you told me working your fingers and thumb to tease out the orgasm to the fullest and then you were spanking me hard and fast.

Its weird the spanking was just as hard as a punishment spanking but somehow it was completely different. Instead of crying and trying to evade your hand I sought it out and was soon begging, “Harder…please…harder…,”

You had rearranged me on your lap so my clit hit your knee with every spank and I greedily began to hump in time to the rhythm you were playing. I came again when you spread me wide and spanked me right on my weeping quim.

Then you moved fast, lifting me off your lap and to my hands and knees. I spread my legs wide and pressed my chest to the mattress. “Please…,” I begged needing you to fill my emptiness.

Your cock pressed against my opening and I lunged backwards to impale myself,  you held me fast preventing it and laughed, “Greedy girl. Who’s in control here?”

I whimpered, “You are Sir.”

“That’s right. I am, let me take care of you baby,” you said grabbing a flaming hot ass cheek in each and spreading me wide as you sank slowly inside.

I groaned as the broad head of your cock stretched my tender tissues, loving the feel of you filling me up. We both moaned when you bottomed out and your balls pressed against my opening as your thighs slapped against my tender backside.

You rested against me for a moment pressing kisses into the small of my back, both of us enjoying the feeling of being so intimately joined. Then you began to withdraw, with almost excruciating slowness, wringing a protest from my lips.

My reward for complaint was a barrage of firing spanks as you slammed back inside of me hard and fast. The head of your cock battering against my cervix sent me into orbit once again but you weren’t finished.

You began to hammer in and out of me in a relentless rhythm, continuing to spank me off on and ordering me to rub my clit.  It was almost too much, the pleasure seemed never ending as I shot from orgasm to orgasm, each one more intense than the one before.

As the storm began to build once more I was suddenly afraid it was too much, “I can’t!” I whimpered softly.

You withdrew and flipped me over to my back spreading my thighs wide as you hooked my knees over your arms, “Yes you can, you will give me everything I ask for. Do you know why?”

I looked up into your intense brown eyes and shuddered as I answered, “Because it belongs to you.”

“Yes it belongs to me and I will have it all,” you said before pounding back inside me, the new angle giving you access to new areas you hit with every thrust.  Every inward stroke also rubbed my sore bottom against the bed heightening my pleasure until everything inside me tightened down impossibly and then my back bowed as I shattered into a million fragments with a scream of your name.

“Good girl,” you said against my neck as you followed me over the edge, shooting stream after stream of your hot seed inside me.

I moaned softly as I felt your cum bathe my inner walls, my muscles spasming around your cock in an effort to milk you dry.

Still deep inside my you lifted off me and smoothed my hair away from my face, looking down into my eyes. No words were necessary, we smiled at each other knowingly before you leaned down to kiss me.

Holding me close you rolled to your back bringing me with you, careful not to lose our intimate connection.  I pressed a gentle kiss to your chest before snuggling in and drifting to sleep with the feel of you deep inside me.

Loving me…owning me…body and soul.


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