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The Billionaire’s Bride




Twenty-three-year-old heiress Kassandra Elliot is used to doing as she pleases, so it comes as quite a surprise when handsome billionaire Domenico Bellini confronts her at a nightclub and tells her he is taking her home at her father’s request, whether she likes it or not. When she resists, Domenico tosses her over his shoulder, spanks her, and then makes it clear that she can either behave herself and listen to what he has to say or face more humiliating consequences.

Once he has her attention, Domenico informs Kassandra that their great-grandfathers signed a pact which requires him to wed her as a condition of their families keeping their inheritances. Though she is shocked by the idea of marrying a man she barely knows, Kassandra cannot bear the thought of letting her family down and she hesitantly agrees to the arrangement.

Domenico knows that his beautiful, feisty young wife needs to be taken in hand, but a tragedy earlier in his life makes him reluctant to show her the full extent of his dominance. Before long, however, he finds himself unable to resist the desire to strip her bare, spank her hard, and claim her thoroughly. Their passion is soon burning hotter with each passing day, but when they learn the dark secrets of each other’s pasts will that knowledge bind them together or tear them apart?





Kay screamed in dismay, protested loudly, and begged pathetically that he let her come and fought him to no avail. He straddled her with his back to her and before she knew it he was lifting her legs, squeezing lube into her ass, then cold metal met her skin. A second later a lock was turned and he climbed off her.

Kay stared in utter horror at the set of metal panties he had put on for her. A chastity belt? A chastity belt?

“Domenico, take this off me right now.”

“You disobeyed me and that’s your punishment.”

“Wait, you can’t be serious.”

What era was he from? The frigging fourteen-hundreds? Who did this in this day and age? She got off the bed and was forced to walk a little abnormally. Well, it wasn’t as if she had practice walking around in metal panties… and something in her butt. It wasn’t so big it was uncomfortable; just big enough to say, I’m here, remember me.

“I am very serious,” he said. The towel slipped off his hips and he pulled on a pair of snowy white boxer briefs that he retrieved from the walk-in closet. So this was where he had been sleeping all the nights before since most of his stuff was in the room. He looked as amazing out of his underwear as well as in it. The man was sexual sin incarnate.

“Okay, I’m sorry, it won’t happen again. I promise. Just take this thing off me, please.”

“But how can I trust you won’t make yourself come when I am at the office today? You were instructed to rest after I took your virginity because I didn’t want it to hurt—too much—tonight.”

Dear God, she didn’t need her fingers to come; her mind would her get her there just as well as her brain registered his words.

“Look. I promise, I won’t…”

He shook his head and continued dressing. She tried everything she could think of. She begged, threatened, tried to make tears come gushing out of her eyes and failed. She fell at his feet, made insane promises, used every Italian swear word she had learned and still, he didn’t bend to her will.

“Okay, then how in the hell will I use the bathroom in this? Huh?”


A very good question… I’m one-clicking immediately cause I need the answer. This looks like a smoking hot read! Happy reading! ~Mo

Available for purchase at:

Amazon – http://amzn.to/28h9mdG

Barnes & Noble – http://bit.ly/1UDj1Us

Kobo – http://bit.ly/1ZtXjUp

All Romance – http://bit.ly/214VMoi

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